5 Best Access Control Systems for Small Businesses (2024)

Access control systems have emerged as a transformative force in modern business security. Gone are the days of fumbling for keys and manually monitoring entry points.

Access control systems provide a streamlined and efficient way to manage who has access to your facilities and when.

Here are the best access control systems for small businesses at the forefront of modern security technology to help you navigate the world of access control and choose the right security solution for your business.

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Top 5 Access Control Systems for Small Businesses

1. Salto

Salto Electronic Padlock

Key Features:

  • Movement tracking for strengthened security
  • Electronic locks for improved security
  • Wide range of hardware and wire-free setup

Primary Products:

  • Smart cards and door readers
  • Electronic locks
  • Access control software
  • SALTO smart-card Ncoders

Who Should Use It: Small and medium businesses looking for cost-effective access control with room for expansion

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: SALTO sets itself apart as a leading provider of electronic access control solutions for businesses.

It is one of the best access control systems with real-time intelligence. The mobile app access control system allows you to respond quickly to security incidents and gain valuable insights into your business.

Safe and Sound Security is an authorized installer for access control needs. SALTO’s cutting-edge access control systems can elevate your solution to the next level. Contact us today for a free quote.



  • Initial setup on the access control system may require professional installation

2. HID

Door card and reader

Key Features:

  • Cutting-edge HID cards and door readers
  • Visitor management and access control system software for streamlined security
  • Logical access solutions

Primary Products:

  • HID cards and proximity readers
  • Remote management and control access
  • Multi-factor authentication technology
  • Video Surveillance

Who Should Use It: Medium to large enterprises with multiple locations that need multi-factor authentication. 

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: HID’s cutting-edge technology and mobile capabilities make it a great access control system for enhancing security while optimizing workflow.

With a range of key cards and readers and multi-factor authentication technology, HID’s hassle-free access control software solution can effectively protect your business.

Whether you need to gain access or manage remote access for employees, visitors, or both, HID’s identity and credential access solutions and mobile access capabilities provide a seamless access control system.


  • Foolproof identity assurance
  • Scalable access solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Mobile access capabilities for enhanced convenience


  • Pricing may vary for smaller business

3. Honeywell

Honeywell CCTV Camera

Key Features:

  • Control solutions for improved security
  • Intrusion alarms for comprehensive protection
  • Top-notch system solution

Primary Products:

  • Cloud-based Access Control
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Honeywell IP cameras and video surveillance

Who Should Use It: Healthcare and manufacturing facilities and property managers overseeing locations with multiple access points

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: Honeywell is a global technology company and one of the leading security technology manufacturers. It is known for its innovation, cloud-based systems, and high-quality solutions.

Unlike traditional access control, Honeywell combines internet connection, local network, and access control with hardware, intrusion alerts, video surveillance integrations, and door lock schedules, which are suitable for businesses with multiple locations and access points.



  • Ongoing maintenance and support costs may apply

4. Bosch

Bosch Fixed Cameras with intelligence

Key Features:

  • High-quality Bosch cameras with built-in analytics
  • Scalable and adaptable Bosch solutions
  • Innovative smart technology

Primary Products:

  • Bosch security cameras with built-in analytics
  • Alarm systems
  • Access control solutions
  • Video surveillance
  • Cards and credentials (doors and gates)

Who Should Use It: Government offices and agencies, medium to large manufacturing facilities, apartments, and distribution centers with large-scale operations

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: Bosch is known for its innovative and hassle-free security solution that provides reliable protection for employees, facilities, and information while boosting business operations.

Bosch’s trusted products utilize technology to ensure peak reliability, scalability, and ease of use. Bosch’s security solution integrates hardware and modules, creating a customized security system [1] for many businesses. 


  • Secure and efficient access control solutions
  • Ideal for medium to large-sized applications
  • Easy-to-use access management systems


  • Pricing may vary depending on specific requirements

5. S2

S2 Door Reader

Key Features:

  • Feature-rich security systems with credential-based access control
  • Intrusion detection, event monitoring, and video applications
  • 100% cloud-based access control system

Primary Products:

  • NetBoxes
  • Card Readers
  • Door Readers
  • Video Surveillance

Who Should Use It: Small to medium-sized enterprises that plan to regulate building entry points efficiently and plan to expand

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: The S2 access control solution offers a critical security measure by surveying and regulating building access points cohesively and conveniently.

The 100% cloud-based system enhances your facility’s overall security. Designed with scalability in mind, it allows for the growth and expansion of small businesses (and medium businesses) as security needs change.


  • Web-based security management for convenience
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes
  • Flexible and adaptable for changing security needs


  • Complex setups may require additional customization

Which is Best for Small Business?

SALTO is an ideal choice for small businesses due to its cost-effectiveness and scalability. Its electronic padlock system offers enhanced security with electronic locks and remote management capabilities. 

Electronic locks and remote access management provide enhanced security without compromising convenience. Standalone systems’ scalability ensures that businesses can easily expand their security infrastructure as they grow, making them a valuable investment for long-term security needs.

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Choosing the Right Access Control System

Consider Your Business Plan

When selecting an access control system, it is essential to align it with your business plan. Evaluate factors like growth prospects, budget constraints, and security risks. 

Choose a scalable and financially viable solution that addresses your business needs and supports your long-term goals.

Security & Control

Prioritize a new system that offers real-time alerts, customizable permissions, and integration with other security devices (doors and gates), ensuring a comprehensive and responsive security strategy for your business.

Full Integration With Your System

Opt for an access control system that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and smart technology. 

Look for compatibility and third-party integration capabilities to create a cohesive and adaptable security ecosystem that enhances overall protection.

Key Features You Should Look For

  • Scalability to accommodate business growth
  • Customizable access levels and permissions
  • Multiple authentication methods (keycards, biometrics, PINs [2], mobile credentials)
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Integration with other security devices

Benefits of Having A Business Access Control System

  • Enhanced security and protection against unauthorized access
  • Improved control over who enters specific areas
  • Increased safety for employees, assets, and sensitive data
  • Real-time monitoring and immediate response to security incidents
  • Customizable access permissions
  • Integration with other security systems for comprehensive protection
  • Enhanced visitor management capabilities

Types of Access Control & How They Work

Physical Access Control

Physical access control methods include key-based locks, electronic card readers, biometric scanners, and turnstiles.

Logical Access Control

Logical access control regulates access to digital resources, such as computer systems, networks, and data, based on user credentials and permissions.

Authentication methods include passwords, PINs, smart cards, key fobs, biometrics, and multi-factor authentication.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC assigns access permissions to users based on their roles within an organization. Access decisions are based on the user’s role rather than individual attributes, simplifying access management and ensuring consistency across the organization.

DIY vs Professional Installation

AspectDIY InstallationProfessional Installation
CostLower upfront costHigher cost due to professional fees
FlexibilitySome customization optionsAccess to expertise
ExpertiseRelies on individual’s knowledgeLeverages professional skills
Time-EfficiencyMay be time-consumingMore efficient with experienced installers
SupportLimited access to technical supportComprehensive support, including maintenance
DependenceSelf-reliance for maintenanceReduced dependency with professional assistance

Small Business Access Control Considerations

Small and medium businesses have unique assets that need protection from burglars and dishonest employees. Consider the specific assets you need to protect, such as:

  • Cash
  • Trade secrets
  • Client lists
  • Supplies
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Machinery
  • Client information
  • Intellectual property
  • Other company assets

Beyond identifying the assets you need to secure, it’s essential to ask yourself important questions to develop an effective and budget-friendly small office security system.


Which type of access control is best for business?

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a widely regarded and effective business access control method. It grants or restricts access to resources based on an individual’s organizational role [3].

An on-site access control system may need compatible hardware to access events and interior doors. A key card or key fob can be used as part of an access control system.

Why is access control important for a business?

Access control is crucial for a business to safeguard premises, data, and assets, manage unauthorized entry, and ensure employee safety.

With a new system, small and medium businesses can have hassle-free control access that will secure your facility and help you focus on what’s more important.

What are the examples of access control in a company?

Examples of access control in a company include keycard entry systems, biometric fingerprint scanners, PIN-based locks, smart locks, key fobs, smart hubs, and security badges.

Also, mobile management software can access doors and a cloud-based access control system using a mobile app. With just one tap, you can manage access.

In Summary

Access control is an indispensable aspect of modern business security. Unlike traditional access control, it provides a tailored approach to safeguarding physical spaces, sensitive data, and valuable assets while ensuring the safety of workers and visitors [4]. 

Various access control methods, such as card-based systems, biometrics, and role-based access control solutions, offer versatile solutions to meet your business needs.

In addition to the access control brands we mentioned above, we are proud to provide installation services for these renowned brands:

We also offer comprehensive access control solutions to businesses in Denver, ColoradoAustin, TexasMiami, Florida, and other locations, ensuring that your security needs are met and compliance with local regulations is maintained.

Safe and Sound Security is a reliable choice, equipped with expertise in installing and integrating top-tier systems. 

Contact us today for a free quote and experience peace of mind with the best access control system for access control needs.

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