Apartment Building Entry System Case Study: 200 2nd Street

Just The Facts:

Customer: 200 2nd Street, a luxury condo association in Oakland’s historic Jack London Square neighborhood.

Challenge: The HOA wanted to replace their existing Syntech access control and intercom system with a cohesive, modern solution with remote access.

Solution: Doorking access control for the main door to the lobby, with integrated key fob, pin code, and intercom system. Automatic garage doors and key fob pedestrian gates connected to a central credential management system. All the systems have remote access for management.

Results: A cohesive and easy-to-use security system that provides authorized access to condo residents and guests and can be remotely managed.

200 2nd St Oakland California HOA

Customer Challenge

200 2nd Street, designed by award-winning architect David Baker in 2006, offers modern luxury in Oakland’s Jack London Square. The five-story building features 75 light-filled condominiums with floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of the Oakland Estuary.

The building was in need of a modern solution to control access through the common entrances. The condo complex has a main door that leads to the lobby of the building. The client wanted a solution that works with key fobs and pin codes. The main entrance required a voice intercom system to facilitate communication between guests and residents, ensuring smooth access to the building.

In addition, the condo’s parking garage door needed to be automatically opened and closed with authorized remote clickers. Controlled access limited to authorized individuals was required for several key areas, including:

  • The exit from the parking garage to the interior of the condo complex
  • The pedestrian gate
  • A door to a stairway leading to the top floor from the outside

Integrated DoorKing Access Control System for Condo Association

A complete security system for the condominium complex was installed by engineers at Safe and Sound Security to satisfy all the client’s requirements.

3-in-1 Access Control for the Main Door of the Condo

The main door of the condo complex, which leads from the street to the lobby, is fitted with the DoorKing 1837 system. This DoorKing system integrates a pin code entry system, key fob entry, and voice intercom into a single unit.

The residents of the building can gain access by presenting authorized key fobs to the reader. Alternatively, individuals can gain entry by inputting the correct PIN code on the keypad. The residents can use either of the methods to enter the building.

Visitors to the condo can choose the apartment they want to contact from the list displayed on the voice intercom panel and initiate a call. Residents have the ability to authorize guest entry from within their apartments. Additionally, contractors or service providers can communicate with property managers or security personnel through the intercom to gain access.

Condo Parking Lot: Automatic Garage Door Entry

The condominium association provides residents with authorized garage door clickers for accessing the parking lot. These clickers allow residents to operate the rolling shutter garage door, facilitating vehicle entry and exit from the condominium complex. The garage door system utilizes a DoorKing system for control. Additionally, the garage entry system is integrated with the building’s card access system for comprehensive security management.

Key Fob Entry for All Doors of the Condominium

The condo complex also has three other doors to enter the building besides the main door: 

  1. A door from the garage leading to the interior of the building from the parking garage
  2. A pedestrian door from the street right next to the garage 
  3. A door to the walkway to the upper floor from the street 

Access to all three doors is restricted to authorized RFID key fobs. Without a valid key fob, personnel must use the PIN code entry or voice intercom at the main door.

Cellular Module for Remote Access

The entry system of the condominium complex utilizes a SIM card cellular module to enable remote access. This feature allows the property management company to remotely program the access control system, with data transferred through the cellular module. Consequently, the property management company has the capability to remotely modify PIN codes, as well as grant or revoke authorization to individual key fobs as needed.


The condo association presented specific requirements for replacing its outdated entry system. Safe and Sound Security’s engineers successfully designed and installed a modern and reliable system that fully met the client’s needs.

The main door has three access methods: key fob, PIN code, and voice intercom. All the other doors are operated with authorized key fobs. The automatic garage entry was also set up to work with authorized clickers. The complete security system is linked with a cellular connection for remote access and management. The new system installed by Safe and Sound Security has the following benefits over the previous system:

  • Increased security with a modern and reliable security system
  • Convenience for residents with key fob access
  • Automatic garage entry with authorized clickers
  • Improved property management with remote access

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