Apple Watch: Open Door With Most Popular Smart Wearable?

The world as we know it is increasingly becoming “smart.” From phone that doubles as mini-computers to smart homes that you can control with a tap of your finger, technology is seamlessly integrating into every facet of our daily lives. One device that has been at the forefront of this digital revolution is the Apple Watch. Though it’s easy to dismiss it as just another piece of fancy wristwear, it is much more than a device to tell time. This article will dive into how you can use your Apple Watch as a convenient tool for opening doors, both at home and at work, among its myriad other uses.

can apple watch open door

Apple Watch and IoT (Internet of Things)

How the Apple Watch Connects with Other Smart Devices

The Apple Watch is a part of a broader ecosystem that includes your iPhone, your Mac, and even your home’s smart devices. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), your Apple Watch can connect with a multitude of smart devices, from thermostats and lighting systems to door control systems. This integration occurs through wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing you to control or monitor these devices directly from your wrist.

The Role of HomeKit

One of the pivotal technologies that enable this kind of seamless interaction between your Apple Watch and smart home devices is Apple’s HomeKit. HomeKit is Apple’s proprietary software framework for smart home devices, allowing them to be controlled through Apple platforms, including the WatchOS. With HomeKit, you can use your Apple Watch to open doors equipped with smart locks that are HomeKit-compatible.

So, can you use your Apple Watch to open doors? Absolutely, and as we’ll discuss in the coming sections, doing so can offer you unprecedented convenience and security.

Apple Watch with HomeKit

Setting up HomeKit to Control Doors

To use your Apple Watch with HomeKit-enabled door control systems, you’ll first need to set up HomeKit on your iPhone, and then add your smart lock to the “Home” app. Once added and configured, your Apple Watch can control the lock if it’s running an OS that supports HomeKit (watchOS 2 or later). Simply raise your wrist, say “Hey Siri, unlock the front door,” and voila—your door will unlock. Alternatively, you can manually control the lock through the “Home” app on your Apple Watch.

User Experience

The user experience of using HomeKit with your Apple Watch is designed to be intuitive and straightforward. Siri voice commands offer hands-free control, and notifications can alert you when a door is locked or unlocked. Plus, you can create automation scenarios where doors lock or unlock based on time of day or your location.

apple watch to open doors

Apple Watch with Third-Party Apps

Popular Apps for Door Control

Apart from HomeKit, there are also third-party apps specifically designed for door control that are compatible with the Apple Watch. Popular apps include August Smart Lock, Schlage, and MyQ for garage doors. These apps offer a variety of features, such as remote locking/unlocking, activity logs, and even video peephole functionality.

Setting Up and Using Third-Party Apps

Setting up third-party apps generally involves downloading the app on your iPhone, pairing it with your smart lock through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and then accessing the app through your Apple Watch. The user interface on the Apple Watch is usually a simplified version of the smartphone app, offering key functionalities like lock and unlock, guest access, and activity monitoring.


Q: What Happens If I Lose My Apple Watch?

Losing your Apple Watch can be a concerning situation, especially if you use it to control access to your home or other secure locations. The good news is that you can remotely lock your Apple Watch through the “Find My” app on your iPhone or via This will prevent anyone from using your watch to unlock your doors or gain access to other connected systems. You can also remove any payment methods or remove it from your iCloud account altogether for added security.

Q: Can I Use the Apple Watch to Control Doors at Multiple Locations?

Yes, you can. Apple Watch’s compatibility with HomeKit or third-party apps allows you to control smart locks at multiple locations, such as your home, office, or even a vacation property. You can easily switch between these locations within the app you’re using, offering a seamless experience.

Q: How Secure is the Apple Watch Compared to Traditional Access Systems?

While traditional access systems like keys and locks or RFID cards have their own set of vulnerabilities (e.g., lost keys, copied cards), smart systems like those compatible with the Apple Watch come with high-end encryption and additional security measures. The ability to remotely lock the system, track usage, and enable two-factor authentication gives smart systems a security edge over traditional methods. However, like any system, they are not entirely foolproof, so standard security best practices should always be followed.

Wrapping Up…

The Apple Watch serves as more than just a wristwatch or fitness tracker. Its capabilities extend into home and business security, offering a modern solution to door access that can be both secure and convenient. While traditional systems have served us well over the years, the future is pointing towards smart access systems that integrate seamlessly with our daily lives. Using an Apple Watch to control door access is a testament to this shift, embracing both innovation and security. Whether you opt for Apple’s native HomeKit or explore third-party applications, you’ll find that your Apple Watch can, indeed, safely and efficiently open doors.

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