5 Best Card Reader Door Lock Systems & Guide (2024)

Card reader door locks are undoubtedly one of the most important advancements in access control systems.

Eliminating the need for traditional keys, a card reader door lock uses an electronic locking system to access individuals with the proper credentials. It is designed to control building access using easy-to-program credential authentication.

So, what’s the best card reader door lock you should get? Keep reading to find out.

Top 5 Card Reader Door Lock Brands 


SALTO locks operate using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology. Some SALTO locks have a cloud-based management system and use mobile applications that make them flexible. The brand introduced its Virtual Network SVN data-on-card technology and a battery-operated wireless electronic smart lock range.

Thus, they produce efficient card reader door locks, enabling users to control their access without hassle. These card reader door locks are free from complex methods and expensive wiring. 

card reader door lock


  • Up-to-date and electronic access control 
  • Work with ANSI, Euro, Din, and Scandinavian door industry standards.
  • BLUEnet wireless and mobile credentials technology 
  • Available with mechanical counterparts for key override or access lockouts 


  • SALTO locks are available in a wide range of models
  • Since the readers/ locks are wireless, they can be deployed in environments where cabling is not an option.


  • The Software User Interface is behind other cloud-based applications.
  • Since the data is carried “on card,” it only updates and pushes information to the control panel when it goes through a “choke point,” which is designed to grab the credentials data. This creates a lag in data updates, leading to non-optimal reporting compared to traditional access control systems offering real-time reporting.

XS4 One – Deadlatch

One of the revolutionary electronic card reader door locks from SALTO is the convenient XS4 One. With the same performance as a traditional access control system, the XS4 One is easy to install and requires no wiring. It is compatible with almost all types of doors. The body and escutcheon are made of steel. It has an electronic door lock privacy option and can be opened from the inside. It incorporates SALTO space and SALTO KS technology, adding services such features, BLUEnet wireless and mu, and more.

2. Schlage

Schlage offers card reader door locks commonly used in residential installations with z-wave alarms. Schlage has a wide range of compatible card readers and touchscreen door locks. Schlage has a higher ANSI grade of security certification and lets you rekey your locks. This brand offers electronic locks, access control devices, deadbolts, mortise, and cylindrical locks. Its built-in wifi technology lets you connect directly to the wifi network. 


  • Three-year warranty 
  • Built-in alarms
  • Alexa and Google Seamless integration
  • 30 custom codes 
  • Locks have robust build with bigger bolts and drill-resistant plate 


  • Easy to install 
  • Trustworthy, flexible, and reliable


  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Higher costs
card reader door lock

Schlage Multi-technology Readers 

Schlage Multi-Technology card reader door locks are a great choice for simplified access control. The Multi-Technology Readers comprise an open architecture that allows integration with common access control systems. Seven models of Multi-Technician readers complement any facility and hardware.

These card reader door locks identify proximity, magnetic stripe, and Schlage smart cards. They are compatible with NFC-open smartphones using Schlage credentials. The Schlage Multi-Technology card reader lock also reads 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz smart credentials. 

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3. Kwikset 

Kwikset is an American lockset manufacturer. It has accompanying smartphone applications for user control. Kwikset manufactures locks that can be programmed with several access codes and are easy to install. Kwikset has a prominent place in the residential lock market.

Kwikset offers three entry modes: apps, codes, and keys. You can also limit the expiry dates of codes and generate codes at any time for permanent members. The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association has certified Kwikset locks as Grade I security for residential use. They are also advertised as invulnerable to hacks by anything inserted in the keyway. 


  • 250 custom codes
  • Low battery visual alerts 
  • Alarm for three failed code attempts 
  • One-year warranty 
  • One-touch locking 


  • You can rekey your lock if required
  • Smartphone apps for user control 


  • Limited time warranty 
  • Less extra features 
card reader door lock

Kwikset Smart Locks  

These electronic locks have a 60-second lockout technology that stops the use automatically after three consecutive incorrect entries. Kwikset Smart Locks are efficient and affordable. They provide unmatched protection against lockpicking and other attacks as they are fitted with SecureScreen technology.

They also let you create your schedule to manage the entries and exits throughout the day. It is one of the best smart locks that allows you to control lock functions via the Kwikset app.

Most Kwikset card reader door locks have a backup key, so if your key is misplaced, you’ll always have a backup key as an option. Additionally, they are compatible with Siri voice commands and Bluetooth.

4. Trilogy 

Trilogy is well known for designing and manufacturing electronic and mechanical locks. Its privacy button suspends all routine access even when the lock is time-scheduled for free access mode.

They are weatherproof and entail fingerprint programming, too. Trilogy door locks are used by business facilities, loss prevention specialists, and security directors for keyless convenience and protection. 


  • Accommodates 5000 users 
  • Deadbolt function
  • Group scheduling 
  • Four time-out functions
  • Battery backup 


  • Multi-level security setup: Master, Manager, Basic Users 


  • Proximity cards must be programmed into the software.
  • If you misplace a proximity card, you must go through the entire process to gain access.
card reader door lock

Trilogy PL3000 Proximity Card Reader Lock 

The Trilogy PL3000 is one of the most popular models of the brand. The lock has an HID proximity reader that supports all HID cards and HID fob credential formats. It is designed to provide the fastest entrant processing and vandal-deterrent standalone access.

It comprises a life-long battery as well. It has several locking modes, individual users, event schedules, and emergency or service access. It also comes with weatherproof circuitry. Additionally, it is pre-wired for hardwiring. 

5. Allegion

If you are looking for a cost-efficient card reader door lock, you should know about Allegion. Its major focus is on security, producing a wide range of card reader door lock solutions for homes and businesses.

To protect your assets, Allegion’s brands are working to manufacture products compatible with modern technology, such as biometrics, special surfaces, and video surveillance. Using biometrics and video surveillance, they produce mechanical and electric locks, access devices, and door closers.

Their products include portable locks, keys, electronic access, monitoring systems, exits, openers, closers, hardware, accessories, and quiet solutions. Allegion works with more than 25 brands sold across the globe. You can contact them at their official website if you need help finding the right product. 

Wide range of solutions for homes and businesses

  • Focus on security
  • Compatibility with modern technology, such as biometrics and video surveillance
  • Production of mechanical and electric locks, access devices, door closers, and other devices
  • Includes portable locks, keys, electronic access and monitoring systems, exits, openers, closers, hardware, accessories, and quiet solutions
  • User-friendliness


  • Cost-efficient and reliable options
  • A broad selection of security solutions
  • Advanced technology integration
  • Global brand presence and support


  • Potential difficulty in choosing the right product due to the wide range
  • It may require professional installation for some advanced products.


The RC-04 is an all-in-one intelligent device that simplifies installation using a single CAT5 cable for power and data. This eliminates the need for a separate panel and offers a more streamlined and intelligent solution by leveraging the existing IT network.

card reader door lock

What Is a Card Reader Door Lock?

A card reader door lock is an all-in-one lock and access control device that integrates the credential reading device, the handle, and a lock cylinder outside the door. Some card reader door locks have built-in control panels that identify the authorized access card or pin code.

card reader door lock

Can Electronic Door Locks Be Hacked?

Yes, electronic door locks and other smart devices can be hacked. Research suggests that electronic door locks are vulnerable to hacking through master keys, screwdrivers, and other things that can be inserted in the keyway. Card Cloning is also a common hacking tactic used on proximity readers.

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How Does a Card Reader Door Lock Work?

Card reader door locks work by identifying the card when it is swiped through the door. After a card is swiped, the lock system identifies it by reading the magnetic stripe or PIN and compares the data to the information stored in the software. The cards use RFID technology to signal the access control system. If the data matches, it signals the electronic lock to grant access.

What Are the Benefits of Card Reader Locks?

  • 24/7 protection of property and employees
  • User tracker
  • Remote management capability 
  • Configuration and encryption solution
  • High-tech electronic access control options
  • Removes the hassle of traditional keys

Types of Card Reader Door Locks

Magnetic Locks

It uses a magnetic plate to keep the door locked. Mag locks are typically used on glass doors that can’t incorporate transfer wires through hinges or strike plates.


Electronic levers are typically used on wood doors where a transfer wire can be run through the cored and to a transfer hinge where the cables connect to a lock power supply.


It’s typically used indoors where it’s impossible to core and run the wire through a transfer hinge. Electric strikes receive a voltage surge to release the strike latch that keeps the door locked temporarily.

Crash Bar

A crash bar has “egress” out of a facility. It allows the user to easily exit a building or property in the case of an emergency because you can crash into the door and push the bar without having to find a lever or knob.

Typical configuration includes a solenoid installed inside the crash bar that connects to the lock power through an armor loop that runs outside the crash bar and to the lock power supply.

Code Lock

Battery-powered code locks can effectively create an access control solution on doors where cables can’t run to a traditional lock power supply. Most all-in-one code locks are less convenient since programming has to happen “locally” at the door lock.

How to Choose the Right Lock

  • Determine if you need a full replacement or a conversion kit.
  • You have various options for a full replacement, which replaces the entire deadbolt.
  • Many smart and electronic card reader door locks are compatible with almost any door.
  • Check for the features that are most important to you.
  • Consider your budget and security needs.
  • For a conversion, you can buy locks with a conversion kit.
  • Conversion kits keep the existing deadbolt and exterior intact, replacing only the thumb turn portion.
  • Understand the differences in lock types and choose what brings the most benefit to your situation.
  • Once you have chosen the right lock, ensure proper installation and setup of the door access control wiring to ensure full functionality and property security.

Enhanced Security

Advanced encryption and security protocols are becoming increasingly vital in modern card reader systems to counter evolving threats. These systems have seamless integration and encryption protocols to safeguard transfers and thwart unauthorized access attempts. 

Implementing robust encryption measures, such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and TLS (Transport Layer Security), ensures that security credentials remain protected from interception or hacking.

This proactive approach to security helps organizations maintain the integrity of their access control and safeguard sensitive information effectively.


Where are card reader door locks commonly used?

Card reader door locks are commonly used in various settings, including office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and residential properties, to gain entry, control access to doors, and ensure security.

How do I choose the right reader for my needs?

Consider factors such as the type of door (wooden, glass, metal), the level of security required, compatibility with existing access control systems, and budget when choosing a card reader door lock. Consulting with security professionals can also help determine the best option for your needs.

Are card reader door locks secure?

When implemented correctly and paired with appropriate security measures, card reader door locks can provide high security. Features such as advanced encryption protocols and tamper-resistant design contribute to their effectiveness in preventing unauthorized access.

Key Takeaways

Elevate your security with advanced card reader door locks in magnetic and electronic variants. These locks offer reliable access control solutions for various settings like high-security areas. 

Ensure the safety of your premises and assets with our range of cutting-edge card reader door locks.

Contact us today to learn more and secure your property with the latest in access control technology.

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