10 Best Commercial Security Cameras For Your Business (2024)

In business, ensuring the security of your commercial property is paramount. The right commercial security camera system deters potential theft and vandalism and provides invaluable insights into daily operations, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

With technology advancing rapidly, selecting the best commercial security cameras can be a game-changer for your business, offering advanced features and comprehensive coverage to keep your premises secure.

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Top 10 Security Camera Brands For Businesses

1. Avigilon

Avigilon is among the best security camera systems, offering cutting-edge technology and high-quality video footage. Avigilon business surveillance system, known for its advanced features and robust performance, provides businesses with unparalleled surveillance capabilities.

Key Features:

  • High-definition video quality ensures clear and detailed footage.
  • Advanced video analytics for smart detection of movements and patterns.
  • Self-learning video analytics that adapts to changes in the environment.
  • Integration with access control and other security systems for a comprehensive security solution.
Avigilon Unity H6SL Camera Line by Motorola Solutions


  • Exceptional video quality allows for precise monitoring and identification.
  • Advanced analytics significantly reduce false alarms and enhance detection accuracy.
  • Seamless integration with other systems offers a unified approach to security.
  • The system is scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.


  • The advanced technology and features come with a higher price point.
  • The system may require professional installation and setup, adding to the overall cost.

2. Axis

Axis Communications is renowned for its innovation and reliability in the business security camera systems market. Axis offers a wide range of IP cameras; its smart surveillance solutions cater to various business needs.

Key Features:

  • High-resolution IP cameras for superior image quality.
  • Wide product range, including dome, bullet, and PTZ cameras.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities such as motion detection and audio analytics.
  • Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) for simplified wiring and installation.
AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera


  • Exceptional video quality across different lighting conditions.
  • Flexible product line-up suitable for various commercial settings, from retail stores to large-scale operations.
  • Robust analytics features enhance security monitoring and event detection.
  • Easy integration with network video recorders (NVRs) and digital video recorders (DVRs) for comprehensive surveillance systems.


  • Premium pricing reflects the high quality and advanced features.
  • May require a higher level of technical expertise to fully utilize advanced analytics and integration.

3. Hikvision

Hikvision is a global leader in the CCTV security systems industry, offering an extensive selection of commercial security cameras known for their reliability and cutting-edge technology.

Key Features:

  • A broad array of camera types, including analog, IP, dome, and bullet cameras.
  • Innovative features like night vision, motion detection, and facial recognition.
  • Scalable solutions with cloud storage and remote access capabilities.
  • High-definition video footage for clear, detailed surveillance.
Hikvision Mini PanoVu


  • Versatile camera options to suit different business security needs.
  • Advanced surveillance features provide enhanced security and monitoring.
  • User-friendly interfaces and remote access for easy management and control.
  • Cost-effective solutions with options for businesses of all sizes.


  • Some advanced features and higher-resolution cameras can be expensive.
  • The extensive product range might overwhelm those new to commercial security systems.

4. Ava

Ava Security is quickly establishing itself in the commercial video surveillance systems sector, focusing on intelligent, proactive surveillance systems designed for modern businesses.

Key Features:

  • Advanced video analytics powered by artificial intelligence for real-time threat detection.
  • Simplified installation and operation with wireless security cameras and cloud-based storage.
  • Integration capabilities with other security systems for a unified security approach.
  • High-quality video footage with support for HD and infrared night vision.
Ava Compact Dome


  • AI-driven analytics offer precise monitoring and reduce false alarms.
  • Cloud storage and wireless options provide flexibility and scalability.
  • Seamless integration with existing security infrastructure enhances overall protection.
  • High-definition video ensures detailed and usable footage for security personnel.


  • Reliance on cloud storage and AI features may result in higher ongoing costs.
  • Initial setup and integration with complex systems require professional assistance.

5. Hanwha

Hanwha’s security solutions are designed for businesses looking for reliable surveillance technology. Hanwha cameras, known for their durability and advanced technology, offer various features to meet commercial security needs.

Key Features:

  • Wide selection of camera types, including dome, bullet, and fisheye cameras.
  • High-resolution video quality for clear, detailed footage.
  • Advanced analytics for motion detection, vehicle detection, and more.
  • Robust build quality designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
Hanwha Vision


  • Versatile camera options to suit different areas of a business.
  • Superior image quality aids in clear identification and surveillance.
  • Smart analytics enhance security monitoring and incident detection.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and reliability in various conditions.


  • The advanced feature set may come at a higher cost compared to basic models.
  • Setup and integration require professional assistance or technical knowledge.

6. Lorex

Lorex offers commercial security camera systems that are both powerful and easy to use, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes. Their product line includes a variety of cameras and surveillance solutions designed for commercial applications.

Key Features:

  • High-definition video recording for superior image quality.
  • Includes both analog and IP camera options for flexible installation.
  • Features like night vision, motion detection, and remote access.
  • Expandable storage options, including NVR and cloud storage solutions.
Lorex Security Camera


  • High-quality video capabilities ensure detailed surveillance footage.
  • Wide range of camera types caters to different surveillance needs.
  • Easy remote viewing allows for monitoring from any location.
  • Scalable storage solutions offer flexibility for video archiving.


  • Some systems may require extensive wiring, making installation more complex.
  • Premium features and storage options can increase the overall investment.

7. Ring

Ring’s business security cameras are well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses looking for easy-to-install surveillance solutions. Known for their video doorbells, Ring also offers a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly setup with wireless security camera options.
  • Motion detection, two-way audio, and night vision capabilities.
  • Integration with Ring’s mobile app for live viewing and alerts.
  • Compatible with other smart security devices for a comprehensive system.
Ring Security Camera


  • Wireless options provide flexibility in camera placement.
  • Motion detection and alerts keep business owners informed in real-time.
  • Easy integration with mobile devices for on-the-go monitoring.
  • Affordable pricing makes it accessible for smaller businesses.


  • Limited customization options for more complex security needs.
  • Relies on a stable internet connection for optimal performance.

8. Arlo

Arlo is renowned for its high-quality, versatile security cameras catering to home and business needs. With a strong focus on wireless technology, Arlo offers a range of easy-to-install and manage cameras.

Key Features:

  • High-definition video quality for clear surveillance footage.
  • Completely wireless design for flexible placement and easy installation.
  • Advanced motion detection and alerts to keep you informed of any activity.
  • Night vision capabilities ensure round-the-clock security.
  • Compatible with smart home ecosystems for integrated control.
Arlo Ultra


  • Wireless convenience allows for easy setup without the need for extensive wiring.
  • High-quality video ensures detailed monitoring.
  • Smart features and alerts provide real-time updates on security situations.
  • Flexible and scalable for businesses of all sizes.


  • Reliance on batteries may require regular maintenance.
  • Wireless connectivity issues can affect performance in areas with poor internet service.

9. ADT

ADT offers a comprehensive security camera system synonymous with reliability and professional monitoring. Known for its robust service and support, ADT caters to businesses looking for a complete security solution.

Key Features:

  • Professional installation and monitoring services for peace of mind.
  • A wide range of camera options, including dome, bullet, and fisheye cameras.
  • Advanced features like motion detection, two-way audio, and night vision.
  • Integration with other security systems for a unified approach to business security.


  • Professional monitoring ensures that your business is always protected.
  • A variety of camera options to suit specific surveillance needs.
  • High-quality video footage for effective monitoring and evidence collection.
  • Reliable customer service and support from a trusted brand.


  • Higher costs due to professional monitoring and service fees.
  • Less flexibility for DIY enthusiasts due to the focus on professional installation.

10. Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye Networks specializes in cloud-based video surveillance solutions, offering businesses a flexible and scalable approach to security. With a focus on digital video recording and remote access, Eagle Eye stands out for businesses needing comprehensive coverage from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based video storage for easy access and management.
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your business operations.
  • Advanced analytics for smarter surveillance and insights.
  • Easy integration with existing systems and IP cameras for a seamless security setup.
Eagle Eye Security Camera


  • Cloud storage eliminates the need for physical storage space and maintenance.
  • The system is easily scalable to accommodate business growth and additional locations.
  • Advanced video analytics provide valuable business insights beyond security.
  • Remote access allows business owners to monitor their operations from anywhere.


  • Ongoing subscription costs for cloud storage services.
  • Dependence on a stable internet connection for optimal functionality.

Factors To Consider When Buying Commercial Security Cameras


Evaluate the cost against your budget and the features offered. Remember, the cheapest option might only sometimes provide the best value, especially considering long-term reliability and performance.

Easy Monitoring

Opt for systems that offer user-friendly interfaces and remote access. Monitoring your business from a mobile device or computer provides flexibility and peace of mind.

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Video Quality

High-definition video quality [1] is essential for identifying details such as faces or license plates. To ensure comprehensive surveillance, look for systems that offer clear images, even in low-light conditions.

Storage Options

Consider whether you need cloud storage for accessibility and scalability or prefer local storage for its robustness and one-time cost. The best video surveillance system should offer ample video storage to meet your business’s demands.


Commercial security cameras should be durable enough to withstand various environmental conditions. Dome and bullet cameras often come with weatherproof and vandal-resistant features suitable for outdoor use.

Easy Installation

While some systems might require professional installation, DIY security options are also available. Wireless security cameras can offer easier setup and flexibility, especially for businesses in rented spaces where hardwiring isn’t feasible.

Internet Protocol

IP cameras provide superior video quality and advanced features compared to analog security cameras. They connect over a network, allowing easier integration with other security systems and remote access.


Consider the pros and cons of hardwiring your security system. Hardwired connections are generally more reliable and less susceptible to interference but may be more challenging to install.

Integration Capacity

Your security camera system should seamlessly integrate with other security measures, such as access control and alarm systems. This compatibility ensures a unified security solution for your business.

Benefits of Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems offer numerous advantages for businesses, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

They act as a deterrent against theft and vandalism, provide evidence in the event of an incident, and can even reduce insurance premiums.

Additionally, modern systems offer features like remote access, allowing business owners to monitor their operations from anywhere, ensuring complete control over their premises. The presence of security cameras can also improve employee productivity and customer service by fostering a safe working environment.

How Much Does A Commercial Surveillance Camera System Cost?

The cost of a commercial surveillance camera system can be around $1000 to $3000, but it varies widely depending on factors such as the number of cameras, type of cameras (analog vs. IP cameras), video quality, storage options, and additional features like motion detectors and smart search capabilities.

Basic systems can start as low as a few hundred dollars, while more advanced setups with high-definition cameras, extensive video storage, and advanced analytics features can run into thousands.

It’s essential to balance your specific security needs with your budget to find a system that offers the best value for your business.


What type of security cameras do businesses use?

Businesses typically use a mix of dome cameras and bullet cameras for comprehensive coverage. Dome cameras are ideal for indoor use due to their discreet design, while bullet cameras are suited for outdoor surveillance with long-range visibility. IP cameras are preferred for their high video quality and advanced features.

Which security camera is best for outdoor businesses?

For outdoor surveillance, bullet cameras are often considered the best due to their robust design, long-range vision, and weather-resistant features. Cameras with high-definition video resolution and infrared night vision are ideal for clear footage in various lighting conditions.

How important is video resolution for commercial security cameras?

Video resolution is crucial for commercial security cameras as it determines the clarity and detail of the recorded footage. High-resolution cameras (1080p and above) are essential for identifying faces, license plates, and other critical details, making them indispensable for effective surveillance and investigation.

How do I choose between wired and wireless commercial security cameras?

When choosing between wired and wireless commercial security cameras, consider installation complexity, reliability, and specific surveillance needs. Wired systems offer more stable connections and are ideal for permanent setups in large areas. Wireless cameras provide flexibility and easier installation, perfect for businesses that require scalable or temporary solutions.

What are the benefits of integrating AI technology in commercial security cameras?

Integrating AI technology [2] in commercial security cameras enhances surveillance efficiency and accuracy. AI-powered cameras can perform real-time analysis, such as facial recognition and vehicle detection, reducing false alarms and enabling smarter security responses. This advanced feature streamlines monitoring tasks and provides valuable business insights.

Can commercial security cameras be integrated with other security systems?

Yes, commercial security cameras can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems, such as the access control system, the alarm system, and the network video recorder (NVR). This integration creates a comprehensive security solution, allowing for centralized control, enhanced situational awareness, and more effective management of security operations across multiple locations.

In Summary

Choosing the best security camera system for your business is crucial for safeguarding assets, ensuring employee safety, and enhancing overall operations.

Whether you opt for wired or wireless, integrate AI technology, or combine surveillance cameras with other security measures, the right system can provide peace of mind and a secure business environment. 

If you need more clarification about the best solution for your needs, our experts are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation, and let us tailor a security system that offers complete control and protection for your business. 

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