25 Best Video Surveillance Companies To Enhance Security (2024)

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Video surveillance companies are leveraging more advanced technologies than ever to protect commercial facilities. If you own or operate a business in 2023, you seek the most up-to-date, efficient, and consistent video surveillance system.

You may have a specialized business facility that needs unique features for the best performance.

You may require an enterprise-level solution that supports many cameras and servers. This system stores footage in an NVR (network video recorder) or an entirely cloud-based system that eliminates physical hardware and infrastructure needs.

Whatever your situation, there is a video surveillance system out there that is right for your organization’s needs.

Top 25 Video Surveillance System Companies

1. Milestone

milestone security

Milestone Systems is a trusted brand providing top-tier VMS (video management system) solutions. Milestone software platforms such as the Milestone XProtect suite offer a flexible range of precisely engineered capabilities for your business operations.

Businesses using Milestone security software benefit from easy monitoring, uniting all business locations, extensive video surveillance options when changing user permissions, and a unified control platform spanning your entire business security system.

And thanks to Milestone’s impressively comprehensive integration capabilities, users can easily pair their Milestone systems with IP cameras and other security devices from third-party manufacturers.

Milestone is known for its safety and powerful performance, with reliable functioning for businesses of all sizes, with enterprises being no exception. Protecting large businesses is where Milestone shines.

Milestone systems’ quick and responsive interface, ability to handle massive amounts of data, and unlimited support devices and users make Milestone a favorite among enterprise businesses looking for world-class, end-to-end protection.

Milestone Features:

  • Multi-layer maps that enable easy browsing and navigation
  • Customizable search functions let users quickly find the footage they are looking for
  • Seamless combination with access control and artificial intelligence programs
  • Unlimited connections of cameras, servers, devices, and system users
  • Connects footage for facial recognition, heat maps, GPS location, and more
  • High-efficiency compression technology to decrease the cost of video storage
  • Integrates with 1,000+ third-party providers
  • Optional dual-factor authentication
  • Failover management
  • Optional smart walls for viewing many video streams at once with XProtect Corporate
  • Milestone Smart Client, Mobile Client, and Web Client let users instantly access video and audio footage

2. Avigilon


Avigilon offers cutting-edge security cameras and video management software that partners with artificial intelligence to detect and prevent crimes.

The ACC (Avigilon Control Center) software provides ultra-efficient video monitoring and management across all business locations. Users can search footage for specific individuals and events, review video footage across all business locations, use license plate recognition, and more.

Unlike other video surveillance systems, Avigilon video analytics give businesses a full range of object, person, and behavior recognition functions, with the ability to classify over 50 different types of objects and multiple types of vehicles, including cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, and more.

Avigilon’s self-learning software quickly learns to identify static and moving objects with the highest possible precision, working to keep businesses safe from threats 24/7.

Avigilon Features:

  • Loitering detection for when someone is spending an unusually long time in a region
  • Avigilon license plate recognition scans and tracks vehicle plates from multiple continents
  • Smart maps provide 3D diagrams of any monitored business areas
  • Focus of Attention user interface helps direct the system’s energy toward suspicious activity
  • Appearance search lets users easily find individuals in their stored footage
  • AI-powered suspicious activity detection with pop-up thumbnails
  • Integrates with Netbox, Amadeus, Better Tomorrow, and other products
  • Pairs with a wide variety of plugins
  • User-friendly interface that enables reviewing and flagging events
  • Advanced facial recognition with the possibility to flag individuals and get notifications if they enter a business
  • Connects with speakers on the property to remotely broadcast voices and deter criminals

3. Genetec


Genetec delivers a flexible range of high-end security video surveillance systems that take a business’s video surveillance system to the next level. The Genetec Security Center offers businesses a full suite of security system software that equips companies with comprehensive protection against crime.

Genetec’s Security Center includes Omnicast video surveillance systems, Synergis access control, license plate recognition, and threat response software for commercial-grade applications.

Genetec’s Omnicast VMS platform provides a continuously evolving ecosystem of security technology to give all business facilities world-class crime prevention. Omnicast monitors all movement into the business, whether vehicles entering a space or foot traffic.

Omnicast VMS integrates with thousands of third-party cameras and other security devices and has the scalability to keep up with changes in a business. Genetec’s VMS is available in four packages: Compact, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Omnicast Pro supports 250 cameras and up to 10 clients, and Omnicast

Enterprise supports an unlimited number of cameras and clients, making both packages ideal for larger businesses.

Genetec Features:

  • Genetec’s VMS system has broad integration, pairing with various popular security cameras.
  • Compatible with cloud storage and cloud streaming using Genetec Stratocast
  • Use Genetec Stratocast to stream cloud-based video footage to a mobile device
  • Efficient scaling along with business growth
  • Easily switch between different features without needing to change programs or locations, increasing efficiency
  • Edge recording and storage in all video surveillance solutions
  • Genetec Technical Assistance Portal (GTAP) helps customers troubleshoot and repair their Genetec security systems.

4. ExacqVision

Exacqvision reseller

ExacqVision provides the latest functionality in enterprise video management. The exacqVision LC series, exacqVision hybrid NVR video surveillance systems, and other exacqVision pro-VMS security products apply cutting-edge technology for advanced business protection that scales across the entire enterprise.

ExacqVision’s feature-rich VMS lets users easily view live and recorded video footage across business locations, manage system user permissions, and access various security features and functions on their smartphones or other internet-connected device.

ExacqVision offers hybrid and IP servers for a complete VMS solution. Servers are freely distributed through client software, and users can conveniently access them through a web browser or the exacqVision mobile app.

ExacqVision’s client software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers, letting users view and manage footage from multiple servers in any location.

ExacqVision Features:

  • Customizable full-screen video wall for viewing multiple video streams at once
  • On-screen display showing all motion and alarm events
  • Powerful search capabilities to quickly find the footage a user is looking for across multiple camera streams
  • Easy remote access setup through the cloud for continuous recording
  • Instant replay of video and audio events
  • Continuous software updates to keep the system up to date
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) functionality for precise monitoring
  • HTTPS encryption, complex passwords, and user lockout features to protect business data
  • Pre- and post-alarm recording

5. Axis Camera Station:


Axis is a leading provider of video security cameras and software for enterprise businesses. The Axis Camera Station centralizes all cameras into an intuitive interface that lets users see an overview of the entire system and perform key actions to manage the system.

Axis’s Camera Station software supports all Axis security products, including surveillance cameras, audio, door station products, encoders, and more.

The Axis Camera Station streamlines video management across a business, increasing performance, efficiency, and safety.

Axis’s video surveillance solutions offer simple management that is easy to use for all authorized personnel. Users can easily navigate the system, manage incidents, review video footage from local and remote servers, use search functions, and more.

Axis Smart Search lets users preview thumbnails of all incidents within a specified period, quickly seeing business events without spending hours watching the footage. Axis’s video surveillance systems are scalable to the largest of enterprises and are ideal for multi-site businesses and businesses planning to add more cameras and systems in the future.

Axis Features:

  • Quickly shift between cameras and servers and easily flick between live streams
  • Review footage and receive alerts from any location on a mobile device
  • Get incident reports for presenting evidence to law enforcement
  • Easy management of configuration, operation, and export with the Axis Camera Station
  • Remote system health monitoring that instantly lets users know and respond if security devices go offline
  • Compatible with ONVIF-compliant third-party security cameras
  • Integrate Axis surveillance with other network devices in a system for increased intelligence and safety

Runners up in Enterprise:

6. S2

S2 Security Access Control

S2 Access Control Installation Checklist

Ensure a smooth and successful installation of your S2 access control system.

As a leading provider of access control systems, S2 offers flexible and scalable video management systems designed to fit seamlessly with security systems in businesses of all sizes.

S2 video surveillance solutions combine with S2 NetBox access control to work with a business’s existing analog and IP security cameras, saving time and money.

Businesses can use third-party VMS systems and S2 systems using the same client, allowing an impressively centralized and efficient video management solution.

The S2 VRx Virtual Machine is an excellent option for businesses on the larger end, supporting up to 128 IP cameras.

S2’s VRx is an access control and video management software that brings next-generation surveillance to businesses, complete with video analytics and deep learning technology. Users can access real-time monitoring and footage playback, see activity logs and videos associated with specific events, use PTZ controls, floor plan graphics, and more.

Businesses can combine the S2 VRx Virtual Machine with their existing hardware platform for the most cost-effective and robust security solution.

s2 netbox

S2 Features:

  • Manage and display crowdsourced video, enabling playback for forensic investigations
  • Easy setup, configuration, and maintenance
  • Supports 4K cameras and H.265 codec for high-quality footage
  • Take live video tours and use on-screen PTZ controls to pan, tilt, and zoom through the property
  • Save important videos to a case library with one click
  • Integrates with S2 NetBox for streamlined access control system management
  • Customizable camera monitoring displays with optional multi-camera views
  • Mobile app allows easy remote monitoring and security management
  • Supports up to 40fps of object detection for identifying objects on a property

S2 Access Control Installation Checklist

Ensure a smooth and successful installation of your S2 access control system.

7. March Networks

march networks

Another leading provider of access control systems is March Networks, which protects businesses of all sizes. Their Command Enterprise software provides video management that supports thousands of video recorders and channels for simplified security across multiple business locations.

March Networks’s Command Enterprise platform allows users to easily manage complex video surveillance systems to streamline the day-to-day operation of a commercial security system.

With March Networks, enterprises get the tools to achieve convenient control over large numbers of video cameras and servers in multiple locations.

Unlike other access control systems, March Networks allows greater visibility into an entire organization, letting system users quickly detect and respond to everything that happens.

The March Networks Command Center video wall displays multiple video streams, supporting hundreds of cameras. Businesses can easily add new display monitors to keep up with growing needs.

The Command Center also provides convenient alarm management, allowing extensive customization and review of alarm events.

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March Networks Features:

  • System-wide health monitoring and convenient health overviews for consistent performance around the clock
  • Multi-level user access privileges that are easily managed through the web
  • March Networks Command Mobile app provides remote access to viewing live and recorded footage.
  • Integrates with VMware High Availability and LDAP/Active Directory
  • March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT) offers real-time notifications with video snapshots showing what triggered the alarm.
  • Administrators can track user activity and system access and get complete reports regarding user activity.
  • Works with standard video codecs (H.264, MPEG-4, and M-JPEG)

8. Bosch

Bosch security dealers

Bosch provides innovative video management systems for businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises. Bosch is known for high-quality security cameras and other surveillance products that protect businesses with integrated and unified technology.

Bosch’s video management system, BVMS, uses advanced video analytics to produce actionable business data, helping administrators make informed decisions and improve safety across the organization. BVMS Viewer, Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise are available for businesses.

BVMS is easily scaled and upgraded, and BVMS Enterprise lets users connect multiple other BVMS platforms and DIVAR IP all-in-one units.

BVMS Enterprise can connect multiple business locations across time zones, split up business sites into subsystems, and let administrators access multiple video surveillance simultaneously. The Enterprise solution can support up to 200,000 cameras and 10,000 business sites.

Bosch Features:

  • Combines with third-party cameras, storage, and other security systems
  • Operations continue running even if servers fail.
  • Full IT compatibility
  • Local storage on Bosch cameras to eliminate the need for multiple NVRs
  • The recording manager is compatible with ONVIF cameras.
  • Pairs with systems including facial recognition, license plate recognition, server-based video analytics, and radar systems
  • With Intelligent Insights, manage live and recorded video streams and data within one unified graphical user interface.
  • Arm and disarm zones in a business security system
  • Automatic discovery of IP addresses and advanced copy facilities make system configuration more efficient.

9. Honeywell

Honeywell IP camera

Honeywell’s IP security systems include robust suites of video management software suitable for a wide range of business types and sizes. The Honeywell MAXPRO VMS lets users control subsystems of video footage from security cameras located across facilities.

Honeywell MAXPRO offers an intuitive VMS interface, allowing businesses to quickly collect, view, and manage security video. Honeywell’s unified configuration allows users to connect analog and IP devices, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for viewing footage on a monitor.

The Honeywell MAXPRO VMS can be controlled through a mouse, joystick controller, or a third-party interface. MAXPRO’s flexible platform lets users easily configure the system according to the unique needs of their business.

The MAXPRO VMS protects small businesses and large enterprises by supporting thousands of devices. It is an ideal solution for at-risk facilities requiring high protection levels and for those wanting to use analog and IP technologies simultaneously.

Honeywell Features:

  • MAXPRO VMS integrates with Honeywell’s Pro-Watch security management system, people counting video analytics, and more
  • 4K resolution and H.265 video compression codec
  • Redundant and failover features keep the system running even if individual NVRs go down
  • Complete the auditing log showing all system access and modifications
  • Role-based user rights
  • Auto-discovery of security cameras
  • Remote monitor mode lets users share and control remote monitors while viewing footage locally
  • Users can tag certain scenes of footage with comment-enabled bookmarks in the timeline
  • Multiple video search functions, including thumbnail-based Preview Search

10. Salient


Salient VMS software and hybrid DVRs provide video management software packages designed for varying business sizes.

Salient security solutions offer straightforward and cost-effective security for businesses with varying needs, whether pairing the new system with existing analog hardware or starting from scratch to protect a business from the ground up.

The primary Salient line supports up to 25 security cameras, Salient Pro supports unlimited cameras, and Salient Enterprise supports unlimited cameras and Active Directory integration.

The Salient CompleteView VMS offers consistent, powerful functionality for businesses with any number of servers and cameras.

Salient is focused on providing maximum user experience while allowing maximum integration and cost savings with its open platform. Salient security is simple and customizable, adjusting to meet business needs with seamless third-party integration.

Salient Features:

  • Free TouchView Mobile app lets users access live and recorded video and audio from any location
  • Salient LPRTracker provides high-powered license plate recognition functions and alerts
  • GeoView lets users select cameras on a map of the property and instantly create and manage security layouts
  • Custom tabs are available for cameras and layouts, letting users quickly switch between essential cameras and views
  • Automatic Map Switching lets operators view a camera’s location about the business facility
  • Text search lets users search cameras and events using keywords
  • Customizable video wall

Top Cloud Based:

11. Verkada

Verkada security cameras

Verkada provides high-end video surveillance and management for businesses of all sizes. Verkada’s centralized cloud-based management offers a sleek, intuitive interface paired with a convenient mobile app for business administrators who want to monitor their facility or review security footage on the go.

Verkada pairs control access and video monitoring in a seamless system. Verkada surveillance is optimized to provide real-time visibility into all business operations around the clock.

Verkada’s responsive and easy-to-use interface gives business operators all the security features they need right at their fingertips. Thanks to cloud-based technology, the Verkada app can be used anywhere, whether users are away from the office on vacation or running errands.

Verkada minimizes businesses’ time to respond to security threats and provides actionable insights with video analytics.

Verkada Features:

  • Continuous updates and new feature releases keep Verkada video surveillance systems on the cutting edge of cloud technology.
  • Verkada’s centralized platform lets users efficiently manage surveillance across all business locations and devices.
  • Video footage stored in the cloud is fully encrypted to protect business data from cyberattacks.
  • Verkada supports thousands of connected devices, making it an ideal choice for enterprise security.
  • Live access feeds let system users see rolling feeds of security footage taken across business locations, including door access event feeds
  • Motion plotting lets users track movement across all sites and see real-time motion across digital floor plans.
  • Verkada video analytics recognize individuals and vehicles, letting users search for specific cars based on make, model, and color.
  • Verkada time-lapse features let users view 24 hours of video footage in under 30 seconds.
  • Live link sharing is easy, with manageable access rights and specified time durations.

12. Eagle Eye

eagle eye networks

Eagle Eye Security Networks is a strong competitor in the cloud-based video surveillance market, with numerous technological innovations marking it as a favorite among businesses. Eagle Eye uses advanced video analytics to level up an organization’s safety, analyze business trends, and gain powerful insights into operations.

Thanks to a flexible open API, Eagle Eye video surveillance systems are easily integrated with multiple third-party security systems, letting operators design the ideal system for their unique commercial needs.

Eagle Eye VMS provides cloud-based security management and monitoring across multiple locations with a centralized platform and intelligent features.

Eagle Eye’s Big Data Video Framework lets admins index, search, manage, and analyze security camera footage from any location using a mobile device. It makes it easy to look comprehensively at facilities and building perimeters anywhere.

Eagle Eye Features:

  • Intuitive interface that provides simple remote access for IT teams
  • Granular user permissions that are easily modified from a smartphone or web browser 
  • Cost-effective video surveillance equipment to provide top-quality video management to businesses of all sizes and budgets
  • Plug & play compatibility.
  • 100% cloud-based video storage with full data encryption
  • Mobile viewing of live and recorded video footage from any location
  • Supports thermal cameras to enable contact-free temperature reading with real-time alerts
  • Advanced facial reading and pixel analysis
  • Integrates with a range of third-party cameras for maximum flexibility and efficiency

13. OpenEye


OpenEye security cameras and web-based video management software provide a convenient mobile app-compatible platform for businesses to enforce strict crime prevention.

OpenEye uses innovative cloud technology to provide a flexible, robust, and reliable video surveillance system for various types of businesses. OpenEye increases visibility across an entire organization to reduce crime and gather insights.

The OpenEye mobile app allows business operators to access security camera footage anytime, anywhere.

One OpenEye feature businesses appreciate is its ability to integrate with Brivo OnAir, a comprehensive access control platform that unites building access management across an entire organization. OpenEye Web Services enhances the intelligence of business security by using information from Brivo OnAir to improve alerts, notifications, events, and video verification.

OpenEye and Brivo integration facilitates communication across an entire security system and makes it easy to gauge business safety at all times.

OpenEye Features:

  • OpenEye lets business administrators view security footage linked to door access events, view visual reports on business trends, and access more convenient features for complete visibility into their operations.
  • OpenEye makes it easy to link recorder devices to the security management platform, automatically detecting all servers linked to an account and showing them in the app.
  • Users can easily add new security cameras anytime to accommodate business growth and expanding security needs.
  • Wide-ranging integration with third-party security devices
  • Flexible range of OpenEye security camera types
  • A hybrid video storage approach enables cloud and server storage for added backup.
  • Plug-&-play compatible with built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Real-time system health monitoring and alerts
  • Easy video sharing and exporting
  • The intercom feature allows the mobile app to be a video intercom.

14. Rhombus

rhombus video

Rhombus Systems offers businesses a hybrid-cloud architecture that provides consistent, reliable functioning, even during network outages.

Rhombus cameras use intelligent analytics, cloud connection, and PoE compatibility to provide commercial applications with the most convenient and consistent security platform possible.

Rhombus makes it easy to investigate video footage, displaying time-stamped footage from all door entry events and using artificial intelligence recognition to identify all people and objects in a property.

Rhombus is a favorite among modern businesses thanks to its convenient hybrid cloud solution and intelligent use of video analytics to analyze everything that goes on in a business.

Rhombus security software easily integrates with multiple security functions in a business, such as burglar alarms and access control. A Rhombus system can unite an entire security system with intelligent insights and crime prevention.

Rhombus Features:

  • Artificial intelligence analytics identify people, vehicles, objects, and security threats with high accuracy
  • Real-time mobile security alerts keep business operators informed around the clock
  • Interactive maps help users visualize floor plans and security system layouts
  • Rhombus supports an unlimited number of decides, locations, and users
  • Search functions make finding video footage easy
  • Users can easily share footage in seconds
  • IoT (Internet of Things) compatibility lets businesses track objects and deliveries using innovative sensors
  • Rhombus features simple deployment and cost-effective business protection

15. Arcules


Arcules VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) technology provides a centralized solution for businesses looking for detailed security analytics and high-tech crime prevention.

Arcules’s integrated video management and monitoring platform uses cloud technology, AI, and machine learning to protect businesses from crimes before they happen. Arcules users can view live and recorded footage from their mobile devices, send alarms, and access more features on the go.

Businesses using Arcules VMS benefit from increased efficiency and security and cost savings on maintenance and hardware installation.

The Arcules mobile app makes it easy to monitor multiple business locations from one secure device and provides valuable information about business trends and door access events.

Arcules Features:

  • Built-in video monitoring and sensor data analytics help administrators make essential decisions to optimize business operations, staff planning, and more.
  • Centralized and comprehensive management working across all business locations
  • Arcules is compatible with Milestone XProtect VMS for added layers of security and insight.
  • Fast video syncing lets users display up to four cameras in one view.
  • Scrubbing through video timelines lets users review footage from every camera at the time of an incident.
  • Footage can be exported as evidence from all cameras.
  • Floor Plan View provides interactive business security maps.
  • Continuous recording, even during internet outages

16. Cisco Meraki

cisco meraki

Cisco Meraki security systems are convenient and simplified video surveillance solutions for businesses needing centralized cloud-based security. Cisco Meraki supports local and remote streaming of security footage using a streamlined cloud-based management platform and high-quality cloud cameras.

The hybrid solution saves some footage locally and others in the cloud, maximizing video storage space and bandwidth. Remote streaming video is proxied through the cloud to be reviewed from anywhere.

Cisco Meraki systems offer impressive features, such as business heat maps that detect people in the property and map motion patterns across the area. Motion heat maps use small amounts of metadata to provide efficient video monitoring in lighting or weather conditions.

Cisco Meraki is an excellent option for businesses looking for a low-bandwidth solution that provides consistent, foolproof monitoring and recording. Check out our Meraki and Verkada comparison here.

Cisco Meraki Features:

  • Automatic network detection simplifies the security system setup process
  • Local video is stored on the edge to make the most of storage space
  • Cloud-based cameras that provide centralized monitoring and management without requiring extra software
  • Ready to set up right out of the box, no extra NVRs or analytics needed
  • Full data encryption and SSL certificates
  • Object detection identifies business trends and individuals or objects of concern in a business
  • Innovative machine learning means Cisco Meraki systems continuously learn how to identify objects more accurately

Top NVR Based / Appliance Based:

17. Hikvision

hikvision outdoor camera

Hikvision is a top-of-the-line manufacturer of video surveillance cameras, NVRs, and software. Hikvision produces high-end VMS platforms that are accessible from a web browser or the Hikvision mobile app.

Hikvision helps businesses seamlessly unite their entire security systems for efficient functioning, saving time and money. Hikvision supports up to 128 cameras per NVR, with no hesitations in processing large amounts of data.

Hikvision’s reliability and broad integration make them a top choice among business security system manufacturers.

The HikCentral VMS solution gives businesses a sleek and modern platform for viewing and managing security footage across an organization. Hikvision software can integrate several security systems, including burglar alarms, access control, and intercoms. 

Hikvision access control and video surveillance systems also offer high customization, with users quickly adding new functions to keep up with business needs. A range of high-end features is available on the Hikvision web platform and mobile app.

Hikvision Features:

  • Remote server management for easy event tracking and reviewing
  • Intuitive management of user permissions
  • Hikvision temperature screening leverages thermal screening to detect high temperatures and fevers in visitors
  • Advanced facial recognition and mask detection technology
  • Active directory integration
  • Customizable event and alarm rules
  • Remote system health monitoring
  • Instant alerts via text, email, or mobile app
  • Interactive business map and video wall for rapid visualization
  • Tagging, storing, searching, and sharing features make video management easy

18. Dahua


Dahua delivers a solid range of commercial security systems, including high-quality surveillance cameras and software. Businesses prefer Dahua products for their comprehensive integration, cost-effectiveness, and ability to scale with the growing needs of an organization.

Dahua offers flexible, easily personalized video surveillance equipment and VMS platforms, including the Dahua DSS Express S and SmartPSS systems.

The DSS Express S offers consistent and scalable video management that supports various surveillance cameras and video intercoms. Dahua’s other video management application, the SmartPSS, is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

Dahua VMS platforms integrate security cameras and storage devices into an intuitive, easily manageable system. Dahua NVRs are another favorite surveillance product among businesses, thanks to their high recording quality and flexible features.

Dahua servers support many functions to improve commercial security systems, including partnering with AI to analyze everything that happens in a business.

Dahua Features:

  • Flexible storage options and remote management-enabled NVRs
  • ePoE IP cameras offer upgraded Ethernet connection
  • AI-powered business analytics
  • Real-time facial recognition
  • Device and alarm management
  • Powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) for powerful video analysis
  • The Dahua mobile app lets users check into a business from any location
  • In-app video playback helps identify criminal offenders and achieve conflict resolution

19. Digital Watchdog

office security cameras

Digital Watchdog (DW) surveillance cameras, recorders, and VMS platforms bring innovative video monitoring to businesses worldwide. DW produces feature-rich systems that are suitable for a range of business sizes.

Small and large businesses can use DW security to monitor business activities and respond to crime the moment it happens. The Digital Watchdog app provides flexible mobile surveillance, alerting business operators whenever an intrusion happens.

The DW Spectrum IPVMS is an easy-to-use web-based video management platform offering enterprise-grade monitoring for potentially thousands of devices.

The customizable interface, easy expansion, and open architecture make the IPVMS an excellent option for business operators looking for a personalized system. DW software combines many features to enhance business safety, such as intelligent perimeter defense and license plate recognition.

Digital Watchdog Features:

  • High-resolution 4K megapixel cameras
  • Flexible installation using coaxial cables or IP technology
  • Built-in data analytics for enhanced safety and crime detection
  • Compatible with MEGApix CaaS 4MP license plate recognition cameras
  • Water, dust, and grease resistant
  • High-resolution color recording at night
  • Wide dynamic range for clear images
  • Smart IR automatically adjusts footage for balanced lighting and enhanced visibility


vivotek camera

VIVOTEK is a video surveillance company that produces innovative security technology to enhance the operations of an entire system. VIVOTEK’s VAST VMS software focuses on providing high-tech features and business insights in a streamlined, web-based system.

VIVOTEK is an excellent choice for small to medium businesses looking for enhanced insights, which help gather data for critical operational decisions. Using advanced analytics software, VIVOTEK systems work to identify security threats before business staff, merchandise, and facility are put in harm’s way.

VIVOTEK’s affordable video surveillance solutions bring smart analytics to commercial settings that are not necessarily huge enterprises.

The VAST VMS software can be accessed from a web browser or the VIVOTEK iViewer app. VAST supports hundreds of cameras and stations, using an intuitive hierarchical system for easy video and event management.

VIVOTEK Features:

  • 3D people counting, loitering detection, intrusion detection, crowd detection, unattended object sensing, and line crossing detection
  • Visual counting reports on business data, including tables and charts
  • Broad range of security camera types
  • VAST Matrix video wall solution supports hundreds of cameras
  • Intuitive E-map for video reviewing and management
  • Intelligent alarms that recognize intruders and reduce false alarms
  • Smart IR for increased visibility
  • Point of Sale (POS) integration
  • Failover solution

21. LTS

LTS Security

LTS security systems equip businesses with high-quality monitoring across multiple sites, using the LTS X-VMS software for centralized video management.

LTS unites many functions in one centralized system, enabling easy and powerful management of all business video surveillance and access control. LTS software lets business operators manage their security system on a web browser or a mobile device, delivering the high accessibility modern businesses need.

LTS X-VMS reduces the costs of business operations by centralizing and streamlining video surveillance and access control. LTS software manages surveillance across multiple business locations and multi-point access control systems across the organization.

LTS supports a large number of security cameras and recorder devices, making it ideal for large businesses.

LTS Features:

  • Health monitoring with easily accessible details about the issue
  • Intuitive E-Map that visualizes business operations
  • Easily change configurations from any device
  • Video wall for streaming footage from multiple cameras
  • Quick and easy evidence sharing with law enforcement
  • Lightning-fast response and verification of events
  • Supports multiple users from different clients in different workstations

LTS Security Camera Installation Checklist

Ensure a successful installation of your LTS security cameras with this checklist.

22. Hanwha

Hanwha NVR

Hanwha delivers analytics-powered VMS that centralizes and strengthens business security. Hanwha systems have the flexibility to fit businesses of any size, providing high-powered video surveillance solutions that scale to fit unique facilities.

Hanwha’s array of security cameras, feature-rich video analytics, and flexible range of NVRs make it an excellent choice for today’s businesses. Hanwha WiseNet cameras feature built-in video analytics, while the Hanwha SmartViewer VMS centralizes and streamlines video management.

Hanwha WiseNet cameras can run all analytics at the same time, saving businesses bandwidth and increasing the consistency of the security system. Hanwha WiseNet cameras can run all analytics at the same time, saving businesses bandwidth and increasing the consistency of the security system.

Smart features minimize false alarms by accurately determining the threat level to determine the appropriate response. Using the Hanwha SmartViewer VMS, operators can monitor multiple camera feeds simultaneously.

Hanwha Features:

  • SmartViewer can display up to 36 live camera feeds at once
  • Dual monitor support and full-screen mode
  • Easy user management and search log functions
  • Motion, face, and tampering detection
  • Audio analytics for detecting noises such as gunshots
  • Business insights and people counting for enhanced operational decisions
  • Thermal heat maps for detecting people and maintenance issues
  • PoE/PoE+ ports in NVRs
  • Auto-recovery backup

Honorable Mentions:

23. FLIR

FLIR (Forward-Looking InfraRed) innovates in the thermal imaging market, providing cutting-edge infrared heat mapping for businesses of all sizes. FLIR boosts business intelligence by detecting everyone on the property and using intelligent features to analyze footage.

FLIR combines sophisticated technology with simple interfaces to make heat mapping more accessible and powerful. FLIR cameras and software offer high-performance threat detection and response, while servers offer secure storage for business footage and data.

The FLIR system is accessible from a web browser or FLIR’s convenient mobile app. The FLIR TruWitness, a mobile security platform, is a robust package that combines smart mobile sensors, IoT functions, FLIR Cloud, and United VMS to equip businesses with comprehensive crime prevention.

FLIR Features:

  • Easy detection of gas leaks, heat loss, and other building repair issues
  • PTZ tracking and hand-off from fixed cameras to PTZ cameras
  • Open-platform software enabling broad integration
  • Stream live and recorded infrared video and stills from any device in any location
  • Easily connect FLIR Cloud technology to cameras by scanning a QR code
  • Easily share the footage with law enforcement and command centers using TruWitness
  • License plate recognition compatibility
  • Open-architecture VMS enables city-wide collaborations between multiple agencies

24. Cloudvue

cloudvue camera

Cloudvue offers entirely cloud-based video surveillance and access control management, letting businesses eliminate physical servers and infrastructure.

Going entirely cloud-based saves bandwidth and maximizes the accessibility of video footage, as well as cutting out the costs of storing and maintaining servers.

The Cloudvue ioSmart mobile app also provides mobile smartphone credentials for employees and visitors, letting authorized people conveniently access the building using their mobile phones. Cloudvue centralizes all commercial security functions into one user-friendly, cloud-accessible platform.

Cloudvue Features:

  • Smart features include object detection, people detection, heat mapping, crowd formation analysis, and more
  • Easy network camera installation
  • Built-in camera storage and cloud storage let businesses eliminate physical servers
  • Unlimited cloud storage of bookmarked video footage
  • Built-in video analytics in Cloudvue cameras
  • Easy user management and remote footage viewing
  • See time-stamped video footage linked to all door access events
  • The Illustra Pro Thermal EST camera instantly reads the skin temperature of everyone who passes
  • Instant email and text alerts

25. OnSSI


OnSSI offers a broad portfolio of security products, including the Ocularis VMS software. Ocularis provides flexible video management for various business types, including manufacturing plants, government buildings, healthcare sites, schools, etc.

OnSSI reduces operating costs and boosts business safety with power and scalability, making it an excellent choice for enterprise businesses. Ocularis can work with multi-server installations and single installations.

Ocularis uses an intuitive UI and advanced image visualization features, ensuring all events can be effortlessly detected and assessed by security operators.

OnSSI Features:

  • Qognify Mobile Client enables mobile app-based monitoring and security management from any location
  • Constant access to video system for maximum real-time visibility
  • Ocularis has a powerful Windows-based native client, a high-end web client, mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Mix and match VMS license types within one video system for increased functionality and savings
  • Ocularis integrates with thousands of third-party security devices
  • Hardware calculator determines the sizing and capacity of servers for a project
  • Ocularis is available in Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate packages
  • Download guides, manuals, and other documents
  • Manage end-user installation licenses with SLC Lookup
Axis security cameras

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