Unveiling Brivo Access Control: Your Key to Seamless Control

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Hello there, I’m Zach Palmquist, the director of engineering at Safe and Sound Security. Today, let’s embark on a journey into the realm of Brivo Access Control — answering your most burning questions and unveiling the benefits of this cutting-edge system. Get ready for an informative and friendly exploration!

Brivo: Pioneers of Cloud-Based Access Control

Brivo is a trailblazer in the world of access control, and they’ve earned their reputation as the leading authority on cloud-based solutions. Their innovative approach has set them apart as the big dogs in the industry.

Brivo Access control On Air 2

Simplifying Administrator Roles with Brivo

For administrators, Brivo’s cloud-based access control is a game-changer. Configuration becomes a breeze as you open up a web browser and have all the tools at your fingertips. The multi-site capability allows you to manage everything from a single pane of glass. And if you’re handling multiple sites, the mobile app lets you add, delete, or suspend users on the go. It’s all about convenience and ease of use.

Diverse Credentials: The Power of Choice

Brivo readers are incredibly versatile when it comes to access control credentials. Whether you prefer biometrics like fingerprint scanning, traditional key cards or fobs, PIN codes, or even Bluetooth technology with your phone, Brivo has you covered.

Brivo access control smart readers

The Synergy of Brivo and Surveillance

Brivo and the camera company Eagle Eye form a dynamic duo. Imagine a door with a card reader and a camera. With Brivo’s integration, you can associate video clips with the activity log. So, when you access your Brivo system, you not only see the activity log of presenting your credential to the door but also a corresponding video clip capturing your entry. This integration provides a comprehensive overview for security and monitoring purposes.

Brivo Access control OnAir
the Brivo OnAir app being used on a tablet

Anywhere, Anytime: The Beauty of Remote Access

Thanks to Brivo’s cloud-based architecture, remote access is a breeze. You can connect to your Brivo access control system from anywhere across the globe using a web browser or the mobile app. The convenience of remote management is a hallmark of Brivo’s user-friendly design.

Discover More About Brivo with Safe and Sound Security

If you’re curious to dive deeper into the world of Brivo Access Control, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Safe and Sound Security. We’re here to answer your questions, provide tailored solutions, and guide you on the path to a more secure and efficient access control experience.

Remember, Brivo isn’t just about technology—it’s about empowering you with seamless control over your security.

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