8 Best Commercial & Business Intercom Systems: Full Guide

Selecting the right intercom system for your business enhances communication, security, and efficiency.

In this guide, we dive into some of the top commercial intercom systems available, helping you decide on your business needs.

Top 8 Commercial Intercom Systems in 2024

1. DoorKing

DoorKing intercom

DoorKing, also known as DKS, is a well-established manufacturer in the access control industry. They offer robust and reliable intercom systems, ideal for various commercial settings.

Key Features:

  • Commercial telephone intercom system
  • Built-in call waiting
  • True full duplex communication
  • Integration with DKS telephone entry/access control systems
  • Directory codes that can be programmed to numbers of your choice


  • Made in the U.S., ensuring quality and reliability
  • Decades of industry experience, demonstrating expertise
  • Durable design, suitable for outdoor environments
  • Flexible directory options for ease of use


  • Lack of a mobile app for residents
  • No built-in camera in the DKS 1837 model
  • Limited cloud-based access control features

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2. 2N

2N IP Style video intercom

2N offers a range of intercom systems known for their innovation and flexibility. Their products, which include the 2N IP Safety and 2N LTE Verso, cater to various commercial needs.

The 2N IP Safety is designed for emergency situations with its bright orange finish and simple operation, while the 2N LTE Verso operates over LTE networks, offering flexibility in installation.

Key Features:

  • LTE connectivity in the 2N LTE Verso for easy installation
  • Bright, visible design of the 2N IP Safety for emergencies
  • Modular design for customizable installations
  • Integration with various access control systems


  • Flexible and easy installation, especially in areas lacking traditional network infrastructure
  • High visibility and ease of use in emergency situations with the 2N IP Safety
  • Robust and durable design suitable for various commercial environments


  • Modular design may be complex for some, requiring multiple components to be assembled
  • Audio quality may be affected by external interferences

3. Aiphone

Aiphone stands out in the commercial intercom market with its reliable and high-quality systems. Their products are designed to cater to a wide range of commercial needs, from office buildings to other commercial properties.

Key Features:

  • Dependable and clear communication technology
  • Durable and robust designs suitable for commercial use
  • Integration capabilities with other security systems


  • Known for reliability and durability in the commercial intercom market
  • Suitable for a variety of commercial applications
  • Systems designed with clear communication and ease of use in mind


  • Some models may be more expensive compared to other brands
  • The complexity of installation may vary depending on the system

4. Avigilon

Avigilon H4 Video Intercom

Avigilon is recognized for its advanced and high-quality commercial intercom systems. Their products are designed with the latest technology and are ideal for businesses seeking cutting-edge security solutions.

Key Features:

  • Advanced technology for clear and reliable communication
  • Robust designs suitable for commercial environments
  • Integration with other advanced security systems


  • High-quality audio and video capabilities
  • Systems are robust and reliable, suitable for various commercial settings
  • Advanced technology ensures top-notch security and communication


  • Higher cost due to advanced technology and features
  • May require professional installation and setup

For personalized advice on choosing the right intercom system for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Safe and Sound Security for expert guidance and a free quote.

5. ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX intercom

ButterflyMX has significantly impacted the commercial intercom system market with its innovative approach to access control.

Introduced as the world’s first smart video intercom, it’s renowned for transforming property access management. Their products suit various settings, from multifamily units to commercial real estate.

Key Features:

  • Smart video intercom system with built-in WiFi for easy installation
  • Wide-angle camera enhancing security
  • RFID technology for keycard and fob access
  • Cast aluminum body for improved durability
  • Ultra-bright LED display for clear visibility
  • Backward compatibility for easy upgrades
  • Integrations with property management and access control systems


  • The system’s WiFi connectivity simplifies installation
  • Wide-angle camera provides a comprehensive view of security
  • Durable design suitable for various weather conditions
  • High brightness levels ensure the display is visible even in sunlight
  • Multiple access methods, including keycards, fobs, and smartphones


  • The advanced technology might come at a higher cost
  • Some users may find the system’s range of features overwhelming

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6. Verkada

Verkada Intercom

Verkada stands out in the commercial intercom market for its advanced and intuitive systems. They focus on integrating cutting-edge technology to offer seamless security solutions that are effective and user-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Advanced security features for enhanced protection
  • User-friendly interfaces for easy operation
  • Integration capabilities with existing security systems
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Cloud-based management for ease of access and control


  • High-quality security features ensure robust protection
  • Intuitive design for ease of use
  • Cloud-based system simplifies access and management
  • Durable design ensures long-term reliability
  • Integration with existing systems allows for a comprehensive security setup


  • May require a more significant initial investment due to advanced features
  • Cloud-based systems might not suit all types of commercial properties

7. Doorbird

Door Bird IP Stations

Doorbird offers a range of commercial intercom systems recognized for their quality and reliability. With a focus on video intercom solutions, Doorbird systems are designed to meet the needs of various commercial setups.

Key Features:

  • High-quality video intercom systems
  • Reliable and robust design for commercial use
  • Integration capabilities with security and access control systems
  • User-friendly interfaces for simple operation
  • Durable materials for long-term use


  • High-quality video ensures clear and reliable communication
  • Systems are designed to be robust and durable
  • User-friendly interfaces allow for easy operation and management
  • Integration capabilities provide a comprehensive security solution


  • Some models may be more expensive compared to competitors
  • Installation complexity may vary depending on the chosen system

8. Swiftlane

Swiftlane intercom

Swiftlane stands out for its innovative approach to commercial intercom systems, focusing on modern, user-friendly solutions. Their systems are designed for ease of use, integrating the latest technology to provide secure and efficient communication.

Key Features:

  • Modern, user-friendly intercom systems
  • Integration with cutting-edge technology for enhanced security
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces for ease of operation
  • Robust design suitable for commercial environments
  • Advanced security features for comprehensive protection


  • User-friendly design for easy operation
  • Modern technology integration enhances overall security
  • Durable design suitable for commercial use
  • Advanced security features ensure thorough protection


  • Advanced features may come at a higher cost
  • Some users might require training to utilize all features fully

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What’s A Business Intercom System?

A business intercom system is a two-way communication device that allows conversation between individuals in different locations within a commercial facility.

This system is essential for improving efficiency, communication, security, and managing visitor access in various sectors, including office buildings, schools, and medical facilities.

The intercom system allows visitors to call tenants or employees within the building. Once contact is established, audio and, in more advanced systems, video signals are transmitted to substation devices, enabling both parties to communicate.

Tenants, commercial property owners, or employees can then remotely unlock the door or gate to grant access to the visitor.

How Does It Work?

The basic structure of an intercom system consists of two parts: base stations and substations. Base stations are typically installed at the property’s entryway and serve as the point of contact for visitors.

Substations are installed throughout the building, allowing tenants or employees to communicate with visitors and grant them access. These stations are connected either through a hardwired or a wireless connection.

Modern intercom systems have evolved to include features like mobile app integration, which allows users to receive calls from entrance panels on their smartphones, enables video chat with visitors, and allows them to open doors remotely.

Some systems may also provide support for telephone lines alongside mobile app functionality. Key features to consider when selecting a business intercom system include remote access and control, compatibility with existing infrastructure, and the size and layout of the facility.

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Types of Commercial Intercom System

1. Video Intercom

Commercial video intercom systems combine audio and visual communication, enhancing security by allowing visual verification of visitors.

A commercial video intercom system typically comprises an outdoor panel with a camera and an indoor monitor. High-resolution cameras and night vision [1] are common features, providing clear images even in low-light conditions.

2. Audio Intercom

Audio intercoms are common in older buildings and offer basic voice communication between the building entrance and the interior.

They are a simpler solution but need to provide visual confirmation of visitors, which can be a drawback in terms of security and convenience.

3. Phone Intercom

Phone intercom systems support both telephone lines and mobile apps. They enhance security and convenience by allowing users to receive calls from entrance panels on their phones, enabling them to communicate remotely and grant access to visitors.

4. Wireless Intercom

A wireless intercom system uses WiFi and Bluetooth [2] to transmit audio and video signals. Wireless intercom systems offer installation flexibility and are often more affordable than wired systems. However, ensuring the wireless system is encrypted is crucial to prevent tampering.

5. Wired Intercom

Hard-wired intercoms are connected via cables and are known for their reliability. They are less susceptible to hacking and don’t depend on battery power or WiFi strength. However, they can be more costly to install and maintain.

6. Office Entry Systems

Office entry systems manage access to commercial buildings, integrating intercom functionality with door release mechanisms.

These systems can include features like remote control for door unlocking and increasing security by controlling who gains access to the building.

Factors To Consider When Selecting An Intercom System

When selecting an intercom system for your business, especially for commercial office buildings, several critical factors must be considered to ensure the system meets your security and communication needs.

Video Functionality

Video intercom systems offer an additional layer of security by allowing visual verification of visitors before granting property access. This feature is particularly important for managing access in commercial buildings and office intercoms, where identifying visitors is crucial​​​​.

Smartphone Application Compatibility

Modern intercom systems often integrate with smartphone applications, allowing property managers and security staff to manage access remotely.

This feature is particularly useful for granting access or sending emergency alerts, even when off-site. The compatibility with messaging apps and Wi-Fi connectivity enhances the flexibility and responsiveness of the system​​​​.

Simple & Cost-Effective Installation

Ease of installation is a key factor, especially when retrofitting into an existing commercial facility. Systems that offer simple, cost-effective installation solutions can save time and resources.

It includes considering whether the system is wireless or requires hardwiring and its compatibility with the existing building ​​​​infrastructure.

Contactless Access

In the post-pandemic world, contactless access has become a significant feature for intercom systems, providing a safer and more hygienic way to manage access.

Systems that support touchless entry through QR codes or other means can help maintain a secure environment while minimizing physical contact​​​​.

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based intercom systems offer advantages like centralized management, scalability, and integration with other security systems.

Such systems can provide property managers with a comprehensive view of the entire building’s security landscape, facilitate real-time updates, and allow for better control over the system’s functionalities​​​​.

System Integration Capabilities

Choosing an intercom system that can integrate with other security systems you may have in place, like CCTV cameras and alarms, is essential. This integration enhances the overall security and efficiency of managing your commercial facility.

Multi-Tenant Calling

An intercom system that supports multi-tenant calling can be critical for businesses in commercial buildings or office complexes. This feature allows the intercom to cater to multiple businesses or departments within the same building, streamlining communication and access control.

Gate & Parking Entrance Compatibility

Selecting an intercom system compatible with gate and parking entrance mechanisms is important if your business includes a gated area or a parking facility. It ensures a unified system for controlling access to all parts of your property.

Multiple Property Access

For businesses that operate across multiple locations, consider an intercom system that supports multiple properties. This feature allows for centralized management and control of the intercom systems at different sites, providing a cohesive solution for your business’s communication and security needs.

Benefits of Business Intercom Systems

  • Controlled Access: Commercial intercom systems enhance security by allowing only authorized individuals to enter your property. This feature is especially important for maintaining secure environments in various commercial settings.
  • Streamlined Communication: These systems are instrumental in improving communication efficiency in diverse settings such as hospitals, schools, and office buildings.
  • Operational Efficiency: By integrating intercom systems, businesses can manage visitor access more effectively and respond swiftly to urgent communication needs.
  • Integration with Security Systems: Modern intercoms can seamlessly integrate with other security systems, such as CCTV and access control, to create a comprehensive security infrastructure.
  • Advanced Features: Modern intercom systems have features like video functionality, remote access, and mobile app integration, making them versatile and effective tools in commercial settings.
  • Versatility and Effectiveness: These systems’ advanced features and integration capabilities make them incredibly useful and effective across a range of commercial environments.

By incorporating a business intercom system, you can significantly enhance the security and efficiency of your commercial operations.

How Much Does A Commercial Intercom System Cost?

A commercial intercom system could cost from around $1000 to $7000. The cost of a commercial intercom system varies widely based on several factors, including the type of system (audio, video, wireless, etc.), features, and brand.

While specific pricing information isn’t available in the sources, it’s important to note that more advanced systems with video capabilities, wireless connectivity, and cloud-based technology tend to be at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Factors like installation complexity, system integration, and brand reputation influence costs.

For an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs, it’s advisable to contact providers for a detailed quote.


Are intercoms still used in offices?

Yes, intercoms are still widely used in offices. They are crucial in security and internal communication, especially in larger office complexes or multi-tenant buildings.

How do wireless and wired intercom systems differ for business use?

Wireless intercoms offer installation flexibility and are often more cost-effective, using technologies like Wi-Fi. On the other hand, Wired systems are known for their reliability and are less susceptible to hacking, but they may require more extensive installation.

Can intercom systems integrate with other business security systems?

Yes, many modern intercom systems can integrate with other security systems, such as CCTV, access control, and alarm systems, to create a comprehensive security solution.

In Summary

Thanks to their flexibility, convenience, scalability, and improved security and communication capabilities, business intercom systems have become integral to modern companies and commercial buildings.

When selecting the right system, it’s important to consider features like video functionality, smartphone integration, system integration capabilities, and ease of installation.

If you’re looking to enhance the security and efficiency of your commercial space with an intercom system, Safe and Sound Security can help. Contact them for a free quote and expert advice tailored to your needs.

Get in touch with Safe and Sound Security today for a consultation and ensure a secure and efficient communication system for your business.


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