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Security cameras record a lot of footage, particularly if you have many cameras on your property. As such, you need a way to store that footage so you can view and access it later. 

In many cases, security footage is stored on-site, as with CCTV cameras. This allows for a large amount of high-quality footage to be stored. However, more and more, people want to be able to access their security footage remotely. This is why many companies are now offering cloud-based security camera storage. 

All cloud-based security camera systems allow you to archive specific clips in the cloud, but because they film such a large amount of footage, not all systems send every moment to be directly stored in the cloud. Because there is so much data, a security camera with free cloud storage will only allow you to store a limited amount of data. In most cases, you’ll need to pay a monthly or annual fee to store your footage. 

Here, we review the features of four companies that offer a camera with cloud storage. All four offer cloud storage to some extent, but only one, Eagle Eye, streams everything directly to the cloud. Others offer hybrid camera cloud storage. 

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High-Capacity Security Camera Storage in the Cloud

Eagle Eye Camera Cloud Storage 

Eagle Eye is the only brand that is truly built for cloud storage. They tout themselves as number one in cloud surveillance worldwide. The storage system is compatible with over 10,000 security camera makes and models, making it accessible to many businesses. 

Unlike other cloud-based systems, Eagle Eye streams everything directly to the cloud for storage. They also allow cloud storage for an extended period of time: days, months, or even years. This is important if you want to keep your footage to review in the future. Your information and data are kept secure using quality encryption. 

With the cloud-based system, you can scale up to as many locations and users as you want. It uses an intuitive VMS interface system that allows you to manage everything remotely. You can be in full control of all user permissions and view multiple locations with one sign-on. 

The platform allows you to view either live or recorded footage using a web browser or the designated app. You can also integrate Eagle Eye’s system with other systems like access control or alarm monitoring. This makes it simple to be in full control of your security from anywhere. 

Software updates and new features are automatically pushed through, keeping your system constantly updated. The system also includes video analytics such as line crossing, object counting, intrusion detection, and loitering. 

eagle eye surveillance services

Verkada Camera with Cloud Storage

Verkada leverages cloud storage, but not everything is completely stored and managed in the cloud. They offer hybrid cloud storage via built-in storage on a mechanical hard drive and cloud backup. This backup feature can help with reliability, and it gives you some choice in what information you want to be stored. 

To make cloud storage secure, Verkada uses multi-factor identification as well as end-to-end encryption. This system also uses less bandwidth than other security cameras, which frees up bandwidth for the rest of your company to operate. 

The system works by storing security camera footage locally. Then, it transmits thumbnails and metadata to the cloud. Rather than sending every single piece of footage to the cloud, you get to choose to stream what you need. This is good from a storage and bandwidth standpoint. However, it means you can’t fully monitor your system remotely. 

With Verkada’s system, you can store up to 365 days of continuous video locally, and you can store unlimited archives in the cloud. 

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Rhombus Camera with Cloud Storage 

Rhombus offers security camera cloud storage that is similar to Verkada’s. There are no NVRs or DVRs with Rhombus’ system, rather security footage is stored on the camera itself. The cameras store 15 to 40 days of footage locally. Then, you can save unlimited clips to the cloud. 

You always have 24/7 remote access where you can manage your security system. The system can also integrate with other tools like Google Workspace and Okta. These qualities make it easy to share footage with people and to keep everything straight in one intuitive location. 

It’s a low-bandwidth system, and it uses encryption to help keep your data safe. There are no device, location, or user limits. Rhombus’ cameras use AI that can help deliver real-time alerts. 

The user experience on the platform is designed for all locations and cameras to be viewed in one space. It also pushes through automatic updates, so you don’t have to worry about manually updating your software. 

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Openeye Cloud Managed Video Recorder 

Openeye uses a cloud managed video recorder. It’s a bit different from true cloud storage, but it’s still worth mentioning. The system uses local recording but then also leverages the cloud to manage other aspects of the security system. 

Management functions available in the cloud include adding employees, updating software, managing users and devices, and setting alerts, among others. You can also export security footage to the cloud. The footage is password protected and can be sent to others via email. 

Some of the benefits of recording locally but managing in the cloud are that you can record at a higher resolution in many cases, and you can retain video for a long period of time. Additionally, you don’t need to rely on high-speed internet. 

Automated networking makes Openeye’s cloud management less of a burden on IT personnel. It’s also designed to scale infinitely. If you aren’t ready to fully trust the cloud but like the convenience of remote management, the Openeye cloud managed video recorder is a nice option. 

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