Cloud-Based Access Control: Top 2023 Options

Have you ever wished that your access control could do more for you than just let people in and out of your facility? What if you could shut down your doors remotely? What if you could do it from your smartphone? What if you could control your elevators with the same program that runs your doors?

Good news: you can do all those things with cloud-based access control. This flexible storage solution does more than just cache data: it upgrades your entire access control network to make it easier to use and monitor with increased functionality and less expensive hardware. How? Read on to find out.

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What is Cloud-Based Access Control?

Cloud-based access control systems still use electronic door locks, CCTV and intercoms, and key cards and key fobs. The difference maker is how these systems store and access data, and how that makes new features possible.

“The cloud” is a term for what is essentially off-site data storage. Instead of being stored on a server in your facility, the data is stored on servers maintained at large-scale server farms. Practically, this means that any network that uses cloud-based storage always has a secure backup for their information, and that costs to maintain that data are lower than they would be if it were all on an in-house server.

So how does cloud-based access control really work?

With cloud-based access control systems, all system data is stored remotely over an Internet connection, which also means users can log into the system remotely. And that remote log-in makes cloud-based systems more flexible, easy to use, and easy to customize, as well as more powerful with more choices for the user. Remote lockdowns, monitoring, and data analysis are all possible with the cloud.

Because they involve less actual hardware, and no complex routing or database specifications, they are more cost-effective than systems that use on-premise servers.  And they are convenient, with reasonably quick installation and a short learning curve, and offer many wire-free pieces of hardware that can be placed in areas where wired hardware would be cost-prohibitive.

Cloud-based access control has been popular with small-scale operations for years, but now larger companies are starting to adopt this technology. Why? Because these systems are easy to implement at a small or large scale, or even across multiple properties. 

Let’s get more specific about how cloud-based access control actually improves upon older, hardwired, non-remote systems.

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Cloud based access control vs server based access control

Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control

See your whole system at a glance. Simply log in, and you can see video, hear audio, allow and revoke access, initiate a lockdown, and view authorizations for keycards and/or employees. With this feature, multiple managers can view the system, or a head supervisor can have a comprehensive overview of a facility or facilities in real time–from anywhere. This makes it extremely valuable for those that manage multiple facilities or even owners that are away for a trip.

Collect valuable data to provide new business insights and security info. These systems automatically log all kinds of data about how the system is used, and this data can be pretty valuable for making future decisions. 

Depending on the program and software, cloud-based access control collects data on entrances and exits and busiest and least busy use-times. More advanced systems are capable of occupancy tracking, visitor management, anomaly detection, and API integrations with other security software. Add some data analysis software, and you have a great way to make your facility, equipment, and employees as secure as possible.

Make access control more efficient and more comprehensive. Cloud-based access control systems are by nature better at tracking agents and events within a facility than their more limited predecessors. They’re better at detecting anomalies and triggering alerts, and they are easier and more flexible to use. Plus, the system can be configured and serviced remotely, making software updates and security patches easy, quick, and painless–no more waiting around for the IT guy to show up already.

Integrate other software as needed. Cloud-based systems are easy to customize. You can add devices like CCTV and intercom systems to see and hear more of the action, and loop in motion detectors to keep track of visitors once they’re through the door. Synchronize your new security features to the cloud, and you can observe and control them from the same dashboard as your access control.

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4 Best Cloud-Based Access Control

There are plenty of cloud-based access control systems to choose from, but here are four that we think are among the best.


  • Excellent for multi-tenant buildings and multiple locations
  • Easy integrations with other brands
  • Attaches video clips to activity history for improved ID verification
  • Visitor management integrations with Envoy, Easy Lobby, Savance, and Who’s on Location
  • Energy usage monitoring–cost savings for heating, cooling, and lighting
Brivo access control


  • Uses LTE, Bluetooth, and WiFi to ensure a stable connection
  • Multi layered security with AES 128 bit encryption and clone-proof keycards
  • Easy to sync with existing access control infrastructure
  • Can make your smartphone or smart watch into a keycard
  • Hands-free opening with wide-proximity reader
  • Send a link to grant temporary access, no app download required
openpath integrations


  • Great for co-living and co-working spaces
  • Smart locks and smartphone-based access, with backup RFID tags
  • Tenants can send digital keys to guests
  • Movement tracking
  • Integrates with existing access control equipment
  • Wide web of access points: parking gates, office doors, remote sites, data cabinets, and more
  • Create a white-label app with your own branding for your properties and tenants
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  • Transparent pricing
  • Highly-rated mobile app
  • Real-time alerts
  • Integrations with third-party devices and software
  • Remotely authorize temporary admins
kisi visitor and temporary access management

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