Top Commercial Intercoms System of 2023: Expert Picks

The remarkable evolution of commercial intercom systems has allowed for better communication, safety, and access control within various sectors, including office buildings, schools, and medical facilities. As security challenges persist, identifying a top-grade commercial intercom system has become even more critical. In this article, we discuss the top intercom systems of 2023 from reputable brands like Verkada, Aiphone, 2N, Butterfly MX, and DoorKing, among others.


Understanding Commercial Intercom Systems

What is an Intercom System?

An intercom system is a two-way communication device that allows conversation between individuals at different locations within a building or facility. A commercial intercom system, specifically, incorporates advanced features specially designed for commercial environments to improve efficiency, communication, and security.

Functions of intercom

Intercom systems are versatile and serve multiple functions:

  • Entry control: Granting or denying access to visitors
  • Paging and announcements: Communication across facilities
  • Emergency response: Alerting occupants during emergencies
  • Accessibility: Ensuring seamless communication for people with disabilities

Advantages of a commercial intercom system

Implementing a commercial intercom system in your business offers numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced security: Control access to restricted areas
  • Improved communication: Keep staff coordinated and informed
  • Increased efficiency: Quickly respond to visitor requests
  • Cost-effective: Reduce the need for additional security personnel
security integration

Types of intercom systems

Various types of intercom systems exist based on their mode of operation:

  • Audio intercom systems: Enable voice communication
  • Video intercom systems: Support voice and video communication for added security
  • Wireless intercom systems: Utilize wireless technology, ensuring flexible installation

Factors to consider when choosing a commercial intercom system

Several critical factors should play a role in your decision-making:

  • Compatibility with existing infrastructure
  • Size and layout of the facility
  • Integration with access control
  • Video and audio quality
  • Wired or wireless connectivity

Major Brands of Intercom Systems


Verkada offers comprehensive, integrated security solutions for businesses, including cloud-based video surveillance and access control. Verkada’s robust commercial intercom system products boast user-friendly interfaces, easy integration, and intelligent features.

Verkada video intercom


Renowned for its innovative and reliable intercom systems, Aiphone caters to various industries, providing unique solutions including intercom systems with video and audio functionality, versatile applications, and seamless integration with other systems.

aiphone intercom system


2N’s state-of-the-art intercom systems encompass sleek designs and sophisticated features. The company offers both audio and video intercom systems, as well as customizable wireless intercom system options that are scalable for businesses of all sizes.

2N Intercoms

Butterfly MX

Butterfly MX specializes in visitor management solutions, streamlining property access with its cloud-based commercial intercom system, and offering a sleek touchscreen interface and video intercom system functionality.

Door Buzzer Entry Systems


DoorKing is a recognized leader in the access control industry, with over 70 years of experience developing intercom and other entry solutions. Their durable and customizable products, such as video intercom systems and wireless intercom systems, are ideal for various applications.

doorking installers

How Key Technologies Impact Intercom Systems

Video Intercom System: An Overview

A video intercom system incorporates a camera and display to add visual confirmation during conversations, further enhancing security. Commercial video intercom systems can be integrated with access control systems, providing real-time video feeds to quickly verify visitors.

Advantages of video intercom

  • Improved security: Verify visitors through video before granting access
  • Enhanced communication: Access visual cues from clients and coworkers
  • Additional layer of evidence: Video recordings can be used for future investigations

Commercial video intercom: Essential features

When selecting a high-quality commercial video intercom system, key features to consider include:

  • High-resolution cameras
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Remote access and control
commercial intercom system

Wireless Intercom System: An Overview

Wireless intercom use radio frequencies or Wi-Fi connectivity to transmit signals, eliminating the need for physical cable installations. This allows for easier installation, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness while maintaining high-quality voice transmission.

Advantages of a wireless intercom system

  • Easy installation: No need for extensive rewiring
  • Flexible usage: Easy to relocate and adapt to changing needs
  • Scalability: Expand or reduce system size effortlessly

Access control systems

Access control systems manage entry permissions to a facility, limiting access to authorized individuals. Incorporating a commercial intercom system with access control ensures seamless communication and improved security by allowing monitoring and granting/denying visitor access.

Integration benefits of access control with intercom

  • Enhanced security: Monitor and authorize access to restricted areas
  • Simplified operation: Consolidated interfaces for ease-of-use
  • Remote management: Access and control security features remotely
wireless gate access control

Commercial Intercom Systems for 2023

Verkada: Cutting-edge Video Intercom

Verkada’s commercial intercom system offerings include the highly acclaimed Verkada VS1, boasting powerful video intercom system capabilities, such as:

  • High-resolution video
  • Live streaming
  • Video event recording

Verkada VS1: For Streamlined Intercom

Ideal for streamlined communication and entry control, the Verkada VS1 commercial intercom system allows for seamless integration with existing security infrastructure, including access control.

Aiphone: Leaders in Commercial Intercom System Technology

Aiphone’s IX Series is a prime example of top-quality intercom systems, offering both video and audio functionality and compatibility with other access control systems.

AiPhone IX Series: Perfect for Commercial Video Intercom Systems

For those in search of reliable video intercom systems with crystal-clear audio and video, the AiPhone IX Series is an excellent choice, ensuring seamless communication and visual identification of visitors.

2N: Innovators of Wireless Intercom System Solutions

2N’s intercom systems are designed to provide superior audio and video quality while offering a customizable intercom system option, ensuring scalability and flexible communication for growing businesses.

2N IP Verso: Ideal for Secure Access Control Integration

For businesses seeking an all-in-one solution, the 2N IP Verso commercial intercom system delivers unmatched integration capabilities with access control, making it a top choice for secure and easy communication.

Butterfly MX: Revolutionizing Intercom Systems Industry

Butterfly MX’s commercial intercom systems have changed the game with their sleek touchscreen interface, cloud-based technology, and integration capabilities, making them a top choice for businesses seeking feature-rich video intercom systems.

Butterfly MX Touchscreen: Enhancing Video Intercom Systems

The Butterfly MX touchscreen intercom enables quick and easy visitor identification alongside a customizable interface, making it a leader among video intercom systems in the market.

DoorKing: Pioneering Advanced Commercial Intercom System Technologies

DoorKing’s exceptional lineup of commercial intercom systems offers robust features and sleek designs, such as the DoorKing 1812 commercial intercom system that combines security, audio, and video functions for easy use and maximum convenience.

DoorKing 1812: Combining Security and Convenience in Commercial Intercom Systems

The DoorKing 1812 commercial intercom system offers versatile installation options, including both wired and wireless intercom system capabilities, with easy integration into access control.

Customizing Your Commercial Intercom System

Adding surveillance cameras to your video intercom system

Further enhance the security of your commercial video intercom system by incorporating additional surveillance cameras, which provide increased coverage and improved monitoring capabilities.

Scaling your intercom system for your business’s growth

Proactively accommodate your business’s communication needs as it expands by choosing a wireless intercom system that can easily be scaled to accommodate additional users, locations, or devices.

Integrating access control for enhanced security

Boost your commercial intercom system’s potential by integrating it with existing or new access control , thereby providing a unified platform for improved security and convenient management.

JP Series Video Intercom with Room to Room Communication

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In 2023, commercial intercom systems continue to evolve, providing businesses with advanced communication, security, and access control solutions. Brands like Verkada, Aiphone, 2N, Butterfly MX, and DoorKing maintain their market leadership, offering robust and innovative installation or replacing commercial intercom systems with video intercom systems, wireless intercom systems, and access control integration.

As you evaluate your business’s intercom needs and have any questions, consider the latest commercial intercom systems mentioned in this article. By selecting the right system for your organization, you’ll undoubtedly improve communication and security while positioning your business at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

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