Top Door Buzzers Entry Systems for Business 2023: Unlocking Security

In an age where businesses prioritize safety and access control, commercial door buzzer systems have emerged as an essential component of commercial security infrastructure. These systems ensure that only authorized individuals can access certain areas, protecting sensitive information and assets. As we navigate into 2023, let’s explore some of the top door buzzer entry systems designed to bolster business security.

Best Door Buzzer Entry Systems for Businesses

Door Buzzer Entry Systems

Door buzzer systems, also commonly referred to as intercom systems, are sophisticated electronic devices that control access to a building’s entrance. In essence, they create a digital gatekeeper, overseeing who gets in and who stays out.

The systems function by facilitating a two-way communication channel, enabling a person inside the building to engage with the visitor at the door. As part of this process, the system verifies the identity of the visitor, either through an audio or video call. Following the verification, access can be granted or denied based on the visitor’s credentials, thus ensuring a secure entry system.

Door buzzer systems have evolved over the years, now boasting a range of advanced features. With the integration of video intercoms, businesses can visually identify visitors, while some systems even provide remote access, allowing personnel to open the door from anywhere within the building or even off-site. Many systems also come equipped with features such as keycard access, alarms, and tamper detection, further bolstering security measures.

Functions of a Door Buzzer System

While the basic premise of a door buzzer entry system is to control access, they serve many other essential functions in today’s businesses. The key function of these systems remains the regulation of access, permitting entry only to authorized individuals and helping prevent unauthorized intrusions. This feature is particularly important in businesses housing sensitive information or valuable assets, where controlled access is paramount.

Another significant function is communication enhancement. The built-in intercom feature allows for direct conversation with visitors, be it delivery personnel, customers, or potential intruders, which can be critical in certain situations. The ability to converse and assess the intent of a visitor before granting access is a powerful security tool.

In the era of digital innovation, modern systems also incorporate video capabilities for visual verification of visitors. These systems provide real-time video feed, allowing personnel to visually confirm the identity of a visitor, a feature that significantly enhances security. It also offers the benefit of recording visitors, enabling businesses to maintain a record of all entries and exits.

Commercial Door Buzzer System with Access Reader

Taking security a step further, some advanced door buzzer entry systems integrate access reader. In this setup, individuals are required to present a physical or digital credential – such as a card, key fob, or smartphone – to gain entry. This feature provides an additional layer of security by ensuring that access is granted only to those with valid, pre-approved credentials.

The use of access readers significantly mitigates the risk of unauthorized entry, bolstering the overall security of the business premises. This feature is particularly useful for businesses dealing with sensitive information or valuable assets, where stringent access control is crucial.

Furthermore, access reader-integrated commercial door buzzer systems offer better tracking and audit capabilities. They can log the entry and exit times of employees, helping with time management and attendance tracking.

Commercial Door Buzzer System with Access Reader

Biometric Door Buzzer System

In the pursuit of heightened security and ease of access, biometric door readers have emerged as a significant enhancement to traditional door buzzer entry systems. Biometric technology leverages unique biological attributes of individuals such as fingerprints, iris patterns, or facial recognition to grant or deny access.

These advanced systems function by scanning and matching the presented biometric data against a pre-stored database of authorized individuals. This functionality eliminates the need for physical keys or cards that can be lost, stolen, or duplicated, thereby enhancing the security of the premises.

Biometric door readers are especially beneficial in high-security areas where stringent access control is crucial. They also bring an added level of convenience for users, eliminating the need to carry access cards or remember PINs, and provide accurate audit trails by logging entry and exit of individuals based on their unique biometric data.

Biometric Door Buzzer System

Cost of a Door Buzzer System

The cost of a commercial door buzzer system can vary greatly depending on the features and the brand. Basic systems can start at a few hundred dollars, while advanced systems with video, biometrics, and integrated access control can cost a few thousand. Despite the initial investment, the heightened security and convenience they provide make them a worthy addition to any business.

Verkada: Setting New Standards in Security

As a leader in commercial security, Verkada offers a comprehensive range of security solutions, including door buzzer entry systems. The Verkada AC41 Door Controller is an ideal solution for businesses seeking a robust and reliable entry system. This device seamlessly integrates with Verkada’s cloud-based platform, offering a unified approach to security.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based control: Easily manage access across all doors from any device
  • Scalability: The system is designed to easily scale with your business
  • Easy integration: It seamlessly integrates with Verkada’s cameras and access control solutions
  • Robust construction: It’s built to last with a ruggedized construction and tamper detection
Verkada video intercom

Aiphone: Pioneering Intercom Technology

Aiphone has been at the forefront of intercom technology for decades. Their IX Series 2 Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom is an exemplary commercial door buzzer system suitable for businesses of all sizes. It boasts an array of features that enhance security, communication, and access control.

Key Features:

  • Video identification: Clear video feed allows for easy identification of visitors
  • Scalability: System can accommodate up to 9,999 doors
  • Mobile App: Remote control and monitoring from a smartphone or tablet
  • Multiple location integration: Can connect multiple buildings or locations
Aiphone-IX-DVF-P-IP Addressable Video Door Station with Card Reader for the IX Series

ButterflyMX: Revolutionizing Entry Systems

ButterflyMX stands out with its smart intercom systems designed for modern businesses. Their 7″ Surface Mount Smart Intercom is a popular door buzzer entry system. This smartphone-based system allows for remote access control, offering convenience without compromising security.

Key Features:

  • Smartphone-based: No need for separate access cards or key fobs
  • Video calling: Calls can be answered with video directly from a smartphone
  • Virtual keys: Provide temporary access with time-limited virtual keys
  • Integrations: Works with major property management systems
ButterflyMX smart intercom

2N: Advancing Access Control

2N is renowned for its advanced access control solutions. The 2N® IP Verso security intercom is a customizable door buzzer entry system that is adaptable to the specific needs of a business. It offers a range of modules, from a camera for visual verification to a touch display for easy operation.

Key Features:

  • Modularity: Choose only the modules that your business needs
  • High durability: Certified for the toughest conditions
  • Access control: Wide range of options for access control
  • Security relay: This feature prevents tampering with the intercom
2n video intercoms

DoorKing: Combining Tradition and Innovation

DoorKing, a trusted name in the industry, offers reliable and high-quality access control solutions. The DoorKing 1812 Plus Series is an excellent door buzzer entry system for businesses, combining traditional intercom function with innovative features.

Key Features:

  • Call forwarding and call waiting: Calls can be forwarded to a second number
  • Built-in time clock: Control access based on time and day
  • Programmable directory codes: For easy identification and access
  • 4-digit entry codes: Provide an extra layer of security
Doorking Video Intercom

Doorking Telephone Entry System Installation Checklist

Ensure a successful installation of your Doorking telephone entry system with this comprehensive checklist.

DoorBird: Embracing Smart Technology

DoorBird is known for its smart door intercoms and entry systems. The DoorBird D2101KV IP Video Door Station is a popular choice for businesses. It combines video identification, access control, and app-based operation into a sleek and modern device.

Key Features:

  • Video identification: High-definition 1080p camera for clear video identification
  • App-based: Control and monitor access from a smartphone or tablet
  • RFID reader: Quick and secure access with RFID cards
  • Robust construction: Built to withstand outdoor conditions
Doorbird Security Device and Apps

Charting the Future: Reflecting on the Role of Advanced Door Buzzer Systems

As we turn our gaze towards new era, it’s not just about which door buzzer systems top the charts, but rather about understanding the pivotal role these systems play in shaping the future of business security. Advanced technology, robust security, and user-friendly interfaces, while being the pillars of these systems, are continually being reinvented, with each development ushering in a new era of potential.

The aforementioned brands are not just creating products; they’re pioneering an evolution in the way we perceive security, enhancing the parameters of safety, and reinventing accessibility. As businesses, you shouldn’t just observe but actively participate in this evolution, adapting to these advanced systems, and integrating them into our security strategies. The security landscape is an ever-changing tapestry; the question is, how will your business weave itself into it in 2023?

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