4 Best Electric Door Alarms of 2023

In the complex and multi-layered world of physical security, open door alarms are charmingly simple: They let you know when a door is opened (or left open). But this simple thing actually goes a long way towards making facilities more secure. Here are the benefits of and four best open door alarms of 2023.

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Benefits of Electric Door Alarms

As part of a larger access control system, door alarms start with a small sensor, in two pieces, that is attached to a door and the doorjamb. When the door opens and separates the pieces, the alarm is triggered.

This alarm can be either a polite chime that simply alerts you that the door is open, or, if the access control system is armed, can be a piercing siren to drive off intruders. The alarm will also sound if the door is left open for too long, either by accident or because someone propped it open–which is sometimes against fire or OSHA code.

These types of alarms also provide real-time data about occupancy and building use that facility managers can access and keep an eye on remotely. An open door alarm can be looped into a smart access control system that uses software to log every time a door is opened, or they can be part of the system without being synced with software.

One of the primary benefits of door opening alarms is that they increase security awareness in employees and tenants, as well as visitors. The alarm lets your employees know that a new person has potentially entered the space, and it indicates to visitors the presence of a security system in their facility. This makes them a very simple but highly effective tool when it comes to deterring intruders and creating a safer facility.

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What to Look For In An Open Door Alarm

Wireless vs. Wired

Door opening alarms that are wireless are small, discreet, and easy to install–you just need to remember to replace the batteries when the time comes.

Wired door alarms, on the other hand, are the most reliable and don’t need batteries to work–but it can be expensive to install wires, especially in older constructions.

Stand-alone vs. Integrated

Stand-alone door alarms for residences include Amazon Ring, Google Nest, SimpliSafe, and other DIY-style systems. However, all of our recommendations on this list are part of integrated systems, as they are what we recommend for any commercial door open alarm. Door alarms help build a secure environment, but they will best protect equipment and people when they are part of a larger web of deterrents and surveillance.

Monitoring Services

Alarm monitoring services allow managers and owners to maintain a high level of security around their facility even at night or during off days. If a door open alarm is triggered when the system is armed, that alarm will be sent to a human agent, who can then verify to see if the alarm is real and then alert emergency services. Monitoring services are incredibly valuable for businesses of any size because prompt responses are what minimize damages in burglary or intrusion situations.

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4 Best Open Door Alarms of 2023

Kisi Wireless Door Alarm

If you’re looking for a complete security platform, it’s hard to beat Kisi. This company is known for its extensive product suite as well as its ease of use. Its door opening alarms are a great addition to a security system or a solid first line of defense.

  • Real-time door status with Kisi Reader Pro
  • Long-lasting: battery life of 5-10 years, plus remote battery status
  • All data too and from sensors encrypted and authenticated
  • Sleek design that is quick to install and activate
kisi wireless door alarm

ADT Wired Door Alarms

As a long-time presence in the security field, ADT open door alarms are compatible with a number of cloud-based security systems such as Openpath, Alarm.com, and Qolsys.

  • Wireless and wired electric door alarms
  • Professionally monitored 24/7
  • Automated mobile notifications with Openpath mobile app
  • Remote disarm/arm with Openpath mobile app
  • Compatible with a wide range of security software and hardware
ADT door alarms

DSC PowerG Door Alarms

DSC offers three models of its Power G door open alarms: Indoor, Outdoor, and Recessed. Each one is high-performing and the different models help customize open door alarm sensors for different settings. They also have some of the longest battery life in the business. DSC alarms are compatible with DSC’s PowerSeries as well as Qolsys, Alarm.com, and Kantech.

PG8312 PowerG Wireless Outdoor Magnetic Contact

  • Rated IP66: dust-proof, waterproof, and tamper-proof
  • Contact and temperature detector in one
  • Wide gap tolerance to reduce false alarms from wind or animals
  • 5-year battery life
  • Option for auxiliary input with hard wire

PG9309 PowerG Wireless Commercial Magnetic Contact

  • Tamper-resistant
  • Contact and temperature detector in one
  • 5 years of battery life in high-traffic in commercial setting
  • Configured from the keypad – no need to re-open the detector once closed
  • Option for auxiliary input with hard wire

PG9307 PowerG Wireless Recessed Contact

  • Extremely stealthy sensor to detect open doors in high-risk areas
  • Compact size for side-of-door installation, with near-invisible surface profile
  • White and brown adhesive covers to match door surface
  • Battery life up to 10 years
DSC PowerG Door Alarms

2GIG Encrypted Wireless Contact Sensor (DW10e)

While 2GIG’s sensor for opening doors isn’t compatible with third-party hardware or software (aside from Alarm.com), 2GIG still made the list because they are incredibly thin, have a long range, and can be ordered in bulk packs of 120.

  • Small size- ¾” wide, great for narrow spaces
  • Data encryption
  • 350 ft (106.7m) wireless range at 345 MHz frequency
  • Bulk option–great for setting up a new security system in a large facility
2Gig dw10e

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