Best Door Release Buttons of 2023

Door release buttons provide a safe and secure method for individuals to exit a facility without compromising the overall security system. In 2023, Alarm Controls’ egress devices stand out as the top-tier choice for door release buttons. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of their different lines of door release buttons.

door release button on office door

Understanding Door Release Buttons

A door release button, also known as a ‘push to exit’ or ‘rex’ button, is an integral part of many security and access control systems. When one of the push buttons is pressed, it signals the system to disengage the lock, typically a magnetic lock or ‘mag lock,’ allowing for a safe and secure exit. The system can be wired so that pressing the rex button cuts power to the magnetic lock, unlocking the door.

Choosing The Best: Alarm Controls Egress Devices

Alarm Controls is a renowned name in the security industry, and their products buttons offer a compelling mix of reliability, functionality, and modern design. With various options this brand caters to a wide range of security needs. Let’s delve into each of these series to understand what they bring to the table.

NTB Series

The NTB series from Alarm Controls offers rex buttons designed for versatility and durability. They are built with brushed stainless steel faceplates and are available with a variety of engraving options, including ‘Push to Exit,’ which caters specifically to magnetic lock systems. The NTB series offers a wide array of models to suit different applications, each model designed for easy installation and optimal performance.

NTB Series

Attributes of the NTB series:

  • Brushed stainless steel faceplates for durability
  • Variety of engraving options
  • Designed for easy installation

NTS Series

The NTS series is another noteworthy offering from Alarm Controls. These rex buttons, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, offer flexible options for various security requirements. The NTS series is especially suitable for situations that require a weather-resistant push to exit button for magnetic lock systems.

NTS Series Assa Abloy

Attributes of the NTS series:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Provides a variety of operational modes

REB Series

The REB series of door release buttons stands out with its unique, round design and solid performance. It offers a ‘push to exit’ feature and is ideal for various environments, ranging from office buildings to educational institutions.

REB Series

Key Attributes of the REB series:

  • Unique, round design
  • Versatile usage across different environments
  • Reliable ‘push to exit’ functionality


The SREX-100 from Alarm Controls is a state-of-the-art exit device with cutting-edge features. Besides its ‘push to exit’ functionality, it also offers an integrated motion sensor. This feature can detect an individual approaching the door, activating the ‘request to exit’ process even before the button is pressed, providing an extra layer of convenience and safety.


Attributes of the SREX-100:

  • Integrated motion sensor for enhanced convenience
  • Modern design
  • Premium ‘push to exit’ functionality

Embracing Innovation with Alarm Controls

In 2023, Alarm Controls’ egress devices emerge as leading choices for door release buttons. By offering robust performance, innovative features, and a range of options to suit different requirements, these devices set new standards in security and convenience. As you consider integrating or upgrading your security system, take a closer look at what these cutting-edge egress devices have to offer.

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