7 Best Door Security Access Control Systems For 2024

Door Security Access Control Systems have become indispensable business tools to safeguard employees, assets, and sensitive information.

These door access control systems serve as gatekeepers, regulating entry to various areas within a facility and ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access.

Here are some of the best door security access control companies that have transformed how businesses secure their premises and contributed significantly to operational efficiency and peace of mind.

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Top 7 Door Security Access Control Companies

1. Aiphone

Aiphone GT-1M3

Key Features: 

  • Two-way voice communication with visitors
  • Video surveillance and recording capabilities
  • Customizable door access control system design

Primary Products: 

  • Telephone entry system
  • Video door entry system
  • Gate intercom

Who Should Use It: Small businesses seeking affordable yet effective door security access control and property owners overseeing mid-sized facilities

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: Aiphone provides a comprehensive door security access control system that combines convenience and security [1].

Their door access control systems allow administrators to easily manage who enters and exits a building, providing peace of mind while safeguarding property, profits, and data.

Whether regulating employee access, improving communication, or enhancing overall security, Aiphone’s door access system is adaptable and reliable. Contact Safe and Sound today to get a free quote.


  • Surveillance and recording capabilities
  • Reliable technology
  • Streamlined communication within facilities.


  • Specific pricing details may vary

2. Doorking

Doorking Intercom Entry System

Key Features: 

  • Robust door access control systems
  • Gate openers
  • Smart locks

Primary Products: 

  • Gate openers
  • Smart locks
  • Key fob
  • Door readers

Who Should Use It: Property owners managing single or multiple properties and large corporations and organizations with intricate security needs

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: Doorking offers a robust door access control system that enhances security and streamlines visitor flow efficiently.

You can implement a multi-layered security approach, safeguarding your facility with the best door access control technology.

A door access control system is about security, efficiency, adaptability, and peace of mind.


  • Secured, Protected, Continuously Backed Up
  • Compatibility with high-quality video cameras and technology
  • Expert installation and ongoing support


  • Initial setup costs should be considered

3. Brivo

Brivo Security Access Control

Key Features: 

  • Browser-based software interface.
    • Remote management of access control systems.
    • Local data storage
    • Cloud-based technology [2]

Primary Products: 

  • Cloud-Based Access Control
  • OnAir Application

Who Should Use It: Multi-location Retail Chains, Commercial Real Estate Owners, Warehouses, and large Distribution Centers that need extensive access controls

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: Brivo is a top-notch door access control system, mainly due to its Cloud-Based Access Control technology.

Unlike traditional access control systems, this innovation provides a browser-based software interface that enables access control management from anywhere.

The door access control system can unite with Eagle Eye cameras and Exacqvision NVR, offering real-time authentication.


  • Easy software and security updates
  • Extensive integrations with third-party technologies
  • Enhanced security with video surveillance integration


  • System maintenance may be necessary

4. ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX Smart Video Intercom System

Key Features: 

  • Virtual keys and access PIN issuance
  • Remote door opening capability
  • Visitor video chat at the door

Primary Products: 

  • ButterflyMX entry system
  • ButterflyMX smart intercom
  • Property management dashboard

Who Should Use It: Apartment Communities, Commercial Office Buildings, Coworking Spaces, and Condominiums who prefer slightly expensive but efficient extra layer of security

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: ButterflyMX offers an advanced and convenient solution for property access control. Their cloud-based system empowers administrators with the flexibility to manage access through a smartphone app or web account. 

It is worth noting that ButterflyMX’s cloud-based access control system provides a flexible and modern approach, making it a compelling option compared to some of its competitors.

With a mobile access control panel, admins can easily control tenant and courier permissions, issue virtual keys and access PINs, remotely open doors, and access a detailed log.


  • Visitor video chat and remote door opening
  • Streamlined and efficient access control
  • Cloud-based access control


  • Compatibility with third-party equipment may vary

5. S2

S2 Network NODE

Key Features: 

  • Credential-based access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Single-box access for cost-effectiveness

Primary Products: 

  • NetBoxes
  • Nodes
  • Locks
  • Readers
  • Cards

Who Should Use It: Homeowners and small business owners who prefer scalability and flexibility

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: S2 Access Control is one of the most popular access control systems for businesses seeking to protect their premises and assets.

Their security systems unite various features, including credential-based access control, intrusion detection, event monitoring, and video applications, all accessible through a 100% web-based platform.

As a trusted S2 installer, Safe and Sound Security can provide, install, and integrate S2 access control systems for businesses of all sizes. Contact us and get a free quote today! 


  • Scalability for businesses of all sizes
  • Feature-rich and flexible security systems
  • Flexibility to adapt and expand security


  • It needs expert installation and setup

6. HID

HID Touchless Access Control

Key Features: 

  • Innovative technology and mobile capabilities
  • Visitor management
  • Multi-factor authentication technology

Primary Products: 

  • HID visitor door access systems
  • HID key card
  • HID RFID readers

Who Should Use It: Corporate Enterprises, Retail Chains, Healthcare Facilities, and Educational Institutions that want to ensure that only allowed personnel can access critical areas

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: HID is one of the best access control systems to protect your business while promoting workflow optimization. 

Unlike a traditional access control integrated security system, HID’s access control solutions encompass a wide range of products, including key cards, readers, and visitor management software.

HID’s key cards and readers provide secure and convenient access control, using the latest technology to verify visitors and prevent unauthorized intrusions.


  • Innovative technology
  • Biometric readers for enhanced identity assurance
  • Comprehensive range of access control products


  • Some features may require additional setup and configuration

7. Keri

Keri Card Security System

Key Features: 

  • Hack-proof, cloud-based products
  • Remote management of security devices
  • Scalable and customizable solutions

Primary Products: 

  • Entry panels
  • Safety systems
  • Card readers

Who Should Use It: Tech Startups, Healthcare Facilities, Retail and Commercial Spaces, Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities that require stringent security measures

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: Keri Door Access Control Systems is one of the largest independent access control companies globally. It offers a comprehensive suite of security devices and cloud-based products powered by an internet connection. 

Keri’s simplify managed access, emergency response automation (if a fire alarm is triggered), facility protection, and door access credentials. 


  • Wide range of security devices for various industries
  • Ease of use for mobile credentials and real-time notifications
  • Remote management for improved responsiveness


  • Initial setup costs should be considered.

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Factors To Consider

Single-Door vs Multi-Door Systems

Single-door systems are suitable for smaller-scale applications, such as individual offices or storage rooms with a physical server, offering simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

On the other hand, multi-door systems are ideal for larger facilities with multiple entry points, providing centralized controls, cloud-based systems, and scalability to accommodate future expansions. 

Entry options

Evaluate the various entry methods supported by the system, such as RFID cards, PIN code, biometric scans, or mobile credentials.

Lock Options

Assess the compatibility of the door access control system with different types of locks, including electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, and mechanical locks.

When selecting lock options that best suit your security needs and operational requirements, consider security levels, durability, and ease of integration.

Exit Options

Evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of exit devices, such as push-to-exit buttons or motion sensors, in facilitating smooth exit procedures while maintaining security.

Pricing of Door Access Control System

Compare the costs associated with different door access control systems, including hardware expenses, an on-site server, installation fees, licensing costs, and ongoing maintenance expenses. 

Types of Door Security Access Control Systems

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

In DAC, the resource owner has complete control over who can access it and what permissions are granted.

The resource owner can assign or revoke access rights. The door access system is often used in personal computers and small-scale environments where authorized individuals have control access to their files and provide data.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role-Based Access Control assigns permissions to users based on their organizational roles [3]. It simplifies the door access system and is commonly used in large organizations where many users have similar access needs.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

MAC enforces strict access controls based on security labels and classification levels. The access credentials are determined by security policies and labels associated with resources and users.

This door access control system type is commonly used in government and military environments to protect classified information.

On-site vs Cloud-based Access Control System

On-site access control systems are physically hosted within an organization, requiring an on-site server, infrastructure investment, and the best door access control hardware. 

In contrast, cloud-based systems are accessed remotely with a local network. They offer scalability, ease of maintenance, and accessibility in multiple locations. They require minimal on-site hardware, a control panel, and upfront costs.

Benefits of Door Access Control Systems

  • Enhanced Security: It restricts unauthorized entry, safeguarding people and property.
  • Customized Access: Access permissions can be tailored to specific individuals or roles.
  • Detailed Audit Trail: Comprehensive logs aid in investigations and compliance.
  • Convenience: Keyless entry and remote management simplify on-site entry for allowed personnel.
  • Scalability: It can adapt to accommodate more doors or users for business.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduced reliance on physical keys and lower maintenance costs save money.

Features To Look For

  • User Authentication: Reliable methods like biometric credentials, facial recognition, PIN codes, key cards or key fobs, PINs, and other physical credentials for secured door entry.
  • Scalability: Ability to expand the door access control system to accommodate the growing needs of your business.
  • Remote Access: The capability to manage and monitor entry remotely.
  • Audit Trail: Detailed logs for tracking entry and exit activities.
  • Integration: Compatibility with other security systems such as CCTV and alarms.
  • Customization: Flexibility of the control panel to set access permissions for specific users or areas.
  • Emergency Lockdown: Instant facility-wide security lockdown in emergencies.
  • Mobile Access: Smartphone-based and internet access for added convenience.


What is an access control door controller?

An access control controller is a device controller uses to manage and regulate entry to secured areas by granting access or denying entry based on predefined permissions.

The door access control system has a control panel in charge of control decisions.

What is a door access control system?

A door access control system is a security solution that manages and authorizes entry to physical spaces, enhancing security by controlling who can enter and when.

How does door access control work?

Door access control uses authentication methods like key cards, PINs, or biometrics to verify a user’s identity and determine if they are granted access.

These door access control systems can be accessed remotely or with a physical server to grant access(gain entry) in offices, commercial buildings, and elevator controls.

Why is there a door access control system?

A door access control system is vital for security. It prevents unauthorized entry, protects assets, and provides audit trails, ensuring safety and control in various environments.

Instead of using a traditional lock and mechanical keys, door access systems ensure the safety and protection of your premises. 

In Summary

A Door Security Access Control System is essential for enhancing security and control over physical spaces [4]. The ability to customize access permissions, integrate with other security systems, and remotely manage the system further adds to its effectiveness in safeguarding premises.

Door access systems allow businesses and organizations to prevent unauthorized access, protect valuable assets, and maintain comprehensive audit trails. 

To ensure the safety and protection of your premises, consider partnering with Safe and Sound Security, the trusted installer of the best access control system. 

In addition to the brands we mentioned above, we are proud to provide installation services for these renowned brands:

Ready to elevate your security and gain peace of mind? Contact us and get a free quote for the best door control systems. 

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