7 Best Fingerprint Time Clocks for Small Business (2024)

Tracking the time employees clock accurately and efficiently is essential for managing payroll and productivity for a small business.

A fingerprint employee time clock is the perfect solution to eliminate buddy punching and time theft, ensuring that employees are present and working when they should be.

In this blog, we will explore the top fingerprint time clock systems for small businesses. Read on.

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Top 7 Biometric Clocking Systems for Small Businesses

1. Buddy Punch

Fingerprint Time Attendance

Buddy Punch is a comprehensive time-tracking system designed for small businesses. It offers biometric verification through fingerprint scanning, making tracking employee attendance easy and eliminating time theft.

Key Features:

  • Biometric verification: Uses fingerprint scanning to verify employee attendance.
  • Time and attendance: Tracks employee hours, breaks, and overtime.
  • Web-based platform: Accessible from any device with internet connectivity.
  • Time off requests: Allows employees to submit time off requests directly through the system.
  • Payroll integration: Integrates seamlessly with popular payroll software.


  • Eliminates buddy punching: Ensures that employees cannot clock in or out for each other.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to use for both employees and managers.
  • Remote access: Can be accessed from any device, making it convenient for businesses with remote workers.
  • Detailed reports: Provides detailed reports on employee attendance and hours worked.


  • Initial setup: May require some time to set up and configure.
  • Monthly fees: Requires a subscription, which can add to ongoing costs.

Price Range:

Buddy Punch’s monthly pricing starts at $29 for small businesses, with additional features available in higher-tier plans.

2. Allied Time

Allied Time offers reliable biometric time clocks designed to streamline attendance system for small businesses. Their systems are easy to use and have advanced features to ensure accurate and secure employee time management.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint scanning: Uses biometric fingerprint readers to verify employee identity.
  • USB flash drive: Allows an easy way to transfer data from the time clock to the computer.
  • Internal relay control: Can control door locks or other systems for added security.
  • Statistical reports: Generates detailed attendance and time tracking reports.
  • Plug and play: Simple setup process with minimal technical expertise required.


  • Accurate tracking: Ensures precise recording of employee attendance and eliminates buddy punching.
  • Easy data transfer: USB flash drive makes transferring data simple and convenient.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Provides valuable insights into employee attendance patterns.
  • Affordable: Cost-effective solution for small businesses.


  • Limited remote access: May not offer remote access features found in more advanced systems.
  • Manual data transfer: Requires physical data transfer via USB flash drive, which can be less convenient than cloud-based solutions.

Price Range:

Depending on the model and features, Allied Time biometric time clocks range from $200 to $500.

3. ClockIt

ClockIt attendance systems are versatile time and attendance software platforms that offer biometric time clocks for small business owners. They provide a range of advanced features to help a business owner manage employee attendance efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Biometric verification: Uses fingerprint scanners and facial recognition for secure attendance tracking.
  • Cloud-based: Stores attendance data securely in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.
  • Mobile application: Allows employees to clock in and out using their mobile devices.
  • Advanced features: Includes GPS tracking, shift management, and leave management.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with payroll systems for streamlined processing.


  • Remote access: Cloud-based platform allows for remote monitoring and management.
  • Feature-rich: Offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing employee attendance.
  • Mobile-friendly: Employees can clock in and out from their mobile devices, enhancing convenience.
  • Scalable: Suitable for small businesses and scalable as the business grows.


  • Monthly fees: Requires a subscription for cloud services, adding to ongoing costs.
  • Complexity: May have a steeper learning curve for users unfamiliar with advanced features.

Price Range:

ClockIt’s pricing starts at $29 per month for small businesses, with additional features available in higher-tier plans.

4. AMG

AMG Attendance System Time Clock

AMG Time offers robust biometric time clock systems designed to simplify attendance tracking and ensure accurate payroll processing for small businesses. Their solutions are user-friendly and feature advanced biometric technology.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint clock: Uses fingerprint readers for precise employee identification.
  • Time and attendance software: Comprehensive software for keeping track of employee hours, breaks, and overtime.
  • USB and network connectivity: Offers USB flash drive and network options for data transfer.
  • Internal relay control: Can integrate with access control systems for enhanced security.
  • Flexible reporting: Generates customizable reports to meet business needs.


  • Accurate and reliable: Ensures accurate attendance tracking and eliminates time theft.
  • Flexible data transfer: Offers multiple options for transferring data, including USB and network.
  • User-friendly: Easy to install and operate, making it ideal for small businesses.
  • Integration: Can integrate with other systems for comprehensive business management.


  • Initial cost: Higher upfront cost compared to some other systems.
  • Limited mobile features: May lack the advanced mobile functionality found in other platforms.

Price Range:

Depending on the model and features, AMG Time biometric time clocks range from $300 to $700.

5. Lathem

Lathem provides biometric time clocks that combine advanced technology with user-friendly features. Their systems are designed to streamline time and attendance tracking for small businesses, making it easier to manage employee hours accurately.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint scanner: Uses biometric fingerprint technology to verify employee identity.
  • Time attendance software: Integrated software for tracking employee hours, breaks, and overtime.
  • USB and network options: Supports multiple methods for transferring data.
  • Proximity card reader: Offers additional flexibility for clocking in and out.
  • Customizable reports: Generates detailed attendance reports tailored to business needs.


  • Accurate tracking: Reduces time theft and ensures precise attendance records.
  • User-friendly: Easy to set up and operate.
  • Multiple data transfer options: USB and network connectivity provide flexibility.
  • Customizable reporting: Provides valuable insights into attendance and productivity.


  • Higher cost: Initial investment may be higher compared to other options.
  • Limited mobile access: May not offer robust mobile functionalities.

Price Range:

Lathem biometric time clocks range from $300 to $600, depending on the features and model.

6. Crown Security

Crown Security offers biometric time clock systems that focus on security and reliability. Their products are designed to help small businesses effectively manage employee attendance and improve overall productivity.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint scanner: Utilizes biometric fingerprint readers for secure employee identification.
  • Advanced software: Comprehensive time attendance software for managing hours, breaks, and overtime.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Supports wireless data transfer for added convenience.
  • Internal relay control: Can control access to restricted areas within the business.
  • Efficient reporting: Generates detailed and customizable reports.


  • High security: Ensures secure and reliable attendance tracking.
  • Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi support makes data transfer easy and convenient.
  • Detailed reporting: Provides comprehensive insights into employee attendance.
  • Integration: Can integrate with other security systems for enhanced functionality.


  • Cost: Higher initial setup cost.
  • Complexity: May require professional installation and setup.

Price Range:

Crown Security biometric time clocks range from $400 to $800, depending on the features included.

7. Pyramid

Fingerprint Time Clocks Crown Security Products

Pyramid offers reliable and efficient biometric time clock systems tailored for small businesses. Their systems are known for ease of use and robust features that help streamline employee time tracking and attendance management.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint reader: Utilizes biometric fingerprint technology for accurate employee identification.
  • Time attendance software: Comprehensive software for tracking employee hours and generating reports.
  • USB flash drive: Allows easy transfer of attendance data.
  • Proximity card reader: Offers flexibility for clocking in and out.
  • Wall-mountable: Designed for convenient wall installation to save space.


  • Accurate and secure: Ensures precise attendance tracking and eliminates buddy punching.
  • User-friendly: Easy to install and use.
  • Flexible data transfer: USB and proximity card reader provide multiple options.
  • Compact design: Wall-mountable design saves space in the workplace.


  • Initial cost: May be higher compared to some other options.
  • Limited advanced features: May lack some of the more advanced features offered by competitors.

Price Range:

Pyramid biometric time clocks range from $250 to $500, depending on the model and features.

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Factors To Consider

Accuracy & Reliability

Accuracy and reliability are paramount when choosing a biometric time clock for your small business. Fingerprint time clocks should accurately identify employees and record their attendance without errors. They help eliminate issues like buddy punching and ensure that attendance records are precise.

Ease of Use

The biometric time clock system should be user-friendly for both employees and administrators. Employees should be able to clock in and out quickly using their fingerprints, and administrators should find it easy to manage the system and access attendance records.

A straightforward setup and intuitive interface can save time and reduce frustration for everyone involved.

Integration with Payroll Systems

A biometric fingerprint time clock that can seamlessly integrate with your existing payroll software can significantly streamline the process of calculating hours worked and generating paychecks. This integration reduces the need for manual data entry, minimizes errors, and ensures that employees are paid correctly and on time.


While the initial investment in a biometric time clock might be higher than traditional methods, the long-term savings from reduced time theft and more efficient payroll processing can make it worthwhile. Evaluate the overall value of the system, including both the upfront costs and the potential savings over time.

Advanced Features

Advanced features can enhance the functionality and convenience of a biometric time clock system. Look for systems offering mobile access, real-time data transfer, and detailed reporting capabilities. 

Advanced biometric time tracking systems also include options for integrating with RFID badges or cards, providing additional flexibility for identifying employees and managing attendance.


Finally, consider the overall cost of the system. It includes the initial purchase price of the biometric fingerprint time clock, any ongoing subscription fees for software or cloud services, and potential costs for maintenance and support.

Balance these costs against the benefits of the system, such as improved accuracy, efficiency, and security. Cost-effective solutions should provide significant advantages without straining your budget.


Are biometric time clocks legal?

Yes, biometric time clocks are legal in most regions, but businesses must comply with privacy laws and regulations. It typically includes informing employees about the use of biometric data, obtaining their consent, and ensuring that the data is stored securely. Laws vary by region, so businesses need to consult legal guidance to ensure compliance.

What are the benefits of a biometric time clock?

Biometric time clocks offer several benefits, including eliminating buddy punching, ensuring accurate attendance records, reducing time theft, and streamlining payroll processing. These systems provide reliable and secure verification of employee identities, improving overall workplace efficiency and productivity. They also integrate well with existing payroll systems, further enhancing their utility.

What is the fastest fingerprint sensor time?

The fastest fingerprint sensors can authenticate users in less than one second. Modern biometric systems utilize advanced algorithms and high-quality sensors for rapid identification and verification. This speed ensures minimal disruption during clock-in and clock-out processes, enhancing the overall efficiency of attendance systems.

How does contactless fingerprint work?

Contactless fingerprint technology captures fingerprint data without physical contact. It uses optical or ultrasonic sensors to scan and create a 3D image of the fingerprint from a short distance. This method improves hygiene and reduces wear and tear on the device, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Do biometric time clocks need a subscription?

Some biometric time clocks require a subscription for cloud-based services, software updates, and remote access features. These subscriptions typically provide additional functionalities such as data storage, real-time monitoring, and integration with payroll systems. However, basic biometric time clocks can function without a subscription, though they may offer fewer features.

Final Thoughts

A biometric time clock can be the perfect solution for small businesses looking to improve their attendance tracking and payroll processes. These systems enhance efficiency and security by ensuring accurate employee time records and eliminating buddy punching.

Consider factors such as integration with payroll systems, cost, and advanced features when choosing the right system for your business.

Ensure your workplace runs smoothly with reliable and efficient attendance tracking technology. Contact us today for a free consultation and find the best biometric time clock solution for your small business.

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