A Review of the Best Fitness Management Software Options in 2023 

Managing a gym or fitness facility can be a lot of work, and it can also be incredibly stressful. From security to access control, such as gym door entry systems, to scheduling to bookkeeping, there is so much to keep track of, and the success of your business relies on doing these things well. 

Thankfully, in today’s world, you don’t need to do it all yourself; software programs can help you manage almost every part of your business. In some cases, they can do it better than you could have done it yourself. Software programs can also help elevate the experience of your members with features like online booking, touchless entry, and mobile alerts that help keep them in the know. When they’re looking for a gym or fitness facility to join, many people look for a mobile app supported by software that can help them enjoy their experience at the gym. 

Once you know which software program to pick, you can automate and delegate many of the tasks that consume a lot of your valuable time while simultaneously improving the experience for your members. Here, we’ll review some of the top names in fitness management software that also integrate with Kisi, Openpath, and Brivo. 

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Best Gym Management Software of 2023


Glofox aims to help you grow your revenue by at least 89%, and it integrates with Kisi. Your members will appreciate being able to book classes online and pay directly through the app or website. Glofox also offers retargeting ads, 24/7 customer support, social media marketing capabilities, and more. 


Gymflow integrates with Kisi and has a strong focus on customer retention. It features mobile apps for members and staff and has tools that help maximize growth and increase booking volumes. Some features of the fitness management software include website integration, 24 hour door access, and workflow automation. Members can also book classes online, and trainers can manage their sessions easily on the go via the app, which can help them be more efficient during training sessions. 


Exercise is a fitness management software that integrates with Kisi. The brand prides itself on catering specifically to fitness businesses and their needs. Some features include online class management and a custom app. The software program also offers remote door access, e-signing, and a workout plan creator. 


When you integrate Teamup with Kisi, you’ll get to take advantage of one of the top fitness management software platforms on the market. Some standout features include online booking and flexible class schedules, automated billing, and unlimited staff accounts. Teamup caters to various types of gyms and fitness facilities, including bootcamps, CrossFit, martial arts, sports training, yoga, and more. 


With Gymdesk, enjoy quick setup with no training and automated billing when you integrate with Kisi. The software also helps with marketing, website creation, and attendance tracking. While this specific fitness management software was originally created to be a solution for martial arts schools, it now caters to and offers features that are valuable for various types of gyms and fitness centers. 

ABC Fitness Solutions

Integrating with Openpath, ABC Fitness Solutions provides activity logs, customizable member and staff access, and touchless mobile entry. You can also track occupancy and monitor things like staff schedules and class sizes. They work hard to help you grow your gym by streamlining sales and improving member engagement. 


Accrisoft integrates with Openpath and provides mobile access for your gym management software. Some features include gym access control management, unlimited membership accounts, and 24/7 keyless access. Accrisoft focuses on attracting new members by streamlining your work and helping you generate revenue via your website. 


Integrating with Brivo, EZFacility provides control to access control systems any time from anywhere. You’re able to customize access permissions, receive notifications, and organize events and classes. EZFacility is specifically designed for various types of fitness facilities, including tennis clubs, community centers, personal training businesses, pilates studios, and more. 

Shapenet Club Management Software 

Shapenet integrates with Brivo and is a cloud-based management system that allows you to create user and access permissions. Some services Shapenet offers include a mobile app, 24 hour door access, data conversion, and virtual fitness services. Shapenet has some unique features designed for fitness facilities including facial recognition and virtual club membership management. 


Clubready, which integrates with Brivo, aims to help you build your fitness business for the future. The software works hard to help you both grow your membership and retain existing members. Some features of the software include customized solutions according to studio type, a mobile app, and online scheduling. 


Clubworx integrates with Brivo and helps automate back-office tasks, allowing you and your employees to get out of the office and into the gym with members. The platform offers online contracts, sales management, and kiosk style self check-ins. Clubworx provides business insights that allow you to easily view your revenue, member numbers, and payments. 

How to Choose Fitness Management Software 

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There is no shortage of fitness management software available on the market today, and while most platforms offer relatively similar features, no two platforms are the same. Before making a decision, consider your budget and the needs of both you and your members. Once you eliminate software programs that are out of your budget and that don’t meet all of your needs, you’ll likely only be left with a couple well-suited options. 

From there, consider fitness management software that has features that stand out above and beyond the features you need. Also, think about what features might elevate the experience of both your members and employees. 

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