LA Metro Body Scanners for Commuters (2023 Updated)

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) took a significant step forward in its ongoing commitment to passenger safety and security.

LA Metro implemented a groundbreaking security initiative that would forever change how commuters experienced public transit.

In this article, we will delve into the details of these LA Metro body scanners, exploring their technology, purpose, and impact on the daily lives of Metro riders.

Everything About LA Metro Body Scanners

subway body scanners

The LA Metro Body Scanners revolutionized public transit security in Los Angeles. These advanced scanners employ millimeter wave technology to detect concealed threats without
releasing radiation.

They seamlessly integrate into Metro stations, enhancing passenger safety without disrupting their flow.

Collaborating with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), LA Metro strategically deployed these scanners to target security threats, focusing on mitigating potential risks.

Primary Functions

Detects Concealed Threats

The body scanner utilizes millimeter wave technology to identify metallic and non-metallic objects hidden beneath clothing, including weapons and potential explosives.

Improve Passenger Safety

By swiftly identifying suspicious items, the scanner provides a safer environment for all Metro riders.

Streamline Security Procedures

Unlike traditional airport security, LA Metro Body Scanners operate efficiently, allowing passengers to move through Metro stations without significant delays or inconvenience.

Target Security Threats

The primary objective is to mitigate security risks, particularly those associated with potential suicide bombers, thereby safeguarding public transit users.

The Technology Behind the LA Metro Body Scanners

Body Scanner

The LA Metro Body Scanners incorporate cutting-edge millimeter wave scanning technology to bolster security and safety within the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) system. 

These scanners emit millimeter wave frequencies that fall within the safe spectrum of electromagnetic waves, posing no harm to passengers. 

These devices detect disruptions in the naturally occurring body waves caused by concealed objects. The software responds by creating avatars with either darkened spots or colored indicators, all while avoiding radiation exposure or displaying anatomical details. 

This enables law enforcement and Metro Security to screen passengers without disruptions and take swift action when suspicious items are found. It is finely calibrated to detect metallic and non-metallic items concealed beneath clothing, such as weapons or explosives, ensuring comprehensive threat detection.

Seamless Security Design for Busy Passengers

At its core, this approach prioritizes safety by actively monitoring and mitigating potential threats, instilling confidence in passengers, and reducing the likelihood of security incidents and crime in Los Angeles

Importantly, it ensures efficiency and convenience, allowing commuters to navigate stations swiftly, free from lengthy security queues or invasive processes. 

LA Metro body scanners safeguard individual privacy, employing non-intrusive scanning methods that unveil concealed items while respecting personal boundaries. 

This delicate balance between robust security and passenger comfort enhances public confidence and streamlines transit operations [1], fostering trust and ensuring a safer, more seamless travel experience.

Collaborative Efforts with TSA

LA Metro Body Scanner

LA Metro has strategically partnered with the TSA [2] to ensure that the implementation of body scanners and other security measures aligns with national security standards and best practices.

This partnership involves rigorous testing and evaluation of various screening devices, focusing on selecting the most effective technology to safeguard passengers. The TSA’s security assessment expertise and dedication to improving transit safety make them a valuable collaborator in this endeavor.

Together, LA Metro and the TSA work towards a shared goal: to create a secure and efficient transit environment for the millions of commuters who rely on the Metro system daily.


What happens if the body scanner detects a suspicious item on a passenger?

When a suspicious item is detected on a passenger by the LA Metro Body Scanner, a series of coordinated procedures ensue to maintain passenger safety and address any potential security concerns. 

Upon detection, the passenger may undergo additional screening or assessment, which could involve physically inspecting the flagged area or further examining their belongings. 

Can passengers opt out of the scanning process?

Yes, passengers can opt out of the scanning process when using LA Metro Body Scanners. If passengers choose not to undergo scanning, they may decline and opt for an alternative security screening method. 

However, it’s essential to note that opting out may result in additional security measures or requirements, and in some cases, it may involve the passenger leaving the Metro station. 


The implementation of LA Metro Body Scanners has marked a significant milestone in enhancing security and safety within the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) system.

Since its inception, LA Metro Body Scanners have proven their capability to detect metallic and non-metallic concealed threats while upholding passengers’ privacy and convenience. 

Their non-intrusive millimeter wave technology has set a new standard for transit security, allowing for efficient and swift screening without compromising individual rights.



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