10+ Surprising Los Angeles Crime Statistics (2024)

Los Angeles, a sprawling city with diverse neighborhoods and communities, faces various crime and public safety challenges.

The city’s crime statistics are more than just numbers; they provide insights into the ongoing efforts to tackle different criminal activities, ranging from violent crimes to property thefts.

These statistics tell the crucial story of how effective law enforcement strategies are and where improvements are needed.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest crime data from Los Angeles to get a clearer picture of the current state of safety and security.

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Updated Los Angeles Crime Data Statistics & Trends

  • significant drop of 24% in homicides at the end of 2023, including those related to gang violence, highlights a promising shift towards curbing violent crime, with numbers plummeting to a two-year low of 145 in the first half from a staggering 402 murders in 2021.
  • However, the landscape of lawlessness saw a spike in property crimes, with a notable increase in ‘smash and grab’ incidents, mirroring a disturbing trend affecting the city’s aura of safety.
  • In comparison to cities like San Diego, the surge in auto parts burglary and crime in Los Angeles, with a worrying 6,970 incidents recorded in 2022, often involving gang members, highlights a unique challenge.
  • Downtown LA and South Los Angeles have emerged as significant areas of concern, with Downtown recording 17 murders and South Los Angeles experiencing a comparable surge in violent crimes at the end of 2023, outpacing other communities in the homicide count.
  • An overall uptick of 4.4% in arrests, leading to more offenders being sent to prison, showcased proactive law enforcement. Yet, the decline in individuals arrested for homicide and motor vehicle theft by 19% and 27%, respectively, spotlighted a changing law enforcement tableau.
  • The juxtaposition of a 15.6% increase in shooting victims at the end of 2023 against a 17.8% decrease in reports of shots fired from the same period last year presents a convoluted picture of gun violence.
  • While robberies dipped by 16.6% at the end of 2023 compared to 2019, an 11% uptick in firearm-involved robberies revealed a worrying mutation like such crimes.
  • The nearly 6% dip in hate crimes offered a sliver of hope, yet the increase in aggravated assaults is worrisome. The fact that firearms were featured in 75% of homicides during the initial half of 2023 underscored a tenacious issue of gun violence.
  • dramatic 48% plunge in murders from July 1 to Aug. 31 signposted a respite in violent crimes, marking the lowest figures since 2019 and painting a picture of a rapidly evolving crime scene during this timeframe.
Infographics on Updated Los Angeles Crime Data Statistics & Trends

Top 15 Latest Data On Los Angeles Crime Rate

1. Los Angeles is witnessing a noteworthy decline in violent crime in 2024, with homicides plummeting by 24% from 269 in the previous year to 2023 and a comforting reduction in rapes and robberies by 17% and 12% respectively. This trend paints a cautiously optimistic picture of the city’s battle against violence.

infographic regarding los angeles violence

2. Despite the good news on violent crimes, property crimes, spearheaded by robbery, are haunting Los Angeles, showing an upward curve compared to 2023, as per the recent COMPSTAT data from the Los Angeles Police Department. A deeper dive into the data reveals the following scenario:

Violent CrimeAugust 2023December 2023DifferenceFebruary 2024Difference
Personal/Other Theft192725466.192133-4.13
Aggravated Assaults15091361-1.481304-0.57
Motor Vehicle Theft21532071-0.822036-0.35

3. LAPD Chief Michel Moore and LA police Capt. Elaine Morales discerns a connection between the escalating violent crime and various societal issues like mental illness, the difficult climb in fentanyl use, and armed homeless individuals [1].

“LAPD links rising violent crime to societal challenges: mental illness, the alarming surge in fentanyl use, and armed homelessness.”

-Safe & Sound Security

4. Closer scrutiny reveals that motor vehicle theft is the major contributor to property crime figures [2]. However, initiatives in 2023, like overtime details and special task forces, have significantly slashed the numbers from nearly 45% to 28% within the first two months. It includes a reduction in minor offenses.

infographic about motor vehicle theft

5. Auto parts theft is racing to a record, with 6,970 incidents reported in 2022, reflecting a criminal focus shifting gears towards vehicular targets.

6. The last half of 2023 saw 1,374 reports of shots fired, marking a 17.8% fall from the 1,672 incidents reported during the same period last year, indicating a tapering of gunshot reverberations.

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7. A decline of 16.6% in robberies in the last half of 2023 compared to 2019 was reported, although a menacing 11% surge in firearm-involved robberies presents a new challenge.

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8. In a grim tally, the number of individuals shot soared by 15.6% in the first six months of 2023 compared to the same period four years ago. Downtown LA, having witnessed 17 individuals killed in the last half of 2023, is leading the morbid race. It creates a palpable sense of fear and highlights its status as the most dangerous community in the city.

“In the first six months of 2023, Downtown LA experienced a 15.6% rise in shooting victims compared to four years ago, marking it as the city’s most dangerous area.”

-Safe & Sound Security

NeighborhoodNumber of Homicides (Jan. 1–June 30, 2023)
Downtown LA17
Boyle Heights9
El Sereno5
Vermont Square5

9. There was a sigh of relief with over a 10% dip in violent crimes compared to 2022, alongside a modest 1% drop in property crime and a 4.4% rise in arrests, as per Police Department data.

infographic  about the decreasing violence in los angeles

10. Firearms continue to be the leading agents of fatalities, being involved in 75% of homicides in the last half of 2023, with knives or other sharp objects playing a lethal role in 11.6% of incidents.

11. The initial five months of 2023 saw a spike in both violent and property crimes, and while 2023 saw a drop in violent crime nearing 2021 levels, property crime continues to hover at the highest rates in the past three years.

“In the first five months of 2023, both violent and property crimes surged, but while violent crime in 2023 dropped close to 2021 levels, property crime remains at a three-year high.”

-Safe & Sound Security

12. A promising 48% dip in murders from July 1 to Aug. 31 was reported, with 60 murders during this period, marking the lowest figure since 2019, bringing a ray of hope in the fight against violent crime.


13. On the brighter side, hate crimes dipped by nearly 6% and homicides by over 27%, with a 17% reduction in shooting victims, although fatal traffic crashes revved up by almost 7%.

14. Arrests for robbery almost doubled from 2022 to 2023; however, homicide and motor vehicle theft waned by 19% and 27%, respectively, indicating a shifting enforcement focus.

infographic about robbery arrest

15. After the dark peak of 402 murders in 2021, a slight dip to 382 homicides in 2022 was noted. But 2023 heralds a significant turnaround, showcasing a 21.6% reduction in murders from 185 in the first half of 2022 to 145 in the same timeframe this year, hinting at a promising downward trajectory in violent crimes.


How does Los Angeles rank in crime?

Los Angeles has a diverse crime profile and fluctuating rates over the years. Its ranking in crime can vary depending on the type of crime and the area of the city in question.

It’s advisable to refer to the latest crime statistics from the Los Angeles Police Department or other reputable sources, like the Los Angeles Times, for the most accurate and current ranking.

What is the violent crime rate in Los Angeles, California?

As of the data available, the violent crime rate in Los Angeles has decreased, with a 10% reduction reported in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Stolen vehicles, theft, and burglary happen in different communities in Los Angeles. Police officers ask the residents and communities to stay vigilant despite the low violent crime rate in the area.

What is the safest city in Los Angeles County?

Cities like Glendale, Santa Clarita, or Palos Verdes Estates often rank as some of the safest cities in LA County based on low crime rates. The safest city in CA can vary based on personal experience and the latest crime statistics.

While the neighborhood’s violent crime rate is low, the officers encourage residents and visitors to stay vigilant. Los Angeles experiences theft, burglary, rapes, and other violent crimes.

Is LA safer than Chicago?

Crime rates can fluctuate yearly in both cities, and safety can be subjective based on personal experiences and specific locations within each city. It’s advisable to check the latest crime statistics for both cities to understand the safety profiles of the neighborhood.

What side of LA is safe?

Generally, the west side, including neighborhoods like West LA, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica, is considered safer than other areas. However, safety can vary significantly within neighborhoods.

Is it safe to walk in LA at night?

Safety can vary depending on the neighborhood and personal precautions taken. It’s always advisable to stay in well-lit, populated areas and to be aware of your surroundings.

Where in LA is safe at night?

Areas with lower crime rates, well-lit streets, and a higher presence of police force are generally safer at night. It’s advisable to check local crime maps and take personal safety precautions.

Is LA safer than the Bay Area?

Comparing the safety of different regions can be complex as it depends on various factors, including the type of crime, the specific areas within the regions, and the time considered.

It’s advisable to compare the latest crime statistics from reliable sources to compare violent crime rates more accurately.

Wrapping Up

The landscape of crime in Los Angeles, reflecting the city’s population size and diverse nature, has seen changes in recent years. With fluctuations in crime rates, including a notable variation in murder rates, the city faces its share of challenges.

These changes in crime trends over recent years indicate that while efforts are ongoing to reduce crime, particularly murder, and enhance safety, the reality remains complex and multifaceted. The safety of different neighborhoods can vary significantly, and the types of crimes, including the rates of murder, reported also show a wide range.

Keeping abreast of the latest crime statistics, being aware of the safer neighborhoods, and taking personal safety precautions are crucial for residents and visitors navigating the city safely.

Understanding the broader crime trends, including the dynamics of murder rates in recent years, as well as the efforts by law enforcement to combat crime, provides a more informed perspective on the city’s safety landscape.

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