Magnetic Door Lock Troubleshooting

Magnetic door locks are ideal for many businesses; they’re easy to install on a variety of door types, and they’re typically very durable. When a magnetic door won’t lock, however, you can run into a lot of problems securing access to your business. Depending on the issue, you could also run into problems where you become locked out of your own business. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a locksmith or security professional to do some basic troubleshooting on your magnetic door lock. In fact, it’s a good idea to know how to fix a maglock at least at a basic level. If you are able to troubleshoot the problem with your lock, you can take care of the problem yourself, and you won’t have to wait for somebody to come fix it for you. If you know a little bit about how to fix a lock, you might be able to save yourself a lot of money as well. 

Sometimes the fix is really quick and simple, and we’ll discuss some problem signs to look for as well as ways to fix a broken maglock. 

magnetic door lock wont work

Why Do Magnetic Door Locks Stop Working? 

There are a variety of reasons a maglock can stop working. They’re so inconspicuous and out of the way that it can be easy to forget that they are there. This means that you might not recognize that a problem is brewing until your door suddenly stops working. Like any other part of your building, magnetic door locks should receive regular maintenance to check for damage and to perform regular upkeep. 

Magnetic door locks are typically made of iron, aluminum, zinc, and/or copper, and they can be made of other metals as well. Within the magnet, there are also a lot of tiny working parts, including screws, hinges, and cabling. All of the components of the lock need to work together flawlessly for the lock to work, and if something goes wrong then you’ll have a failure with your magnetic lock. 

Some of the most common reasons a magnetic lock might stop working include improper use, weather, wear and tear, and infrequent maintenance. 

Mechanical Issues 

Mechanical issues with a magnetic lock can occur when the lock is worn out or misaligned. Over time, the door or the lock itself can shift, and if it’s not aligned correctly it will stop working. Other mechanical issues can include a misplaced strike plate and a warped door. The way the lock is mounted on the door can create issues as well. 

Sometimes, there can be debris, dust, or dirt that can interfere with the door working correctly as well. Other conditions that could affect the lock include dampness or extreme temperatures. 

If your magnetic lock is having a failure to lock problem, it’s often a problem with the hardware. This could be caused by many issues, but some common culprits include an incorrectly hung door, a warped door, and an incorrectly installed closer.  

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Electrical Issues 

Because magnetic locks use electricity to engage the magnet, many electrical issues can arise that can cause the lock to stop working. For example, the power supply might not be enough to keep the magnet engaged. Additionally, any issues with the software or equipment could cause a failure in the electrical system. 

It’s important to make sure your cables are working properly and are appropriate for the lock as well. Inferior or damaged cables can break, especially if they are too thin. And because maglocks need electricity to stay engaged, any power outage will cause the lock to stop working if you don’t have a backup power source. 

If your magnetic lock is having a failure to release problem, it’s often an electrical problem. 

Magnetic Door Lock Troubleshooting 

After you’ve examined possible mechanical and electrical issues, you may already know what you need to do to get your maglock up and running again. If you’re unable to figure out what’s wrong, try some of the following tips to get to the root of the problem: 

  • Check the cables on your lock. They should be thick enough to handle the power needed for the door. If they are thinner than .2 mm, replace them. You should also check them for any breakage or damage. This could cause an interruption to the power supply. 
  • Inspect the door and lock for any obvious problems, which could include dust or debris. Also, keep an eye out for wear or damage to the main parts of the door and hinges. 
  • Check the alignment of the magnetic lock to ensure everything is aligned properly. 
  • Check for oil residue. If you find any, the closer might need to be replaced. 
  • Check the closer for any damage and replace it if you find any. 
  • When you have a magnetic door lock, no power is a problem. Frequent power outages become an issue for some businesses. If this is the case for you, install a backup power source such as a battery or a generator. 
  • If the door is slamming shut or closing too quickly, adjust the screws.  

By working through the troubleshooting steps, you may be able to fix your magnetic door lock yourself without the need to wait for help, saving you both precious time and money.

troubleshooting magnetic door lock wont work

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