Magnetic Lock: The Top 5 Brands of 2023

When it comes to access control and building security, you have a lot of options for your business. Magnetic locks are one way you can choose to secure your buildings and protect your property. Rather than using a lock and key, this type of lock works with an access control system and keeps doors locked with the force of an electromagnet. They provide many advantages such as a strong holding force and a fail-safe locking system.  

Learn more about how magnetic locks work and which ones are the best in 2023. 

magnetic door lock

What is a Magnetic Lock and How Do Magnetic Door Locks Work? 

A magnetic door lock, also known as an electromagnetic lock, maglock, or magnetic door opener uses the force of a magnet to keep a door locked. The magnet is typically installed at the top of the door. Rather than having a bolt, magnetic locks have an electromagnet and an armature plate. The magnet uses electricity to create a magnetic field, which is what holds the door shut when it is locked. The magnet is so strong (often upwards of 1,000 pounds of holding force) that you can’t open the door when it’s locked. 

To engage or disengage the lock, then, you need to turn the power supply on or cut the power supply off respectively. You can then use an access control system to unlock the door with features such as a buzzer switch or a card reader. With many models, you can also lock or unlock the door remotely via an app. 

True magnetic locks are fail-safe, and they will stop working if the power is cut. This is often a great security measure because it means people can get out in the event of a fire or other event that cuts power to the building. In high-security areas, however, you can use a battery or other backup power supply to keep the door locked in the event of a power outage. 

A similar type of lock called an electric strike lock works much the same way as an electromagnetic lock. The biggest difference is that an electric strike lock is often a fail-secure lock rather than a fail-safe lock (although some electric strike locks are fail-safe). 

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The Top 5 Magnetic Lock Brands 

Before you choose the right magnetic lock for your building, think about why you need the lock as well as what types of doors you’ll be installing the lock on. Most brands offer many different categories of locks for different use cases, and there are different locks to choose from within each category. To make it easier to choose, think about what specifications you need before you begin shopping so you can easily eliminate any locks that don’t meet your needs. 

Here, we’ll review some of the top magnetic lock brands and give you an overview of what each brand has to offer. 

Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy sells magnetic locks that are well-suited for high-traffic areas, and they’re easy to install on glass doors. They can also be fixed on other surfaces including wood, aluminum, and steel. They offer locks in various categories and types, including recessed, weather resistant, 1200 pounds of holding force, single monitored, and double monitored. 

Features vary by model, but some features Assa Abloy offers across their various models include silent operation, self-alignment, instant release, dual voltage, and lifetime replacement. 

assa abloy magnetic door lock


Dormakaba sells magnetic locks that have up to 1,200 pounds of holding force. According to the brand, their locks are ideal for low-risk areas such as interior doors, rooms that require specific access, storage closets, and staffed areas. 

They offer various types of magnetic locks, including weather-resistant, single or double doors, sliding doors, delayed egress, and low profile for small areas such as a cabinet. Depending on the model you choose, some of the features you might find in a Dormakaba lock include low energy consumption, built-in surge protector, keyhole mounting, built-in time delay, lifetime limited warranty, and encoded armature plate to prevent break-ins.  

dormakaba magnetic door lock

Hanchett Entry Systems (HES)

Like other brands, Hanchett Entry Systems (HES) offers various types of magnetic locks for various use cases including fire-rated, cabinet lock, and slim. 

Some of the features the brand offers that vary by the model include windstorm rated, surface mounted, latch bolt monitor, tamper resistant, 1500 pounds of holding force, 1,000,000 cycle endurance, dual voltage, and a five-year limited warranty.

Hanchett Entry System


Allegion offers a wide portfolio of magnetic locks for various use cases, and their strongest lock has up to 3,000 pounds of holding force. Their locks can be used for various types of doors including double doors, sliding doors, and gates. 

Depending on the model you choose, various features are available including delayed egress, relocking time delay, magnetic bond sensor, low profile surface mount, built to handle salt spray and freezing temperatures, weather-resistant, slim profile, dual voltage, and monitoring options. 

Allegion Schlage Magnetic Door Lock


Trine uses much smaller electric strikes than many other magnetic lock companies. Their commercial locks are designed to last 500,000 life cycles, and they have 1,000 pounds of holding force. Many of their locks are fail-secure rather than fail-safe, which doesn’t make them true magnetic locks, but they’re still a great option for many businesses. 

Depending on the model you choose, you may have a buzzing or a silent lock. The various models can be used in wood or metal, they’re available in various finishes, and they can be used for new or replacement installations. 

trine magnetic door lock

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