Multi Tenant Building Security System Case Study: Opus One

Just The Facts:

Customer: Opus One multi tenant building

Challenge: Our task was to implement an access control and video intercom system tailored to the unique needs of multiple clients sharing the same building. It was essential to ensure that each tenant’s security remained uncompromised while facilitating seamless access management. Additionally, the building required a robust video surveillance system to enhance overall security measures.

Solution: To address the multifaceted security needs of the facility, a comprehensive solution was implemented. This included the integration of an IP-based video intercom system for guest access verification at the front door, alongside an extensive access control solution designed to restrict unauthorized entry into designated areas such as elevators and floors, with exceptions made only for the lobby. Additionally, a state-of-the-art video surveillance system was deployed, covering the entire premises from the garage to the roof. License plate readers were strategically placed in the garage to enhance security and facilitate efficient monitoring of vehicular traffic.

Results: The implementation of a comprehensive security system has ensured stringent access control measures within the multi-tenant building. Unauthorized entry is effectively restricted, bolstered by comprehensive video monitoring of all premises activities. Additionally, seamless integration of a video intercom system facilitates streamlined guest access, further enhancing overall security protocols.

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Customer Challenge

Opus One, a three-story multi tenant building, presents a unique set of challenges for access control and security management. The ground floor encompasses parking facilities and the main lobby, while the basement is designated for additional parking. Two distinct companies occupy the remaining floors.

Ensuring stringent access control is crucial. Employees must be granted access to designated areas such as the lobby and parking garage, while unauthorized entry to office spaces by individuals from other tenant companies must be prevented. Controlled access is also required for elevators, stairwells, and roof access points.

Employees require seamless access to the parking garage using their credentials, accessible via various entry points including the front door entrance, lobby, and rolling shutters. Adjacent retail spaces utilized by tenants also demand controlled access from both the garage and exterior.

The integration of a comprehensive video intercom system facilitates seamless guest communication with respective offices within the building. Upon verification via audio and video, tenants have the capability to remotely grant access to guests directly into the lobby.

To ensure comprehensive security coverage, the client necessitates video surveillance across the entire premises, including the roof and parking garage areas. Furthermore, the capturing of license plate information for vehicles entering the garage through designated roll-up doors is a key requirement. Remote accessibility to both access control and video surveillance systems is also essential for efficient monitoring and management.

Integrated Security Solution for Opus One

Safe and Sound Security designed and installed an integrated security system at Opus One that consisted of a video intercom setup, video surveillance with license plate recognition, and an access control system with card readers.

Opus One: Video Intercom System

The expert engineers at Safe and Sound Security settled on an IP-based video intercom system for Opus One. The video intercom system is an IX series system from Aiphone. The outdoor unit has a camera and microphone with four buttons. Opus One currently has only two tenants, but the video intercom can be scaled to serve up to four.

When a button on the outdoor unit of the video intercom is pressed, the system will ring up the station at the corresponding tenant. The tenant will receive the audio and video feed from the outdoor unit. The feed can be used to verify the guest who wants to gain entry to the lobby. If the guest is verified, the tenant can unlock the front door, granting them access to the lobby.

Access Control System at Opus One

The customer wanted controlled access to different areas of the building. These include,

  • Parking garage – Through various doors and rollup shutters.
  • Lobby
  • Elevators
  • Roof
  • Stairwell
  • Store area of tenant
  • Offices of tenants
  • Security control room

The access control system used to accomplish all this was the Brivo system, which can be remotely accessed and managed. HID card readers were used at access points throughout the building. The rollup shutters for the parking garages on the ground story and basement are from DKS DoorKing.

Access card readers were strategically installed at the entrances to the parking garage, facilitating seamless entry for employees. By presenting their badges to the reader, employees from any office within the building could gain access to the garage. Additionally, the parking garage provides entry points to various areas including the lobby, front door, stairwell, security room, and a designated tenant space.

Authorized personnel working within the building can access these areas by presenting a valid access card to the proximity card reader, except for the private tenant space. This specific area is accessible solely to employees of the respective tenant, restricted to entry from both the parking garage and exterior entrances.

The central access control system extends its reach to regulate elevator usage within the building. Each elevator is equipped with card readers, ensuring that only personnel possessing valid access cards can utilize elevator services. Furthermore, employees are restricted to accessing only the floor where their respective offices are located, with access to other floors being restricted.

All access systems within the building are orchestrated by the Brivo access control panel situated in the security room on the ground floor, conveniently positioned adjacent to the parking area. Access to this room is strictly limited to authorized security personnel. The control panel serves as the central hub, interconnected with all access points via electrical conduits meticulously integrated throughout the building. These conduits, seamlessly integrated with the building’s architecture, traverse through the elevator shafts, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the structure.

The control system housed within the security room is seamlessly integrated with cloud-based technology through internet connectivity. This integration empowers authorized personnel with the ability to remotely monitor, manage, and control access to the building, ensuring comprehensive security management.

Video Surveillance for Opus One

Safe and Sound Security equipped Opus One with security cameras on every floor, roof, and parking area on the ground floor and basement. All these cameras are connected to the security room on the ground floor through the conduit. The Network Video Recorder (NVR) for all the cameras is in the security room. NVR is also connected to the internet for remote viewing using the cloud-based system. All the security cameras, NVRs, license plate recognition systems, and cloud video surveillance are from Eagle Eye Networks.

Two security cameras are placed at the entrance of the two rolling shutters to the parking areas on the ground floor and basement. These cameras are equipped with license plate recognition so that all the vehicles that come in and go out of the garage are recorded. More cameras are located for surveillance in the parking areas, lobby, office areas, rooftop, and exterior of the building. Engineers at Safe and Sound Security ensured that every corner in and around the building is recorded and can be remotely monitored at all times.


The Opus One project presented unique challenges, requiring a delicate balance between granting access to shared spaces for personnel from multiple tenants while restricting entry to designated areas. Furthermore, seamless integration with the video intercom and surveillance systems was imperative.

Safe and Sound Security’s team of engineers demonstrated exceptional expertise in conceptualizing and implementing a comprehensive integrated system tailored to the specific needs of Opus One. The meticulously designed system not only facilitates seamless access control but also ensures robust surveillance and intercom functionalities.

With the capability for remote control and management, the system offers unparalleled convenience for building owners and security personnel alike, empowering them with efficient oversight and control over the security infrastructure.

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