The 3 Best Office Alarm Systems of 2023

Alarm systems are getting smarter and smarter, increasing physical security while making access and monitoring easier and more intuitive than ever. We’ll take a look at our three best office alarm systems of 2023 that will make your business more safe and sound than ever before.

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1. Qolsys Alarm System

The meaning behind the name “Qolsys” is “quality of life system,” and this company certainly delivers with its well-thought-out office burglar alarm system.

Qolsys offers a range of high-utility sensors, from door and window alarms to motion and break glass detectors, along with an innovative “tilt” sensor that can tell the user if an overhead door is open or closed. 

Another fun feature from Qolsys is its car-key-fob-shaped deactivation button, which uses an encrypted signal to turn the alarm system on or off with the discreet click of a button.

The focal point of a Qolsys Alarm System is its IQ Panel, a tablet-sized system hub that has a myriad of functionalities:

  • Arm/disarm alarm system
  • Access and monitor video footage and sensor info
  • 2-way audio
  • Bluetooth-enabled for mobile device app
  • Can sync with any device and Z-wave smart devices
  • Touchless disarming when connected device is in range
  • Encrypted cloud connectivity
  • Glass break detection thanks to sensitive microphones

Qolsys is one of the best office alarm systems for companies that utilize IoT devices (such as smart thermostats and lights) as well as those that value a streamlined modern aesthetic. It’s a true workhorse of a system that also happens to look great and feature intuitive controls.

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2. DSC Alarm System

DSC has specialized in office alarm systems for years, and offers a full suite of panels, keypads, modules, sensors, and accessories to address security challenges at any site and in any setting. DSC devices are easy to add to existing systems and are very durable.

Environmental sensors from DSC include smoke, flood, and carbon monoxide, and it offers both touchscreen and traditional control pads, as well as wired and wireless capabilities. 

DSC devices can be paired with smart security devices to provide:

  • Remote access
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Environmental sensor alerts
  • Real-time access alerts

More than just the ability to view your office’s alarm system on your smartphone, DSC + make it easy to protect and monitor multiple physical locations from one digital dashboard–ideal for business owners with more than one office, storefront, or warehouse.

DSC alarm systems have the widest range of compatible devices and can be integrated with literally thousands of security devices, which makes it one of best scalable alarm systems, and perfect for large offices that need a wide variety of sensor types. DSC is a great solution for businesses that are seeking a system upgrade with some new key components without replacing their entire system.

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3. Verkada Alarm system

Verkada Alarm is a three-in-one business alarm system: software, hardware, and monitoring. The goal is to detect and respond to intrusions and other threats in real-time using video cameras, advanced analytics, and live monitoring.

Verkada has designed a camera-based system for areas where door, window, and motion sensors can’t reach, like outdoors or areas with a lot of movement and people. The cameras used in this system are customized for each physical setting, but include panoramic cameras for full- outdoor field of vision.

Advanced video analytics are what make Verkada so useful. When a site is armed, AI-enhanced software is activated to watch for human figures and motion. If it spots any–from someone walking by the office door or someone trying to break into the door–it sends that video to a human monitoring agent. The agent then reviews the footage for one of two results:

  • Confirm that there is a threat
  • Alert emergency services
  • Reach out to contact list 
  • Verify that there is no threat
  • Dismiss the incident

For commercial settings where sensors can and do play a major part of building security, Verkada Alarm also offers a complete suite of door entry and environmental sensors that pair seamlessly with Verkada cameras. This means that any sensor on the network that is triggered can be video verified as well, eliminating false alarms.

Like Qolsys, Verkada Alarms also features a feature-rich control hub: the Alarm Console. From here, users can arm and disarm the system as well as access cameras and two-way speakers to speak with visitors or to talk-down intruders.

The Console also has live feeds from cameras, video playback, device status, and a panic button for emergencies.

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What to look for in an office alarm system

Ease of use

You could have the most expensive alarm system on the market, and it won’t be much use if you find it difficult to use. At minimum, an alarm system should be easy to activate, arm, and deactivate, though the newest generation of smart alarms include real-time monitoring and sensor integration.

A well-designed office alarm system will have a user interface that is clearly laid out and not confusing. Today’s touchscreen-style control hubs have an advantage over old-school keypad systems in this regard, with clear layouts and easy-to-follow organization.

Cover all YOUR bases

The best alarm system for you will have components that address your security concerns. Worried about unauthorized entry through ground-floor windows? Get some sensors that can tell you if the window is open or if the glass is broken. Does your office have a back door that always gets forgotten and left open? Give it a sensor and a security reminder of its own using a smart alarm console. 

Whatever system you pick, make sure that the configuration you select has the hardware and software it needs to work for you. 

Integrate and Scale

Whether you’re just adding sensors to your existing camera network, or installing cameras to monitor your office space after-hours, you want an office alarm system that is flexible enough to be adapted and expanded. 

Your immediate security needs are most important, but make sure to spend some time thinking about what the future might hold for your business and how that may impact your security system, and incorporate that into your selection. Choosing alarm systems that can sync with a wide variety of devices is great futureproofing.

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