How Do Open Door Sensors and Window Sensors Work and Which Ones Are the Best?

Open door sensors and window sensors are great additions to any security system you have for your business. They are small devices you install on your doors and windows that alert you if the doors or windows open. Not all sensors are created equal, so here, we’ll take a look at what makes a good commercial door alarm sensor as well as which door and window sensors are the best. 

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What Are Door Opening Sensors and Window Sensors? 

There are different types of door opening sensors and window sensors, but they all work very similarly. You install the sensors on your doors and windows and when the sensors are intact, no alarm or security event is triggered. If the sensors come apart, that tells the sensor that a door or window has been opened and an alarm goes off. A door or window opening event can also trigger a security camera to start recording, and it can send an alert to your phone. 

If you need to prioritize sensor placement due to budget, place door and window sensors at all entrances and all ground-floor windows. Ideally, you should have window sensors on every window if it’s within your budget. In most cases, the sensors are installed right next to each other on the door or window frame and the door or window. For windows that don’t open, you can opt to install glass break sensors. 

Some sensors work by using magnets and a switch. If the magnet moves, the switch moves out of a set area, and this causes an alarm or alert to go off. Another way contact sensors work is by a simple break in contact between the two sensors. When they lose contact, the alarm goes off. 

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What Makes a Good Open Door Sensor and Window Sensor? 

There are various components and features of sensors that make some stand out above the rest. Of course, any door or window sensor should be reliable and should have a very limited number of false alarms. You need to be able to trust that your sensor is going to accurately alert you of security events. 

It’s ideal if a door opening sensor works with a professional monitoring system so any events can be acted upon immediately. They should also integrate with other components of your access control and security system. For example, a good sensor should integrate with security cameras so you can see what’s going on when an event happens. When your system works well together, you can view statistics and history. When you integrate your sensors with a system that has remote monitoring, you can also remotely secure, disarm, or view events. 

Wireless sensors should have a long range so they can reach a central hub without a break in connection. They should also have a long battery life, ensuring your building will be protected for a long time without the need for frequent battery changes. This also helps reduce the chance of your battery unknowingly dying. 

Of course, a hallmark of a good sensor is that it has a very loud siren. Loud sirens often take care of the problem before police or any other presence appears on the scene. They scare criminals away, and they can alert nearby people that something is wrong as well. 

Best Door Monitoring System 

Here at Safe and Sound Security, there are two door and window sensor systems that we use and trust: DSC PowerG Sensors and Verkada Door Sensors. Learn more about each below and find out why we think they’re the best. 

DSC PowerG Sensors 

DSC PowerG Sensors are very thin and sleek. They’re also built to fit almost any type of door and window, so you won’t have to worry about customization or trying to find different sensors for different types of doors and windows. 

The sensors are fully encrypted to prevent hacking, which is incredibly important especially if your business is prone to security threats. The devices are also wireless and have safeguards in place to help prevent false alarms. The wireless capabilities of the sensors are long-range which is ideal for larger buildings. 

When you sync your sensors with a security system, they can offer mobile alerts and monitoring. They can also be professionally monitored. 

The battery on DSC PowerG Sensors can last up to seven years, but it lasts three years with typical use. Mounted with double-sided tape, the sensors are easy to mount and move when necessary. They’re also available in white or brown, so you can choose a color that will go best with the aesthetic of your doors and windows. 

DSC PowerG Sensor

Verkada Door Sensors

Verkada Door Sensors work with cloud-based management, so you can sync them with a larger security system. They also offer mobile alerts and can be professionally monitored. 

The sensors are wireless and have batteries that can last up to ten years. On the sensor, you’ll find LED indicator lights that illuminate for test mode and low battery. To be extra confident in the mounting of your sensors, you can mount them with screws or adhesive. 

The wireless range is up to 1,000 feet with a line of sight, so you can secure a large building. The central hub that the sensors connect to can accept up to 60 sensors, which should match well with the wireless range.

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