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motion detector

How Motion Detectors Work

A staple of spy films and heist movies, motion detectors are just as commonly found as an integrated part of a security system as they are a convenient plot device. From energy-saving to alarm triggering, motion detectors can pick up objects passing through their environment and send a signal, either

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server based vs cloud based access control

Cloud Based Access Control vs Server Based Access Control

Cloud technology has changed the way we look at databases and file systems, even in the security industry. Traditional access control systems rely on local servers to manage your database and open your doors – but what if you didn’t need to spend so much time and effort installing and

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Pincode and Intercom System

5 Security System Tips Every Property Manager Should Know

As a property manager, you’re responsible for the security and safety of your tenants. Whether you lease apartments, offices, warehouses, stores, or homes, you’ll need a comprehensive commercial security system for each building you take care of. That means access control, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems to cover the problems

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Plastic key card prox access control

The 4 Types of Key Card Entry Systems

Controlling access to your building is one of the most critical components to commercial security today. Surveillance cameras will only get you so far – at some point, you’ll need an access control system to lock and unlock your doors when your employees need to get in and out. When

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What’s an IP Rating?

Outdoor security cameras are always labelled with something like “IP66”. What is it, and what does it mean? Those numbers are called an IP rating, although they’ve got nothing to do with the Internet. It’s a two-digit durability code that tells you how much punishment your outdoor surveillance cameras can

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retail security system

Retail Video Analytics: 3 Ways It Improves a Store’s Bottom Line

Retail security systems face a number of unique challenges to protect your business, theft and loss prevention chief among them. Retail Video Analytics can help solve these problems and provide additional benefits, as well. Commercial video analytics are quickly becoming a necessary part of retail business, both for security and

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building construction

4 Security Tips Every Construction Manager Needs To Know

Construction site security is based around two problems: theft and vandalism. There’s a lot of expensive, specialized equipment lying around your job site, and it’s not locked up it faces the very real danger of walking away with someone who shouldn’t be there. If you don’t want to hire security

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Avigilon Surveillance Software

Total Security Solutions with Avigilon

Many security companies focus on a single part of your security system. Often, that means your commercial security and surveillance network is made up of sensors and cameras from different manufacturers. Integrating them – or even just getting them to play nice together – can be a daunting task. That’s

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Do You Need A VMS for CCTV?

Commercial security systems rely on many moving parts to protect your business, and more often than not they revolve around your surveillance cameras. Security cameras provide the most real-time data for security, so how you manage your cameras influences how you treat security as a whole. Video Management Systems (VMS)

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video verification vs video monitoring

Video Verification vs Video Monitoring

Commercial security systems are increasingly reliant on the advances in surveillance camera software to protect businesses and warehouses. Cameras provide more real-time data and analysis than door and window sensors, and when paired with card or fingerprint readers they become a powerful part of access control. They’re only effective as

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