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Pincode and Intercom System

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Install a Wireless Intercom System

As California’s fastest-growing local security company, we get a lot of calls from prospective customers looking for specific products, installations, or custom services. While we certainly welcome those calls, we do get some slightly more problematic ones. Specifically, we get a remarkable number of people inquiring about installing a wireless intercom system in their home or business. The trouble is, a wireless intercom system isn’t really what most people are expecting, so we decided to put this blog post together to clear up a few common misconceptions.

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A Brief History of Video Surveillance

Video surveillance seems like such a modern concept. When we think of CCTV security footage, most of us have an image from the 80s or 90s of a black-and-white, grainy video feed, crested by the occasional refresh-rate artifact. And anyway, it can’t be that old, right? Weren’t personal video recorders, the giant black boxes we all remember from our childhood vacations to the Grand Canyon, a firmly 80s technology?

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5 Tips for Business Security Systems

Your business is your livelihood. You wouldn’t take a chance and walk away from an open flame, or leave the front door unlocked, so why would you take a chance on a cut-rate business security system? Your business deserves the best possible protection, with guaranteed installation and service, and industry-leading customer satisfaction. To those ends, we’ve put together this list of 5 things that your business security system needs, in order to ensure your commercial assets stay safe, sound, and secure.

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