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How to Troubleshoot Your Security System

It's an unfortunate fact of life that no matter how hard you try, something will eventually go wrong. When that thing happens to be your security system, you're suddenly vulnerable to every threat that system protected you against. Whether your entire server fizzled out or...

Camera Lens Cut in Half

How Camera Lenses Work

When you use a camera today, you're using an incredibly complex system to record a scene. Whether you're a security professional looking for the best way to keep tabs on a building or a photographer wanting to capture a beautiful scene, you rely on your...

panic button

An Introduction to Panic Buttons

Commercial burglar alarms are critical to preventing theft and vandalism after hours. But what about during the day, when your doors are open to the public? Anything from a disruptive nuisance to a serious threat could walk into your lobby at any time, and they won't...