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smoke detector

How Smoke Detectors Work

Security systems aren't just about preventing intrusions, theft, or other malicious behavior. Your residential and commercial alarm systems are also designed to alert you to accidents and other natural problems. Smoke detectors are a critical early-warning system to protect you from fires, whether they're just...

motion detector

How Motion Detectors Work

A staple of spy films and heist movies, motion detectors are just as commonly found as an integrated part of a security system as they are a convenient plot device. From energy-saving to alarm triggering, motion detectors can pick up objects passing through their environment...

Pincode and Intercom System

Security Systems for Property Managers

As a property manager, you're responsible for the security and safety of your tenants. Whether you lease apartments, offices, warehouses, stores, or homes, you'll need a comprehensive commercial security system for each building you take care of. That means access control, surveillance cameras, and alarm...

electric cylindrical lock

Electronic Door Locks

An electronic door lock is a critical part of your commercial access control system. Your card readers or fingerprint scanners aren't worth much if your doors don't unlock when your credentials are approved. Your locks need to be wired into your entry system so you...