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Security Cameras or Burglar Alarms?

Choosing Your Security System There are many different ways to keep your home or business secure, and deciding what type of system you need can be difficult. Do you need closed-circuit security cameras, glass break sensors, door locks, or window alarms? Do you want it hard-wired...

Planning Your Security System

The Essentials of a Business Security System

No matter what kind of business you’re in, there are a few essential qualities that every business security system should have. If your system hasn’t got every feature covered, it might be time for an overhaul.     Alarms and Sensors A burglar alarm system should obviously be one...

Office Security Systems

Threats to Commercial Security Systems

While all business security systems are unique, they face the same basic security risks. If your business isn’t protected against these threats, you probably need to overhaul your commercial security system or get a new security provider.     Theft Any good business turns a profit, which depends on...

security apps

The Best Home Security Apps

Want to access your home security system remotely? There's an app for that! The rise in mobile technology has driven substantial growth in the security system industry. In terms of raw computing power, the mid-range smartphone of 2017 far outpaces the previous year’s flagship model. Mobile...