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Pincode and Intercom System

Picking The Right Intercom System

As California’s fastest-growing local security company, we get a lot of calls from prospective customers looking for specific products, installations, or custom services. While we certainly welcome those calls, we do get some slightly more problematic ones. Specifically, we get a remarkable number of people...

Hikvision camera

Types of Security Cameras

When you’re installing a video surveillance system, no matter what your network configuration the choice of exactly which type of camera you choose will have a tremendous impact. Each of these cameras has its own strengths and weaknesses, its own benefits and detractions, so it’s imperative...

5 Tips for Business Security Systems

Your business is your livelihood. You wouldn’t take a chance and walk away from an open flame, or leave the front door unlocked, so why would you take a chance on a cut-rate business security system? Your business deserves the best possible protection, with guaranteed...