Parking Lot Security System Case Study: EVgo

Just The Facts:

Customer: EVgo’s electrical vehicle charging parking lot in San Francisco for Cruise, self-driving car fleet.

Challenge: Implement vehicle gate access control and tracking using car RFID tags. Use security cameras and license plate readers for video surveillance of the EV charging parking lot.

Solution: Verkada access control and long-range RFID readers grant access to authorized vehicles. A Verkada video surveillance system and an LPR camera are used for surveillance. Bluetooth-enabled pedestrian gates grant entry for authorized personnel. Cellular router and Verkada cloud transmit and store all data.

Results: A completely secure charging station with easy access and exit for cars with authorized RFID tags. Full parking lot coverage with security cameras and license plate capture with an LPR camera. All data in the Verkada cloud is accessible remotely at any time.

Customer Challenge

EVgo, a network of fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), built a charging station exclusively for Cruise’s electric self-driving cars. The charging station is fenced all around with a wide gate for vehicles to enter and exit. It also has two pedestrian gates for personnel to enter and exit.

Cruise’s self-driving cars have RFID tags, which must be used for authorization at the gate. Each car’s entry and exit events must be tracked and logged, which can be accessed remotely. The license plates of the cars that enter the premises also need to be captured and stored, which can also be accessed remotely. 

The pedestrian gates should grant access to authorized personnel without using any other authorization token than a smartphone. The charging lot also needs to be monitored by security cameras. The camera feed should be accessible remotely.

State of the Art Security for EVgo Charging Station

Engineers at Safe and Sound Security designed and installed access control systems and video surveillance with LPR cameras to satisfy all the client’s requirements.

RFID Gate Access Control for EVgo Charging Station

The vehicle gate is fitted with a long-range RFID reader. When a Cruise car pulls up to the gate, the reader detects the car’s RFID tag. If the tag passes authorization, the gate opens, and the car can find a charging spot and head out through the same gate.

The access control system and RFID readers are from Verkada. The Verkada controller, housed in the security panel, controls the gates’ operations. All the data regarding vehicle entry and exit is sent to the Verkada cloud for storage and remote access.

EVgo Charging Station with Bluetooth Pedestrian Gates

The two pedestrian gates to the EVgo charging station are fitted with Bluetooth readers. Authorized personnel with the paired smartphone can walk up to the pedestrian gate, which unlocks automatically. The smartphone can be in the person’s pocket or bag. As long as the smartphone is within the range of the Bluetooth reader fitted on the pedestrian gates, the authorized individual can gain access with hands-free Bluetooth technology.

Verkada Security Cameras for EVgo Charging Station

The parking lot has three poles on which Verkada security cameras are mounted. The cameras used are dome-shaped, PoE (power over ethernet) security cameras from Verkada. These cameras have smart analytics built into them for detecting people and vehicles. 

Virtual trip lines are set for the perimeter of the charging station using the associated software. If a person or vehicle gains unauthorized entry into the premises during non-business hours, the intruder can be warned remotely using the talk-down speaker and megaphone fitted with the security cameras. Law enforcement can be alerted if the intruder does not vacate the premises.

A License Plate Reader (LPR) camera is pointed at the vehicle entry gate. It captures and stores the registration plates of the cars that enter the charging lot and catalog them in the Verkada cloud. All the video feeds from other cameras are also transmitted to the Verkada cloud for storage and remote viewing. 

Ancillary Components

The access controllers are housed in the two security panels on the premises. The security panels also house the PoE switches for the cameras and a Cradlepoint cellular router. This router transmits all the data from the cameras and access control system to the Verkada cloud. All the wiring to and from the security panels, cameras, and gates is laid underground through conduits for clean and obstruction-free premises.


EVgo had specific requirements for Cruise’s charging station in San Francisco. The access control systems needed to work with car RFID tags and required hands-free access through pedestrian gates. The client also required complete video surveillance of the premises with an LPR camera and remote access. Expert engineers and technicians at Safe and Sound Security were able to meticulously design a custom solution for EVgo and install it according to the approved design. The complete system is automatic, hands-free, and remote access, offering incredible convenience and security for staff and visitors.

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