Restaurant Surveillance System Case Study: Pho

Just The Facts:

Customer: Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant in San Rafael, CA.

Challenge: Install high-quality video surveillance cameras suitable for a restaurant environment with remote viewing for safety, security, and video playback capabilities.

Solution: Hikvision turret cameras were installed with Network Video Recorder (NVR) for remote viewing.

Results: A complete security camera system for a restaurant with remote viewing gave the client peace of mind and ensured employee and customer safety.

Customer Challenge

Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant in San Rafael, wanted a high-quality security camera system to monitor the restaurant’s exterior, dining area, and kitchen. Since the kitchen area would produce lots of steam and the room would have flames that might blur the lens on the cameras, an appropriate camera system was required.

The restaurant owner preferred not to have a monitor installed inside the facility for the security camera system initially, but requested the option to add one later if needed. Remote viewing capabilities were essential for monitoring the restaurant via smartphone or laptop. Additionally, to preserve the restaurant’s aesthetics, the client sought to avoid the need for visible conduits when installing the security camera system.


Restaurant Security Checklist

This checklist includes various safety aspects, technology, and protocols.

Networked Security Cameras for Pho

Considering the restaurant’s specific requirements, the engineers at Safe and Sound Security zeroed in on 4-MP turret cameras from Hikvision to secure the restaurant. The advantage of turret cameras over dome cameras is that the steam and smoke in the restaurant kitchen will not cloud the cameras.

The Hikvision cameras deployed at Pho are equipped with infrared sensors, providing exceptional night vision capabilities. Notably, these cameras are designed to withstand vandalism, ensuring durability even under significant shock, such as impact from a baseball bat, without compromising functionality.

The Hikvision cameras chosen for Pho provide robust construction, longevity, and image quality at an affordable price, making them ideal for small businesses.

The network video recorder (NVR) for remote viewing was installed in the restaurant’s storage area. The client did not require a monitor with the NVR, as he intends to monitor the security footage using his phone or laptop. However, the NVR still allows the installation of a monitor in case future requirements arise.

The camera system’s cables are discreetly routed through the facility’s false ceiling, eliminating the need for visible conduits. By carefully threading the cables from the cameras to the NVR without conduits, the installation seamlessly integrates with the surroundings, preserving the facility’s aesthetics while ensuring effective security camera coverage.


Pho wanted a modern, secure CCTV system to monitor the restaurant facility with remote viewing capability. The security cameras needed to withstand the steam and smoke in the kitchen and required night vision capability. The camera system also needed to be installed without conduits to maintain the restaurant’s aesthetic appeal.

The engineers at Safe and Sound Security meticulously designed and installed the CCTV system, surpassing the client’s expectations. With the new system in place, the client gained reassurance, confident that their restaurant premises, assets, employees, and customers would be safeguarded by the surveillance cameras.


Restaurant Security Checklist

This checklist includes various safety aspects, technology, and protocols.

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