The Best RFID Card Copiers of 2023

Radio frequency identification (RFID) cards, tags, and key fobs are used very commonly as a means of access control. Many businesses supply them to employees and customers. You’ll often find them as keys to apartment complexes and hotel rooms as well. If you have an RFID card, it’s good to know how the card works. After learning some simple information about the card, you can even learn how to make copies of your card. 

Copying an RFID card can be a relatively straightforward process with the right equipment. Here, you’ll learn about what RFID card copiers are, how they work, and which RFID card duplicator you should buy. 

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What Is an RFID Key Card Copier? 

An RFID card uses radio frequency waves in key fobs or key cards to transfer data and grant access to buildings or other areas that use access control. An RFID card includes an antenna and an integrated circuit (IC); these components work together to communicate information that confirms your identity and grants you access to a door. An RFID card duplicator takes the information on one card or key fob and writes it to a new card, fob, or tag. 

It’s important to note that criminals sometimes use an RFID copyer to make unauthorized copies of keys, which we don’t condone. If you want to make an extra copy of your key for your apartment building or your office, for example, be sure to request permission first and explain why you want an extra copy. It’s important from a security standpoint for building owners and administrators to know how many copies of keys are floating around out there.  

How Does an RFID Card Copier Work? 

RFID copiers work by copying the data on your card and writing it to a new card, key fob, or tag. In the most simple cases, they work by simply pressing one button to read the data on the original RFID card and then pressing another button to write the data on the new device.  

To duplicate a 125khz EM4100 card or fob, the process is pretty easy. First, hold the original card up to the copier, then push the read button. When you do this, you’ll hear an audible beep. Next, hold the empty card, fob, or tag up to the copier and press the write button. That’s it; after this step, the card should be ready to go, and the data on the new card will be identical to the data on the original card.  

It’s more difficult to duplicate a 13.56 MHz card, which is what most HID cards are. These cards are a higher frequency and need to send more bits per second. They are also inherently more secure than lower-frequency cards. To duplicate one of these cards, you’ll need additional equipment, and you’ll also have to use a computer. 

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Where To Buy an RFID Card Duplicator

You can easily buy an RFID card copier from online retailers like Amazon or eBay. When you’re searching for products, you might see them labeled RFID key fob duplicator, RFID card duplicator, card cloner, or key card maker. You can also check out our list below of some of the best key card copiers. 

Before buying, be sure to look at the frequency of your key card. Fobs, cards, or tags that run at higher frequencies are usually more complicated to copy than those at lower frequencies. For these cards, you might need additional equipment beyond a straightforward copier. It’s also important to look at the brand or manufacturer of your key card and make sure it’s compatible with the RFID card duplicator you’re looking to buy. 

Basic copiers for lower-frequency cards are relatively inexpensive, and some are as low as $10. Higher frequency copiers will cost more money because copying the card is more complicated. 

The Best RFID Copier of 2023

Keysy RFID Duplicator

The Keysy RFID Duplicator can copy up to four key fobs or key cards onto one Keysy remote. This is convenient if you have multiple cards that you’re constantly switching between; this remote can streamline everything for you. Note that you can only duplicate onto a Keysy branded fob or card, so make sure you check with your security or building administrator before purchasing this duplicator. There may be restrictions regarding what a duplicated fob or card can look like. This copier is for 125 kHz cards. 

MM Electronicles Handheld RFID ID Card Copier

This copier is simple and easy to understand, and it comes with five key tags you can copy onto. Unlike Keysy, you can only put one card or tag onto each duplicated tag. This is a great inexpensive option if you anticipate needing to make a lot of key tag duplicates or if you just want a simple and straightforward option. This copier is for 125 kHz cards. 


Use the ACR1252U USB NFC Reader III to copy 13.56 MHz cards. It can read and write more encrypted RFID cards. In addition, it has two other modes: peer-to-peer mode and card emulation mode. The reader also supports post-deployment firmware upgrades, meaning you won’t need to modify the hardware. 

MIFARE Classic Tool 

If you have an Android phone, you’re in luck. You can copy your high-frequency 13.56 MHz MIFARE RFID card directly from your phone. This app allows you to read and write RFID cards, just make sure you have NFC enabled on your phone first.

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