School Security Statistics & Data (2024 Updated)

Schools use various methods to ensure the safety and security of their students, faculty, staff, and visitors. These procedures are in place to deter violence and unnecessary situations using integrated modern technology. 

According to the State of Safety report, 76% of Americans use security measures to protect their homes. Nearly 100% of the schools use at least one security camera to maintain security. 

Let’s review some school security camera statistics to understand how educational facilities deal with security issues.

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How Do Schools Ensure Safety and Security?

Schools and learning institutions monitor gates and entry/exit points to control or limit entry to school campuses and connected grounds. This measure, coupled with the use of metal detectors, helps to restrict the behavior of students and visitors. 

Schools must understand and work to prevent mishaps and keep students safe on the premises to demonstrate compliance with crime and safety standards. This is critical for educational facilities to maintain regular attendance and student/parent satisfaction. 

Furthermore, schools also use security technologies such as intercom and alarm systems, panic and silent alarms, CCTV recording, and video surveillance.

Based on research, more than 80% of public schools and more than 95% of high schools in the United States used security cameras to monitor schools. This shows double use of security cameras in schools.

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Crime Rate in Schools in the US

Since 2022, public schools across the nation reported various incidents of criminal activity. According to surveys, approximately 35.8% of these schools documented instances of vandalism. 

Additionally, 20.2% reported incidents of theft, while 4.2% recorded cases of robbery, whether with or without the use of a weapon. These justice statistics shed light on the challenges faced by educational institutions in maintaining a safe and secure environment for students and school staff.

What Percentage of Schools Have Controlled Access to Buildings?

The first and foremost need for school security is at the entrance and exit points. If these areas are not secure, anyone can enter the school building and exit doors. 

These monitored doors also have random metal detector checks and locker checks for illegal resources since there have been rising stats on school shootings and other crimes in the previous years.  

In the most recent National Center for Education Statistics, 97.1% have controlling access during school hours on buildings, 58.9% on grounds, and 98.1% on classrooms for security measures. 

Public primary schools (97.5%) and public middle schools (94.7%) reportedly have higher controlled access to school buildings than public schools (91.4%).

How Many Schools Have Security Cameras?

When discussing school security, a critical factor relates to the number of schools with security cameras. Considering the growing safety and security needs issues today, almost 100% of schools have at least one security camera. However, the use of security cameras depends on the location and population of the school. 

According to school security camera stats, 77.9% of elementary schools, 91.5% of junior schools, and 93.6% of high schools use security cameras. 86% of students reported using one or more school security cameras.

Which Schools Have a Higher Number of Security Cameras?

The security cameras in schools stats show that high schools have a higher number of security cameras – 93.6%. 

Elementary schools, on the other hand, have the lowest percent of security cameras compared to middle and high schools.

What Percent of Schools Require Teachers to Wear IDs or Badges?

The most recent stats show that 76.8% of faculty and school staff are required to wear badges or picture identification. 75.6% of primary schools require faculty to wear IDs and badges for security measures. 

Additionally, 69.3% of middle and 63.5% of high schools require teachers and staff to wear IDs or badges. Briefly, a higher percentage of primary schools require students to wear uniforms. 

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What Percentage of Schools Require Students to Wear IDs or Badges?

The stats of schools requiring students to wear IDs or badges are a sharp contrast to that of teachers. 

According to the figures, 6.0% of primary schools, 13.2% of secondary schools, and 17.6% of high school students wear badges and a picture identification.

How Do Parents Today Feel About School Safety?

89% of parents attended general meetings held by schools, and 79% attended school or class events. Parents are significantly involved in updating and progressing school safety and security.

Almost half of parents in the U.S., around 44%, are more worried about their children’s safety and security at school than they’ve been in over 20 years. 

They are educating themselves more about the safety and security of schools and their children’s learning environment. According to the School Shooting Violence National survey, six out of ten parents are worried about their child’s safety and security in schools.

Education Statistics on Surveillance Cameras 

Only 19% of public schools reported using security cameras. It significantly increased over the years. 81% of the public schools reported using surveillance cameras inside the school property. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, from 2020 to the present, 91.1% to 100% of schools use security cameras to monitor the school environment. 

What Is the Percentage of Security Cameras in Rural Areas and Cities?

Schools in cities have reported a higher percentage of use of security cameras. Security camera statistics show that 96% of all schools in cities use security cameras to enhance the safety of children. 

Furthermore, 84% of the schools in rural areas reported using security cameras. Schools in rural areas use less security cameras than schools in cities. 

NCES states that 17% of city schools reported at least one serious violent school crime. In comparison, 8% of the rural schools and 5% of schools in towns reported some serious violent school crime and safety. Schools in cities are twice as likely to report serious crimes as those in rural areas.

What Percentage of Schools Require Students to Wear Proper Uniforms?

Uniforms are an integral part of schools and help maintain their security. However, only 18.8% of students wear badges and school uniforms.  

If students come in proper uniforms, it is easier for schools to identify outsiders. NCES reports that 22.9% of primary schools, 18.0% of middle schools, and 10.4% of schools require students to wear uniforms inside the school property. 

Primary schools have the highest percentage of students wearing proper uniforms.

How Are Security Cameras In Schools Helpful?

Provide Enhanced Surveillance

Security cameras in schools play a fundamental role in ensuring and enhancing the security of students, teachers, and security staff. They can provide a multi-angular view of the premises on a single screen and are vital to security practices. 

Fortunately, almost 100% of the schools today use security cameras and other resources to monitor loading docks, entry and exit doors, and other parts of the school. 

With the help of security cameras, schools have permission to record resources as well as school safety data. They are thus able to provide law enforcement agencies with tangible evidence in case of an accident.

Supervise Student Behavior

Security cameras in schools clearly identify students and their behavior on the premises. Monitoring student behavior is critical to maintaining discipline and control. 

Supervising students’ behavior helps prevent any mishaps from occurring within the classrooms or on playgrounds. 

Supervise Teacher Behavior 

Security cameras in schools help monitor student behavior and supervise teachers. Evaluating how teachers behave in front of students, how they talk to them, and the overall classroom environment is critical.

Alerting Staff

Security cameras in schools allow school management to monitor activities happening in school consistently, like school shootings and bullying. 

As soon as management detects a school shooting or other mishap, they can inform the security staff and take necessary action to resolve the situation.

Detecting Criminal Activity 

Students between the ages of 12 and 18 are more likely to be victims of crime at school. Public schools have between 85% and 89% of reported incidents of school crime and safety and between 46% and 49% of recorded incidents of vandalism.

9% of school teachers reported that the students threatened them with an injury. In such cases, security cameras and metal detectors in larger schools play a vital role in detecting these cases.

A Source of Evidence

Schools may need video footage to present to law enforcement agencies in life-threatening cases, such as an active shooter situation. This is only possible when schools use security cameras in their buildings and throughout the campus grounds. 

School security cameras are beneficial when footage is required to present solid evidence in a court of law.


What security measures are crucial for schools?

Ensuring the safety of students, faculty, security staff, and faculty is of utmost importance in schools, necessitating a comprehensive approach to security. 

This includes physical security measures, such as control systems, surveillance cameras, and perimeter fencing, to prevent unauthorized entry to school premises. 

Additionally, implementing emergency notification systems, panic buttons, and two-way communication systems enables swift responses to threats or emergencies. 

Also, they should have school psychologists that will conduct mental health services as a security measure for students reported bullied or physically abused. 

Why is school safety vital in the US?

Educational facilities must protect students, staff, and faculty from harm, including school shootings, bullying, and external threats like natural disasters. Robust security measures ensure a secure learning environment.


Undoubtedly, parents always want the best for their children, be it at home or on the school bus. When the question of school arises, most parents have only one concern on their minds—the security of their child. 

In present times, we often come across alarming news circulating on TV channels and social media about the increasing rates of crimes and security threats. It is safe to say that parents’ concerns are more genuine than ever. 

A safe learning environment helps children improve their abilities and progress in their learning journey. School security is not just confined to school gates and entrances; rather, it is needed to counter many problems, such as violence, bullying, harassment, and substance abuse.

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