7 Best Security Cameras with Free Cloud Storage (2024)

Security cameras, especially those equipped with free cloud storage, have become essential tools to secure property. These devices deter potential intruders and ensure that you have constant access to your video footage without worrying about additional costs.

Let’s explore the top security camera brands with free cloud storage that combine high-quality surveillance with the convenience of cloud storage at no extra charge.

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Top 7 Security Camera Brands That Offer Free Storage

1. Verkada

Every Verkada security cam is designed with simplicity and security in mind. Except for the CD31 and CD31-E models, it offers 30 days of free cloud backup storage.

Verkada stands out for its emphasis on robust security measures and user-friendly interfaces, making it a solid choice for businesses and homeowners alike.

Free storage: 30 days

Key Features:

  • High video quality for clear, detailed images
  • Easy to install and manage through a user-friendly platform
  • Advanced features like motion detection and night vision for comprehensive surveillance


  • No additional cost for cloud storage for up to 30 days, providing significant savings
  • Exceptional video quality ensures detailed footage
  • Robust security features for peace of mind


  • Limited free cloud storage duration compared to some competitors
  • CD31 and CD31-E models do not offer free cloud storage, requiring users to explore other options for these specific cameras
Verkada camera

2. Honeywell

Honeywell security and battery-powered cameras are known for their reliability and versatility, catering to residential and commercial needs. Most models offer up to 7 days of free cloud storage for video footage, with some limited to just 24 hours.

Honeywell ensures that users can access their video recordings without a monthly fee, making Honeywell cameras a practical choice for those looking to enhance their security without ongoing costs.

Free storage: Up to 7 days for most models; some models offer 24 hours

Key Features:

  • Reliable motion detection for timely alerts
  • Easy integration with smart home devices
  • Weather-resistant designs for outdoor use
  • Different camera modes for enhanced indoor-outdoor video capture


  • Free cloud storage for up to 7 days helps save on additional costs
  • Durable design suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to install and compatible with various smart home ecosystems


  • Some models only offer 24 hours of free cloud storage, which may require frequent reviewing of footage
  • Limited advanced features compared to other brands
Honeywell C2 Wi Fi Security Camera

3. Google Nest Cam

Google Nest Cam stands out for its integration with the broader Google ecosystem, including Google Assistant and Google Home. It is a smart choice for users invested in smart home technology.

While the Nest Aware plan is required for extended storage, Google Nest Cam provides free access to the last three hours of footage, showcasing snapshots of events detected by the camera’s sensors.

Free storage: Access to the last three hours of event history snapshots

Key Features:

  • Facial recognition to distinguish between known and unknown individuals
  • High-quality video resolution for clear footage
  • Two-way audio for communication through the camera


  • Integration with Google Home and Google Assistant enhances smart home capabilities
  • Advanced security features like facial recognition
  • High video quality for detailed images and video footage


  • Free storage limited to snapshots of events, not continuous recording
  • Requires a subscription to Nest Aware for extended video history and additional features

4. Arlo

Arlo security cameras are celebrated for their wireless design, which makes them exceptionally easy to install and reposition as needed. Offering seven days of free cloud storage for motion—and sound-triggered events, Arlo provides flexibility and ease of use for homeowners seeking to secure their property.

With a focus on high video quality and weather resistance, Arlo cameras are a great choice for monitoring indoor and outdoor spaces.

Free storage: 7 days for motion and sound-triggered events

Key Features:

  • Wireless design for flexible placement and easy installation
  • Night vision and weather-resistant features for comprehensive surveillance
  • Compatible with smart home platforms for integrated security solutions


  • Seven days of free cloud storage for event-triggered video clips
  • Easy to set up and move, offering flexibility in surveillance coverage
  • High-quality video and durable design suitable for all weather conditions


  • Continuous video recording requires a subscription plan
  • Battery-powered models may require frequent recharging depending on usage
Hand Holding  Arlo Camera

5. Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam offers an affordable yet powerful solution for those seeking reliable home security cameras with free cloud storage. Users can enjoy 14 days of free rolling cloud storage for 12-second clips triggered by motion or sound, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

Additionally, Wyze Cams support local storage via microSD cards, allowing for continuous recording and greater flexibility.

Free storage: 14 days for 12-second motion/sound-triggered clips

Key Features:

  • High-definition video with night vision for clear, detailed footage around the clock
  • Two-way audio allows for communication through the camera
  • Motion detection with customizable detection zones


  • Generous 14-day free cloud storage for motion and sound-triggered clips
  • Affordable price point without sacrificing quality or essential features
  • Local storage option provides backup and additional video history


  • 12-second clip limit on free cloud storage may miss extended activities
  • Some advanced features require a subscription to Wyze Cam Plus
Wyze Cam

6. Blink

Blink security cameras, known for their ease of use and long battery life, offer users a convenient and flexible home security solution. With no monthly fees, Blink provides free cloud storage that retains video clips for up to a year, a standout feature among competitors.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Blink cameras are a solid choice for comprehensive home surveillance without ongoing costs.

Free storage: Video clips stored for up to one year

Key Features:

  • Wireless design with extended battery life of up to two years
  • Weather-resistant construction for reliable outdoor use
  • Motion detection with customizable alert settings


  • Long battery life reduces maintenance and ensures consistent operation
  • No monthly fees with free cloud storage for up to a year
  • Easy to install and manage through the Blink app


  • Limited video storage capacity without a subscription plan
  • Does not support continuous recording; only event-triggered clips
Hand Holding Blink Camera

7. Canary

Canary security cameras stand out for their all-in-one design. They offer video surveillance, a built-in siren, and climate monitoring capabilities. With 24 hours of free cloud storage for video clips, Canary allows users to view recent events without a subscription.

Additionally, its cameras are designed with smart features like person detection and air quality alerts, making it a comprehensive security and monitoring system for any home.

Free storage: 24 hours for video clips

Key Features:

  • High-definition video with wide-angle lens for broad coverage
  • Integrated siren and home health technology monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity
  • Person detection and intelligent notifications enhance security alerts


  • Multi-functional design provides more than just video surveillance
  • Free cloud storage for the last 24 hours of clips; no subscription needed for basic use
  • Easy setup and user-friendly app for quick access to video and health alerts


  • Free cloud storage limited to 24 hours; subscription required for longer access
  • Some advanced features and full functionality locked behind the subscription plan
Canary Camera

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Benefits of Cloud Storage For Security Cameras

Cloud storage [1] offers unparalleled convenience and security for camera footage. With cloud storage, you can access your video from anywhere, at any time, without worrying about physical damage or data loss.

Cloud storage eliminates the need for onsite solutions like microSD cards, reducing the risk of data theft or loss due to device malfunction. Additionally, cloud storage can scale with your needs, providing flexible options for video history length without the hassle of managing physical storage capacities.

Top Features To Look For

High-Resolution Video Capture

The clarity of the footage captured by your security camera is paramount. High-resolution video capture ensures that the images and videos are clear and detailed, making identifying faces, license plates, and other critical details easier.

Best security cameras offer HD or 4K resolution, providing sharp picture quality that can be crucial in security situations.

Motion Detection & Alerts

Motion detection technology is a cornerstone feature of modern security cameras. It enables the device to alert you to any unusual activity within its field of view. This feature is vital for detecting potential threats or intrusions early, allowing for quick response.

Look for cameras with customizable motion detection zones to focus on the most sensitive areas of your property.

Night Vision Capability

The ability to capture clear video in low light conditions or complete darkness is essential for round-the-clock surveillance. Night vision capability ensures that your outdoor and indoor cameras continue to provide reliable footage even without extra light. [2]

Advanced security cameras incorporate infrared LEDs to illuminate the camera’s field of view, capturing detailed monochrome images.

Easy Integration

Integrating your security camera with other smart home devices and platforms (such as Wi-Fi, TP-Link, or a base station) adds significant value. Easy integration enables seamless operation and control over your security system, allowing for a more robust and user-friendly security setup.

Cameras that support wireless connectivity and compatibility with major smart home ecosystems offer a streamlined security solution that can adapt to your lifestyle.


Is there a security camera that works without a subscription?

Yes, several security camera models work without a subscription, offering free cloud storage for a limited number of days or local storage options via microSD cards. Brands like Wyze and Blink provide options for those looking to avoid ongoing fees.

How much is cloud storage for security cameras?

The cost of cloud storage for security cameras varies by brand and plan. Some companies offer limited free cloud storage, while additional storage space or extended features can range from $3 to $30 per month.

Does CCTV have cloud storage?

Modern CCTV systems often include cloud storage options, allowing users to access video footage over the internet. This feature requires compatible hardware and a subscription plan for extended storage capabilities.

How do I get cloud storage for my security camera?

To get cloud storage for your security camera, choose a camera or system that offers cloud compatibility. Register the device with the manufacturer and select a storage plan, if necessary. Some brands offer free cloud storage for a limited time with the option to purchase more.

Key Takeaways

Choosing the right security camera with free cloud storage offers peace of mind without the worry of additional monthly fees. When selecting a camera, consider key features like video quality, motion detection, and ease of integration to ensure comprehensive security coverage.

Wireless security cameras with free video storage provide flexibility and ease of installation, whether you need an indoor camera, an outdoor security camera, or a system that can handle both environments.

Remember to review the storage options, as some cameras offer local storage through microSD cards, while others provide cloud storage solutions to meet different security needs.

Looking to enhance your home or business security without the hassle of subscription fees? Contact us today for a free consultation. Our experts will guide you through the best security camera options with free cloud storage, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your security requirements.

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