5 Best Self-Storage Access Control Systems (2024 Updated)

Self-storage access control is a seamless, foolproof system that allows access to authorized personnel 24/7 without hassle or security gaps. 

At its core, this technology empowers businesses to regulate, monitor, and protect their valuable assets stored within self-storage units or facilities.

Here are some of the best self-storage access control companies that most facilities use, as they stand out for their expertise, commitment to quality, and innovative solutions.

Top 5 Self-Storage Access Control Companies 

1. Doorking

DKS Entry Code Programming

Key Features: 

  • Full line of traffic control and access solutions
  • Customized design
  • Automated commercial gate systems for security and traffic control access

Primary Products: 

  • Automated gate systems
  • Control access software applications

Who Should Use It: Medium to large-sized self storage facilities who wants to remain operational even across multiple locations.

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: DoorKing understands the importance of security controls for self-storage facilities. 

Their comprehensive access solutions allow you to create a customized access control system tailored to your facility’s needs. 

Whether you require high-level security [1]or hassle-free customer access, Safe and Sound Security is an authorized dealer that can provide a safe and accurate installation. Contact us and get a free quote today! 


  • ETL listed products
  • Safe, compatible, and accurate installation
  • Customized access control solutions


  • Complex installations may require additional expertise

2. LenelS2

LenelS2 Security Control

Key Features: 

  • Unified security system
  • Customizable
  • Cloud-based access control 

Primary Products: 

  • Advanced access control system
  • Video management systems
  • Intrusion alarms

Who Should Use It: Medium-sized facilities and global corporations that requires efficient and top of the line security

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: 

LenelS2 offers solutions that cater to self-storage, from small enterprises to global corporations.

Their access control solution lets you synthesize data within a user interface, enhancing security, safety, building health, and operational efficiency. It is compatible with a few types of security gates such as vertical pivot gate, a swing gate, and most slide gates. 


  • Flexible deployment option
  • Extensive customization
  • Modernization of aging systems


  • Pricing varies 

3. Kisi

Kisi Bluetooth Access Control for Mobile Access

Key Features: 

  • Self-storage access control security systems
  • Cloud data storage and remote access technology
  • Monitoring for real-time security
  • Electronic door and gate alarms

Primary Products: 

  • Security system
  • Bluetooth unit locks

Who Should Use It: Small to medium self storage facilities who prefers budget friendly but efficient services

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: Kisi offers advanced self-storage security systems that are highly flexible and agile, making them ideal solutions to prevent tailgating and restrict access to entry points. 

With cloud-based access control and remote data storage, clients can grant access without needing to be physically present or transfer physical keys. 


  • Flexible and agile security solutions
  • Convenient remote access management
  • Durable and weather-resistant


  • Initial setup may require expertise

4. SpiderDoor

Storage Access Control

Key Features: 

  • Requires no additional power source
  • Relay wire signals the gate motor to open
  • Bypasses an existing keypad, and most card readers, and gate codes

Primary Products: 

  • S14C module for gate access control
  • Request To Exit Button module

Who Should Use It: Small facility owners and startup self storage facilities that need cost-effective security solutions

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: SpiderDoor offers practical solutions for self-storage gate access control, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of managing self-storage facilities.

The S14C module can manage gate access via your dashboard, manager’s, or tenants’ apps and prevent unwanted access.

The Request To Exit Button module allows tenants to press a button to exit the facility without additional power sources in the self-storage facility.


  • Convenient gate access system
  • Easy installation 
  • Enhances facility management efficiency


  • Compatibility with existing systems may require evaluation

5. ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX access control

Key Features: 

  • Convenient and affordable access management
  • Access via smartphone for tenants and building staff
  • Integration with access controls 

Primary Products: 

  • Access solution

Who Should Use It: Medium to large storage facilities and owners with multiple storage facilities that prioritize convenience over budget

Why It’s Worth Checking Out: 

ButterflyMX offers a comprehensive access service that bypasses the keypad and can connect customers and tenants with an authorized phone. 

They provide access through a mobile device so you can be in total control of your self-storage management software with just a tap. You can use a phone to manage and protect your facility and avoid delinquent tenants. 


  • Smartphone-based access control system
  • Reliably protect your facility using an access control system
  • Real-time notifications for added convenience


  • Initial setup may require expertise

How To Choose The Best System For Self-Storage Facilities

Do Your Research

Research the available self-storage access systems many facilities use. 

Look for access control system providers and manufacturers that can help you with your business growth. Read customer reviews and case studies and consider reliability, ease of use, and customer support.

Check Your Needs

Assess your facility’s size, security requirements, tenant convenience expectations, and budget. 

Determine the access control system features and consider software integration with property management, security systems, and reporting tools.

Check For Software Integration

Software integration is a crucial consideration. Look for a self-storage access system that can seamlessly integrate with other software solutions you use, such as management software, security systems, reporting, and analytics. 

Why You Should Have Self-Storage Access Control System

Easy Access To Your Storage Unit

An access control system provides convenient and secure entry to your storage unit. You can access your belongings anytime with keycards or smartphone apps.

Easy Monitoring

A self-storage management software can provide real-time monitoring of your self-storage facility. New tenants can track who enters and exits, enhancing security and peace of mind.

Durability For Self-Storage Facility

Access control keypads and devices are built to withstand weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting functionality. It should work on vertical pivot gates, automated gates, and swing gates of self-storage units. 

Real-time Surveillance  

Many self-storage management software systems offer real-time video surveillance, allowing you to constantly monitor your storage unit for added security.


What do gate hours mean for self-storage?

Gate hours in self-storage refer to the times tenants can access the facility (similar to business hours). These hours may vary, limiting when individuals can enter and retrieve items from their storage units.

What’s the concept of self-storage?

Self-storage involves renting storage space or units to individuals or businesses. It provides a secure location for storing items, allowing tenants to access their items when needed.

Why do businesses use self-storage?

Businesses use self-storage for storing excess inventory, seasonal equipment, or office furniture [2].
For seamless access control solutions for storage units, contact Safe and Sound Security today and get a free quote.

How do you organize a self-storage unit for frequent access?

Consider using shelves and labeled boxes for easy navigation to organize a self-storage unit for frequent entry. 

Final Word

Self-storage access control is paramount, offering security, convenience, and peace of mind to facility operators and tenants. 

These systems, whether through smartphone apps, keycards, or other innovative means, streamline access and bolster protection for stored belongings.

In addition to the brands we mentioned above, we are proud to provide installation services for these renowned brands:

  • HID
  • Kantech
  • Salto
  • ProdataKey
  • Bosch
  • Feenics
  • Openpath
  • Keyscan
  • Aiphone
  • Paxton
  • AMAG
  • Keri
  • Stanley PAC

As a trusted installer of self-storage access control systems, Safe and Sound Security has the expertise and commitment to security to ensure that your self-storage facility operates smoothly and securely. Contact us now and get a free quote!


  1. https://www.britannica.com/technology/security-and-protection-system
  2. https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/23/09/34424649/global-self-storage-market-2023-2031-emerging-trends-and-projected-growth-107-pages-report

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