Best Smart Lock for a Commercial Glass Door: Buying Guide

When it comes to security for your business, making the right decision can be difficult because of many options. It’s hard to determine what type of locks you want for your door, and once you’ve made that decision, it can be equally challenging to choose a brand and model. 

A smart lock for a commercial glass door is an electromechanical locking system that uses a smartphone or other smart features to lock and unlock the door. These locks can make access more convenient for users and make buildings more secure compared to traditional mechanical key locks. 

This article will briefly review the best smart lock for glass doors.

smart lock for glass door

Guide When Choosing Smart Locks for Commercial Glass Doors

An excellent commercial smart lock for a glass door should be convenient and commercial-grade. It means it should be simple to use and strong, durable, and built to withstand the large volume of use it will face. For optimal security, choose a lock with deadbolt hardware to ensure the storefront door locks securely. 

When choosing a lock, consider how your users want to enter your business building. Many smart locks in the market can use a PIN for entry, but other access options exist. Other popular options in the market that you can install for your business feature biometrics such as a fingerprintan appa key fob, or geofencing (when the lock opens when a user’s phone gets near the lock). 

Although keyless entry for commercial glass doors is often what you’re looking for when you buy a smart lock, it’s also a good idea to choose a lock with a backup unlocking system, such as a keyhole. At the very least, look for a lock with at least two unlocking mechanisms for glass doors. 

In addition to being durable, glass door locks need to be weather-rated. It is for both safety and to ensure the lock works correctly. Other features to look for include an extended warranty and long battery life. 

Finally, look for a smart lock compatible with the software you already use. If you want to integrate your lock with other smart features in your building, choose a lock that is also compatible with those devices. 

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Who Should Use a Glass Door Smart Lock? 

A smart lock for a commercial glass door can be an excellent investment. The keyless entry is simple and convenient because it doesn’t require people to carry around keys and can be more inexpensive than other types of security. In general, a smart lock for a glass door is best for commercial properties that only need a lock for one or two doors. It’s also ideal for people who are budget-conscious and are looking to save a bit of money. You’ll find smart locks in many types of buildings and businesses. They’re trendy in hotels and apartment buildings. 

Typically, when discussing a smart lock for a storefront door, you’re looking at a standalone lock that isn’t connected to a more extensive access control system. With a true smart lock, you can access information about the lock’s use via an app or online platform. If you’re looking for a more extensive security system to manage comprehensively, you’ll need more than a singular smart lock. 

A singular smart lock might not be ideal for a more significant business with many access points or could benefit from more security. In those instances, choosing a full-fledged access control system would be better. It will give you more control over your buildings and properties and make them more secure. 

how to choose good smart lock for commercial glass door

The Best Smart Lock for a Commercial Glass Door 

When looking for a smart lock, first consider your needs. Take time to list everything you need your smart lock to be able to do. From there, consider your budget and how much you will spend on a smart lock. Be sure to factor the installation cost into your budget if you will pay someone to install the lock.

Once you’ve narrowed down what you need and what you are willing to spend, you should be able to narrow down the options on the market to a select few that will work for you. Below are two of the best locks in the smart lock category for a commercial glass door.

the best smart lock for commercial glass door

Assa Abloy SECURITRON® R100 Wireless Card Reader and Aperio® Hub

Assa Abloy sells a surface-mounted smart lock model ideal for glass doors. It’s simple to install and doesn’t require any drilling or wires. The product has a clean appearance, which you typically look for when you add any hardware to a glass door. The lock is rated for indoor or outdoor use and has an aluminum cover. 

The lock employs fully encrypted AES 128 wireless communication and allows for online transaction audit trails. It alerts you when the battery is low, so you won’t have to worry about security breaches due to a dead battery. A three-year warranty also protects it and can be challenging to hack.

In addition to smart locks, Assa Abloy also sells mechanical locking hardware, including glass door pulls. They also make and install mortise locks, center lock housings, and glass door deadbolts. These products can work well in conjunction to secure the glass doors in your buildings. 

Assa Abloy SECURITRON® R100 Wireless Card Reader and Aperio® Hub

Dormakaba Digital Door Locks

Dormakaba manufactures digital door locks and has for years. Their smart locks for commercial glass doors have smart features such as fingerprint recognition. With the FH 100, FH 9, and FSL series locks, users can use their fingerprints to unlock the door, and with the FH 100 lock, semiconductor fingerprint technology allows people to open doors with one grip. 

They offer various sleek product designs featuring both square and rounded corners. Other features of Dormakaba’s smart locks include:

  • Voice navigation
  • Anti-pry alarm
  • Emergency power supply
  • Remote unlocking
  • Vibration verification feedback
  • Mechanical key override
dormakaba smart lock for glass door

Types of Smart Locks For Commercial Glass Doors

WiFi Door Lock

Commercial WiFi door locks is a type of smart lock that connects to a building’s wireless internet, enabling tenants to unlock glass doors using a code or their smartphones.

This model needs a constant internet connection and also allows tenants to grant access to guests from anywhere globally and remotely. However, it will be difficult to operate this product if it depends on WiFi.

Bluetooth Door Lock

Commercial Bluetooth door locks, while wireless, differ from WiFi locks as they require proximity for operation. These locks connect to a tenant’s mobile device only when it is within a few feet of the storefront door, similar to how Bluetooth headsets connect to mobile phones but cannot do so over long distances.

Mobile-Based Door Lock

WiFi and Bluetooth smart locks fall under mobile-based door locks, which use smartphones for keyless entry. These systems offer various unlocking methods for glass doors, including voice commands via Siri or Alexa, smartwatch taps, or fingerprint scanning.

Z-Wave Door Lock

Z-wave locks utilize mesh networks, transmitting data across devices and extending beyond traditional WiFi ranges. This technology, also known as Zigbee, is particularly suitable for larger commercial spaces with areas outside WiFi coverage, like industrial facilities with spread-out units.


What are the primary benefits of using smart locks for commercial glass doors?

Smart locks offer convenience, improved security, access control, audit trails, and the ability to manage and monitor commercial space access remotely.

They offer unparalleled convenience by allowing users to enter through various methods, including mobile apps and keycards. The enhanced security through robust encryption and authentication measures, safeguarding against unauthorized access, is unmatched.

Access control capabilities enable tailored permissions, while detailed audit trails provide a comprehensive overview of entries and exits.

What happens in case of a power outage with a smart lock?

In the event of a power outage or system malfunction with smart locks, these modern security devices are designed to ensure they remain available and secure.

Smart lock companies often install and offer backup power options, such as batteries or alternative power sources, which activate during power failures, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

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