10 Verkada Competitors & Alternatives in the Security Industry

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the security landscape is constantly evolving. Businesses increasingly seek advanced security solutions with existing local video access that protect their premises and integrate seamlessly with their existing systems.

With many options available, it’s crucial to understand the market and the various competitors to Verkada, a leading provider of cloud-based security solutions.

This exploration will dive into Verkada’s competitors, assessing their offerings, market position, and unique features.

Whether it is cloud video surveillance, intelligent video management, office management software companies, or advanced access control solutions, each competitor offers distinct advantages that could be the ideal fit for different business needs.

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Top 10 Alternatives to Verkada in 2024

1. Rhombus

Rhombus Systems is a pioneering company in cloud-based physical security and security software development, offering innovative solutions for modern security needs.

They prioritize customer-centric services, focusing on simple, smart, and powerful security solutions. Rhombus is known for its strong relationships with customers and partners, reflecting its commitment to creating positive product and service experiences.

Services Offered:

  • Cloud-based physical security
  • Smart cameras and connected sensors
  • Seamless integration with other security tools to securely access video footage
  • Continuous innovation in product lines and services

Target Market:

Rhombus caters to various industries and sizes, from small companies to large enterprises, offering solutions that fit unique security needs.

Rhombus Systems

2. Avigilon

Avigilon, a part of Motorola Solutions, specializes in advanced security solutions, including video management software and systems. They focus on integrating AI [1]and analytics into their products, offering sophisticated and intelligent security management tools.

Avigilon stands out in the market for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to enhancing safety and security.

Services Offered:

  • Advanced cloud video surveillance systems
  • AI-driven analytics for security footage
  • Cloud-based video management software
  • Physical security information management systems
  • Enterprise-grade security software and hardware

Target Market:

Avigilon caters to a broad spectrum of clients, including businesses that require robust security solutions like smart city traffic surveillance, enterprise security cameras, and cloud-based video surveillance systems.

Avigilon Unity H6SL Camera Line

3. Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks is a leader in cloud video surveillance, focusing on delivering cyber-secure, cloud-based video integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics.

Their approach to security is rooted in providing real-time business intelligence and optimizing operations for organizations of all sizes.

Services Offered:

  • Cloud-managed video surveillance solutions
  • AI and analytics integration for video footage
  • Video management software with advanced features
  • Comprehensive security solutions for various industries

Target Market:

Eagle Eye Networks serves a diverse clientele, including healthcare, education, retail, and more businesses. Their focus is on organizations seeking cutting-edge, cloud-based video surveillance systems.

4. Hikvision

Hikvision is a renowned player in the global security and surveillance industry. They have established themselves as a leader in developing cutting-edge technologies in machine perception, artificial intelligence, and big data.

Hikvision’s approach is focused on leading the future of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) to connect people with the world around them more efficiently and securely.

Services Offered:

  • Intelligent Security Products: A wide range of physical security products, including video security, access control, and alarm systems.
  • Integrated Security Solutions: Solutions leveraging AI technology to enhance safety management and business intelligence.
  • Intelligent Vertical Solutions: Tailored solutions for various vertical markets like smart cities, transportation, retail, logistics, energy, and education.

Target Market:

Hikvision caters to diverse vertical markets across more than 150 countries. Their offerings are designed for public safety, smart cities, intelligent traffic solutions, enterprise incident management solutions, SMBs, and consumers.

Hikvision Pro Series Smart Hybrid Light Cameras

5. Brivo

Brivo is a prominent company in the security industry, pioneering cloud-based access control systems.

They stand out for their early adoption and continuous innovation in cloud-based security solutions, focusing on creating robust and cyber-secure systems.

Services Offered:

  • Cloud-based access control solutions
  • Video surveillance integration
  • Smart home and mobile management capabilities
  • Visitor and identity management solutions
  • Partner integration options for comprehensive security setups

Target Market:

Brivo’s products and services target various sectors, including enterprises, commercial real estate, healthcare, education, manufacturing, financial services, and religious institutions. They cater to the needs of both multifamily and single-site facilities.

Brivo mobile cloud-based access management

6. Kisi

Kisi has developed as a recognized brand in access control. With a mission to innovate in facility access and space management, Kisi aims to provide boundaryless access systems, enhancing everyday experiences in work and living environments.

It has grown to secure facilities across 50+ countries and is known for its keyless entry system, simplifying administration while ensuring safety and a welcoming experience.

Services Offered:

  • Cloud-based access control solution
  • Mobile application for remote access and management
  • Hardware including the Kisi Reader Pro and Controller Pro Series
  • Video security smart intercom units
  • Integration capabilities with directories and security systems
  • Software solutions, including a dashboard and video management tools

Target Market:

Kisi serves various industries, including commercial real estate, manufacturing, fitness & wellness, finance, local government, technology, healthcare & labs, media & entertainment, and education. Their solutions are designed to cater to the needs of modern facilities, emphasizing ease of use and integration.

Opening Door Using Mobile Phone

7. Genetec

Genetec is a renowned company in physical security and public safety. It is known for its open-platform software, hardware, and cloud-based services.

Genetec’s flagship product, Security Center, unifies the entire security system with an IP-based video surveillance system, access control, and automatic license plate recognition into a single platform, offering a comprehensive security solution.

The company has a significant presence in the enterprise and government sectors.

Services Offered:

  • Unified video surveillance and access control solutions
  • Automatic license plate recognition technology
  • Cloud-based services for physical security
  • Advanced analytics and security operations center tools
  • Integration capabilities with various security and operational systems

Target Market:

Genetec primarily serves enterprise-level and government organizations, focusing on providing integrated security solutions that cater to complex and demanding environments.

8. Axis

Axis Communications is a leading company in the network video market, providing innovative video surveillance and access control solutions. Known for its high-quality cameras and security products, Axis focuses on creating smarter, safer worlds through advanced technology.

They have established a strong presence in the market, particularly noted for their IP camera systems and development of open-platform solutions.

Services Offered:

  • High-resolution IP cameras for video surveillance
  • Access control solutions
  • Network video recorders (NVRs) and video management software (VMS)
  • License plate recognition technology and analytics
  • Smart city traffic surveillance solutions

Target Market:

Axis primarily serves the commercial and public sectors, including retail, transportation, education, government, and healthcare facilities, catering to businesses and organizations seeking top-tier video surveillance and security solutions.

CCTV Camera

9. ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX is a prominent property access technology player specializing in smart intercom solutions. The company is renowned for pioneering cloud-based video intercom systems, transforming how property access is managed.

With a focus on innovation and user convenience, ButterflyMX has carved a niche in the market, offering seamless and secure access solutions for various property types.

Services Offered:

  • Cloud-based video intercom systems
  • Mobile app-based access control for seamless property entry
  • Touchless and keyless building entry solutions
  • Integrated package management features
  • Customizable access solutions for different property needs

Target Market:

ButterflyMX primarily targets residential and commercial property markets, including multifamily housing, commercial office buildings, and gated communities. Their solutions are ideal for property managers and owners seeking advanced, user-friendly access control systems.

ButterflyMX video intercom

10. Dahua

Dahua Technology is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. The company’s focus on innovation in the surveillance industry has positioned it as a major player globally.

Dahua is known for its comprehensive range of products, including advanced surveillance equipment, Dahua security software, and smart technology solutions. Their commitment to quality and technological advancement has made them a preferred choice for security solutions worldwide.

Services Offered:

  • IP camera systems with high-resolution video capabilities
  • Network video recorders (NVRs) and digital video recorders (DVRs)
  • Advanced video management software (VMS)
  • Intelligent video analytics and AI-driven solutions
  • Access control and license plate recognition systems

Target Market:

Dahua caters to a broad spectrum of markets, including residential, commercial, industrial, and public sectors. Their target market ranges from small businesses requiring basic surveillance to large enterprises and cities needing complex, integrated CCTV systems [2].

Dahua Wireless Camera Series

Why Consider Alternatives to Verkada?

Choosing the right security system is crucial for ensuring safety and operational efficiency. While Verkada offers robust solutions, exploring alternatives can help businesses find systems that align more closely with their specific security needs and preferences.

Different providers offer diverse technologies, features, and pricing models, making it essential to assess various options before deciding.

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Security System

Features & Performance

When evaluating security systems, it’s important to consider the range of features and overall performance. Key aspects to look for include:

  • Quality of video surveillance feeds, including clarity and coverage
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities like license plate recognition and computer vision analytics
  • Remote management features and ease of access to video footage
  • Integration capabilities with existing security cameras and network solutions
  • Reliability in various conditions, including no entry vehicle detection and autonomous system operation

Pricing & Value for Money

Cost is a significant factor in the decision-making process. Look for solutions that offer:

  • Competitive pricing that aligns with the features and services provided
  • Clear value for money, considering the longevity and scalability of the system
  • Options for cloud-based hosted video and secure storage of encrypted video clips
  • Flexible pricing plans that cater to different sizes of commercial and multifamily properties
  • Opportunities to manage unlimited devices without compromising on quality or performance

User Experience & Ease of Use

The user experience and ease of use are crucial when evaluating security systems. Consider these elements:

  • Intuitive interfaces for operating video management systems and accessing video footage.
  • User-friendly software development for security systems, ensuring ease of navigation and operation.
  • Ideally, some systems provide easy local video access and management with plug-and-play capabilities.
  • The ability to easily save and manage encrypted video clips within the system.

Customer Support & Services

Strong customer support and services are vital for any security system:

  • Look for providers offering comprehensive support for their security systems, including training and troubleshooting.
  • Ensure the provider has a capable security team to assist with security operations centers and network video recorders.
  • Evaluate the responsiveness and availability of customer service, especially for crucial security and surveillance systems.

Security & Compliance

Security and compliance are non-negotiable in choosing a security system:

  • The system should meet all security and safety risks associated with your business or property.
  • Ensure it complies with relevant laws and regulations, especially regarding data storage and privacy.
  • The system should offer robust security features like advanced monitoring capabilities, license plate recognition technology, and secure cloud services.
  • Consider systems that integrate seamlessly with existing security cameras and offer reliable connectivity solutions.


What makes Verkada different?

Verkada stands out for its cloud-based video surveillance systems, combining ease of use with powerful analytics and AI capabilities. Their solutions are known for securely accessing and managing video footage, advanced machine learning algorithms, and providing a comprehensive view of security operations.

Why choose Verkada?

Opt for Verkada for its innovative approach to security, offering features like autonomous security systems, integrated smart intercom units, and advanced monitoring capabilities. Verkada’s systems are designed for easy installation and operation, providing security and valuable business insights.

Is Verkada a Chinese company?

Verkada is not a Chinese company. It is headquartered in the United States and serves a global market with cutting-edge security solutions.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to enhancing your business’s security and operational efficiency, Verkada offers a seamless blend of technology and convenience. Their systems are designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses, from securely managing video footage to integrating with existing security cameras.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, cloud-based security solution that leverages advanced technology like AI and machine learning, Verkada is a choice worth considering.

Interested in exploring what Verkada can do for your business? Contact us for a free consultation and discover a security solution tailored to your needs.


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