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verkada everything you need to know

Setting new standards in cloud security, Verkada is a company recognized for its innovative software, hardware, and integrated security solutions. It offers enterprise-grade IoT infrastructure as essential security for Verkada customers. Within a short period, Verkada has become a global brand that intends to modernize enterprise-building security with easy-to-use functionality. This detailed blog overviews Verkada’s vision, features, benefits, reviews, pricing, and products. What does it take to become a leading and fast-growing technology provider? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Verkada.

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History of the Brand

Verkada is known for its security cameras, easy-to-use software, and modern technology. It was founded by three Stanford University graduates in 2016. 

Later, they were joined by the co-founder of Meraki, now Cisco Meraki. Since then, Verkada has been setting new standards for cloud security. The company intends to modernize the world of enterprise-building security. It was launched in San Mateo, California, in 2016. 

Although the company is only three years old, it has already garnered the attention and confidence of people all around the world. Verakada has also been featured in Fast Company, a leading technology magazine. It has provided video security for over 2,500 organizations, and 25 of them are Fortune 500 companies.


The need for simple and effective software and an enterprise market strategy gave rise to Verkada, a software-first solution consisting of a hardware component. 

The idea was to identify how Verkada customers could best protect their buildings and enterprises. Verkada was formed to become the layer of essential security for buildings and a foundation for enterprise-grade IoT infrastructure.

Verkada in 2021: Main Functionality

Main Functionality

Verkada access control is built with an entirely different approach, focusing on what the customers need to protect their buildings and businesses. 

It delivers an integrated security solution that helps teams manage security systems through a cloud-based command platform. This allows remote and live monitoring by integrating access control, video security, and access control environmental sensors.

The desktop version and integrated mobile app allow remote access, video sharing, camera activation, video archiving, assigning permissions, and door locking/unlocking.

The start-up is working constantly to out-innovate all other Verkada competitors. It firmly believes that its platform and products will serve as a foundation of a broader building ecosystem and create opportunities for tomorrow.

What's Next for Verkada?

Verkada access control plans to continue producing services protecting a company’s assets and people. By doing so, Verkada believes that it will grow into the premier physical security company in the world. 

It beholds the view that the exceptional integration of access control, Verkada cameras, and other systems in a single software platform will ultimately differentiate Verkada in the long run.


Verkada’s primary goal is to build a long-lasting technology company. One of the known risks to such companies is execution. As the business is built upon people, the company must find great people and organize them to become long-lasting contributors. Verkada works for security, which is such a business that when it slows down, it loses its edge.

Verkada Security Systems

Today, numerous video analytics solutions on the market offer similar end-user capabilities. Verkada delivers modern security solutions that help businesses run safer and smarter.

On the surface, many platforms solve the problem of security issues. However, on the technical side, Verakada is a smart video analytics platform that combines simple and effective software solutions.

They are purpose-built to minimize security risks, workplace frustrations, and exploitation by malicious agents.

The Verkada security system eliminates insecure practices and protocols standard with competing technology.

Verkada combines different security equipment such as video surveillance, control systems, and access control environmental sensors with artificial intelligence and a cloud-based machine version.

Verkada security cameras are the best option for places that require panoramic monitoring both in indoor and outdoor environments. The company utilizes all its technological resources to create a more reliable and up-to-date security system.

In addition to various surveillance cameras, Verkada offers a live viewing station as one of its security solutions.

This blog post entails a comprehensive Verkada review with details on its security and surveillance systems, costs, advantages, disadvantages, and competitors.

Verkada Pricing: Cameras

Modernized technology and clear images make Verkada unique and the best available option for enterprise security. Known as a rather expensive brand, you can still find smaller cameras for $799. 

However, the price depends on how long you want to keep your recorded footage and the required image resolution. Nevertheless, using simple and effective software, each model offers high-definition video and images. 

Verkada security cameras allow you to record footage with better lighting, contrast, and color. These cameras ultimately aid in producing recorded footage that is four times clearer than 1080p high-definition video security.

Below, we have listed some of the popular Verkada security cameras, pricing, and features.

verkada camera pricing

Verkada Security Cameras

Verkada offers four types of video security cameras that combine high-resolution recorded footage and easy-to-use software. These include:

  • Dome cameras
  • Fisheye cameras
  • Mini cameras
  • Bullet cameras

These types are further divided into models based on their resolution, IR range, and storage options.

CD31 DOME – $599

With a 2-megapixel (2MP) Image resolution, a 128-degree diagonal field of view, and 15 15-meter IR range, Verkada CD31 Dome is popularly known for its intelligent edge-based analytics.

It comprises a fixed lens and delivers enterprise-grade security for indoor and outdoor environments. The footage storage period for Verkada CD31 Dome is 15 days. It is designed for flexibility with no compromise on image resolution.

Its small form factor and magnetic base make it easy to install it in a physical environment. The Verkada camera pricing for the CD31 Dome model is $599.

CD41 DOME – $799

Verkada CD41 Dome comprises 5 megapixels (5 MP) image resolution, a 128-degree diagonal field of view, a 15-meter IR range, and a fixed lens.

It is designed for durability and is a general-purpose indoor dome with a discreet vandal-proof design. It has a simple installation process and eight times more processing power than the previous generation.

The footage can be stored for 15, 60, 90, or 120 days. Additionally, the night function of the CD41 dome enables it to perform best in low-light conditions. However, the price is also higher as the image resolution and footage retention period are higher. This model comes with a price tag of $799.

CD51 DOME – $999

Popularly known as an indoor dome, the CD51 packs a five 5-megapixel (5 MP) image resolution, a 128-degree diagonal field of view, and an IR range of 30 meters.

Its intelligent edge-based video analytics and 3x optical zoom lens make it more durable and reliable than simpler dome series models.

Moreover, this camera can store footage for 15, 60, 90 or 120 days. The CD51-E is also available for outdoor environments. The price for this dome is $999.

CD61 4K DOME – $1,199

The Verkada CD61 4K dome instantly adds coverage and delivers an uncompromised 4K video quality experience.

The CD61 4K dome features include 4K image resolution, a 128-degree diagonal field of view, a 15-meter IR range, and a 3x optical zoom lens. The footage retention period is either 30, 60, or 90 days.

It also includes an IR-cut filter for day and night function, which allows it to produce the best results even in low-light conditions. With real-time insight, the price of this dome is higher, but the features are worth the cost.

The CD61 4K dome comes at a Verkada camera pricing of $1,199.

D40 MINI DOME – $799

If you want a more miniature camera with an enhanced resolution that fits in any space, the D40 mini dome camera is best for you. Verkada D40 mini-dome cameras can be used in different ways within many industries.

It has a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels (5 MP), a 128-degree diagonal field of view, a 15-meter IR range, and a fixed lens. The storage period for the D40 mini dome is 15 days, and it can be stored anywhere you want, unlike other Verkada competitors.

Additionally, this product also has built-in illuminators. However, it requires an annual license to maintain access to the cloud storage and camera maintenance. This Verkada camera is available for $799.

CM61 MINI 4K – $1, 199

Verkada CM61 mini 4K features discreet form factors that deliver unmatched footage quality. Not only is this easy to use, but it also has an easy installation process.

It forms a part of Verkada’s hybrid cloud cameras and entails a 4-megapixel (4 MP) image resolution, a 120-degree diagonal field of view, a 15-meter IR range, and a fixed lens. It has a powerful edge-based processing capability and stores the footage for 30 to 60 days.

The CM61 mini-dome has easy-access controls and requires no additional hardware. You can get this product for $1,199.

D80 FISHEYE – $1,899

The Fisheye series brings you the Verkada D80, which reduces complexity and lowers operating costs. It is fully encrypted and offers several unique benefits.

It improves security and reduces bandwidth consumption, avoiding continuous video upload. This Verkada camera features a 12-megapixel (12 MP) image resolution, 180-degree diagonal field of view, 20-meter IR range, and fixed lens. It has powerful new capabilities and allows admins to easily grant, edit, and revoke access to other users.

Additionally, it is built with wall-to-wall encryption. Verkada works even on LTE. This fisheye camera comes in at $1,899 per piece.


The Verkada VX51 streams up to 36 camera feeds simultaneously with crisp video backgrounds, ultra-low latency, and customizable layouts. It is built with an eighth-generation Intel quad-core processor and Intel Ultra high-definition video Graphics 630.

It serves as a viewing platform for customers with real-time video requirements. VX51 gives a live view of events happening during emergencies. It is effortless for the team and is a fully managed device that allows personnel to configure camera feeds and grid layouts remotely. Once the Verkada device is set up, it streams video without interruptions.

The device will automatically restart and resume live streaming if the power is lost. The Live Viewing solution will cost you $1,999.

CB51 – E BULLET CAMERA – $1,399

The Verkada bullet series includes the CB51-E bullet camera, a surveillance camera suitable for outdoor environments featuring 5 megapixels (5 MP) and 30 days of footage retention. It has a 3x optical zoom lens, a 30m IR range, and an IR cut filter for $1,399.


This high-resolution general-purpose bullet camera features a telephoto zoom lens and intelligent edge-based analytics. It has a photo retention period of 30, 60, 90, or 365 days.

The CB51-TE bullet camera has a focal length of 8mm to 20mm and gives a 4K image resolution.

CB61 -E BULLET CAMERA – $1,799

Comprising similar features to the CB51-E, the CB61–E bullet camera provides a truly unmatched resolution. It has a T10 Security Torx screwdriver, screwback, and mounting template.

It contains an IR-cut filter for day and night function (low light conditions) and a focal length of 2.8mm to 8mm. With a 3x optical zoom lens, the Verkada CB61 – E bullet camera can be yours for $1,799.

To learn more, check out this article on Verkada Pricing.

Cloud License

Every Verkada camera solution comes with a hardware license. You must register and get a cloud license whenever you buy a Verkada video security camera. The cloud license costs $199 per camera per one-year license.

All Verkada cameras have a 10-year warranty starting from the date of shipment. The environmental sensors monitor the environment around the cameras and detect any changes that may occur across your facilities. Verkada believes in easy installation and maintenance. 

It works constantly to resolve and reduce minor issues to provide better solutions to its customers. The cameras’ high pixel density allows them to zoom in on distant objects without compromising image resolution.

Moreover, Verkada video security cameras provide helpful evidence in case of mishaps. Each Verkada camera stores footage in solid-state, significantly reducing the cost of extending systems. The cameras are web-managed, and all upgrades are competitive.

The Ultimate Guide to Verkada


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Verkada Competitors

There are several other commercial and home security providers out there. You can come across many security companies competing against Verkada to deliver end-to-end audio/video surveillance systems with patented technologies and intelligent analytics. Some of these companies are:

  • Hikvision
  • NEC
  • Intellivision
  • SiteOwl
  • Nexkey
  • GuardsLink
  • Digifort
  • Quantum
  • Ontic
  • IntuVision
  • Remote Eyes
  • Dell EMC Powerscale
  • KiwiVision
  • Viseum
  • Bosch Video Management System
  • COMCAST Business SmartOffice
  • Cisco Meraki MV
  • Eagle Eye Networks
  • PremiSys Access Control

Advantages of Verkada

Transparency is the ultimate characteristic of Verkada. It’s a company working for people to feel safe. Verkada believes that people should know about the goods and services they buy. Therefore, it delivers accurate information for its users. It uses innovative ways to strengthen and enhance security measures for its client’s safety. Let’s look at some of the advantages that Verkada offers you.

verkada security

Verkada: Features

Verkada security systems facilitate strengthening security systems and simplifying ownership. It contains proactive response features that reduce the need for every minute of on-site monitoring. Verkada security cameras are end-to-end encrypted, offering users secure access and remote monitoring. These highly scalable solutions retain both audio and video recordings. However, the footage retention period is different for each Verkada camera. Here, we have listed some of the significant features of Verkada to help you decide if it’s the right solution for your corporate or residential requirements.

Access Control

Access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. Verkada access control is a new product comprising a cloud-based management platform, a four-door controller, and mobile credentials via a smartphone app. This feature allows users remote access for management, unlocking, access schedules, and activity logs.

Find and Share videos through Verkada, and discover how simple it is to access and find footage. The hybrid cloud cameras featuring onboard processing enable Verkada security systems to analyze footage at the edge. This feature helps deter potential security threats and record any intrusion. This way, you can find the video you want by putting any indicator related to that incident.

Person of Interest Alerts

One of the main features of Verkada includes people’s analytics. This further includes the person of interest alerts. Person-of-interest alerts are created when a person is detected on-site with the same face as any preselected individual. It brings you speed and efficiency to investigate with powerful computer vision. Verkada’s people analytics solutions present you with high-resolution images of every person who comes and goes through the facility.

Moreover, it allows you to search and filter for people by time, date, gender traits, clothing color, and facial matches. You can view all scenes of a facial match where a person was detected. This functionality brings a higher level of efficiency for enterprises and businesses.

Easy to Maintain

Compared to legacy systems beset by outdated security vulnerabilities, Verkada offers you an easy-to-maintain security system with an automated approach. Unlike old DVR systems that need to be replaced, Verkada is constantly improving and updating its software. It ensures seamless delivery of updates without interrupting camera operability. This ultimately aids admins in staying ahead of emergency security threats while accessing all the latest features and upgrades.

Auto-leveling Innovation

Everyone wants perfect frames when it comes to footage. However, when talking about auto-leveling, achieving perfection seems impossible. Verkada works to improve straightening further and has introduced auto-leveling capacities. This further eliminates the need for possible micro-adjustments. The auto-leveling innovation introduced by Verkada uses an accelerometer, a device that determines the camera’s placement when installed by detecting and infusing the force of gravity. Moreover, it allows the camera to rotate the images without compromising image quality. The result of this innovative technique is precise and easy-to-handle surveillance footage.

Live Monitoring and Audio

The wide range of Verkada security cameras enables the owners to monitor live camera feeds simultaneously. It facilitates them through the mobile app by notifying them about the scenes within the facility. This helps the owners travel less and make fewer mistakes. Verkada strives to simplify and modernize video security systems with 4K security cameras and easy-to-use software with no additional configurations required. To top it all off, additional hardware is not required when teams have to stream events in real-time.

Face Blur

Organizations today are concerned with user privacy, and many want to avoid presenting detailed footage to others. Verkada’s face blur functionality elevates the security of its users and organizations. With Verkada’s face blur feature, organizations can share the footage with anyone, keeping individuals’ privacy intact. This is possible by blurring the faces of individuals within the frame. Such features enable concerned organizations to share the footage with anyone without committing privacy violations.

Video Verification via a Text Message Link

Verkada security solutions are handy when it comes to notifications. Your security system will alert you about any mishap in the surroundings. So, even if you are away, you’ll receive a text message, and you can instantly watch your monitoring screen. The Verkada security system can also call the police if any emergency is detected through the cameras. Thus, Verkada security systems are the best choice, especially for people in retail. Doing so reduces the time management issues often encountered while detecting the incident and calling the police. Verkada offers a professional 24/7 monitoring service for its customers.

Objective Video Evidence

Incidents may occur suddenly and unpredictably; however, they must be clearly and correctly documented for criminal investigations. Verkada security systems provide surveillance cameras that present digital evidence, a clear view, and a story of the incident. Verkada security cameras store the footage for 15 to 365 days, depending on your installed solution. For this reason, they are a source of objective video evidence. This feature answers the questions of what happened, who was involved, and when and how the compromise occurred in the first place. This evidence actively facilitates law enforcement agencies and supports their investigations. The footage can be pulled out independently without affecting internal resources.

10 Year Warranty

Verkada offers a 10-year product warranty for purchasing a Verkada security system. If something happens to your camera, you can email the details to the company at their official email address. The company will then review the request and ship the replacement order within 48 hours of approval.

No DVR/NVR Required

In the Verkada security systems, there is no need for local DVRs or NVRs. It provides a simple, more secure, and more accessible system management. Unlike traditional camera systems, Verkada entails a software-based automated approach, making your life easier.

Crowd Notifications Verkada proactively notifies you when the number of people exceeds what the administration preselected. All you have to do is to select a personal threshold for any given camera. You will receive an SMS or email if the number of people within that area surpasses the set limit.

Blackout Zones

Verkada makes sure its users feel safe while using their security systems. For this reason, they have a blackout zone feature as well. The blackout zone feature enables the surroundings within the camera’s field of view to be blacked out strategically, considering privacy concerns. This allows organizations to protect sensitive information while maintaining the visibility of critical areas.

Proactive Loss Prevention

The company proactively works to reduce and prevent loss. Verkada is always a step ahead in protecting its customers. Its integrated products protect the privacy of people using them. Moreover, if anything is reported to be misplaced, the facial protection feature gives out every minute detail of what, where, who, and when. By doing so, customers can quickly locate their goods and belongings.

The Ultimate Guide to Verkada


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Verkada Advantages

Security is a grave concern today, whether your home or business. Verkada security systems allow you to provide the best security for your employees and products. It discourages the involvement of third parties and restricts them from viewing and accessing sensitive information. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access and deal with the data. Below, we have filtered some of how Verkada has helped people worldwide.

verkada security cameras

Detect Potential Security Threats in Real Time

Effective incident response requires timely and correct detection of the incident. However, this has been the biggest challenge for companies dealing with security threats. No one can know when and how an attack will occur. Verkada makes sure to keep you safe from such problems. Therefore, as soon as the Verkada security cameras detect any suspicious activity, they take immediate action. By doing so, Verkada has helped detect and reduce potential threats.

Stay Updated

Verkada allows its customers to simultaneously monitor live camera remote feeds from multiple cameras. Its award-winning software does not require any additional configurations. It has helped people stay updated and watch events unfold at high resolution. Importantly, Verkada security systems also have a live audio feature. It means no additional hardware is required when people want to stream live events.

Facilitate Incident Investigations

Verkada security systems have been shown to simplify and facilitate event investigations. How does Verkada achieve this? Verkada security cameras store the footage for 15 to 365 days. Whenever evidence is needed, Verkada security systems help you secure the relevant data. In this way, you can provide criminal investigation agencies with hard evidence to help with their investigation process. Verkada security systems piece together a clear picture of the incident that answers nearly all the questions of investigations. Furthermore, the archived clips are stored on the cloud-managed access control indefinitely.

Devise Response Strategy

After detecting potential threats, effective crisis communication is very important. Verkada security systems have enabled people to relay information to the concerned authorities at the right time. By doing so, they can devise effective response strategies that span organizations’ technical and business aspects. Through Verkada security systems, people could quickly tackle mishaps with unmatched response strategies.

Ease of Use

Compared to several other systems, Verkada provides an easy-to-use and effective system for its customers. Customers are more than satisfied to use Verkada security systems. To them, Verkada’s automated approach and unmatched software help avoid workplace frustrations and keep them unbothered from all sorts of problems.

Ease of Finding & Sharing Videos

Though Verkada has helped people in many ways, one of these is finding the videos and sharing them easily with others. Firstly, they can find videos with any indicator they remember from that incident and then share them with other people across the cloud.

Analyze People

Verkada’s people analytics feature has helped hundreds of customers analyze the people entering and leaving their camera’s field of view. Further adding to this, Verkada security systems also have a vehicle analytics feature that analyzes vehicles in and around the camera’s viewpoints.

Disadvantages Of Verkada

Every company works hard to provide its customers with the best services, and Verkada does. However, there are pros and cons to everything. As much as Verkada offers advantages, there are still some disadvantages you may want to consider when comparing security solutions. These are:

Higher Costs

Though Verkada provides unmatched security systems, you might need help with pricing. The prices of Verkada security systems are relatively higher than other Verkada competitors in the market. You might feel this as well; however, Verkada’s features compensate for their higher pricing.

It’s A Start-Up

Some people might be reluctant to spend a lot of money on a security system that is just a start-up. Yes, Verkada is a new company that was launched in 2016. However, Verkadits has been successfully working towards producing a better and safer future since its inception. It is the right choice for your security needs if you want to invest in Verkada security solutions.

Data Breach

Besides the fact that Verkada has always given primary importance to data privacy and protection, it still fell victim to hackers. The company suffered a massive data breach by an international group of hackers, allowing them to access 150,000 security cameras. The live feeds from these security cameras were exposed, including those in prisons, hospitals, and other high-security areas. Verkada was reported to have deactivated its accounts after the security cameras were breached.

Summary of Verkada Pros & Cons


  • Real-Time Threat Detection
  • Live Monitoring and Updates
  • Simplified Incident Investigations
  • Effective Response Strategy
  • User-Friendly System
  • Efficient Video Management
  • People and Vehicle Analytics


  • Higher Costs
  • Startup Status
  • Data Breach Incident

Verkada Technological Innovations

Verkada’s security systems stand out due to their incorporation of advanced technological innovations. A key feature is the use of AI algorithms in their people analytics. These algorithms enable sophisticated facial recognition and behavior analysis, allowing the system to accurately identify individuals and track movement patterns.

This technology is beneficial for enhancing video security and operational efficiency, as it can quickly identify unauthorized individuals or unusual activities. By leveraging AI and sophisticated hardware, Verkada enhances the effectiveness and user-friendliness of its security systems, making them a top choice for modern surveillance needs.

Verkada: Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Verkada Store Videos?

The footage retention period is different for each Verkada security camera. The minimum storage capacity is 15 days. However, Verkada offers cameras for more extended footage retention periods as well. The maximum footage retention period that Verkada offers is 365 days.

Why is Verkada Different?

Verkada’s software-driven, intelligent, and automated approach differentiates it from other companies. Furthermore, Verkada cameras are cloud-connected and fully encrypted. Verkada constantly upgrades its physical and video security for the upcoming digital age.

Is Verkada Any Good?

Verkada is an excellent solution for areas that require panoramic monitoring. It’s a great option for people looking for easy-to-implement surveillance systems that provide immediate value. It’s worth noting that Verkada offers a simple installation process and saves you from unnecessary problems.

How Do I Log Into Verkada?

To log into Verkada, you must first log into your command account from a web browser or Verkada command mobile application. For the configuration of any Verkada device, a command account is required. You only need to enter your name, email address, and password.

How Can I Change My Camera To Vertical?

To change your camera to a vertical position, access your camera’s setup menu. Locate the category for image orientation. Turn on the auto-rotate feature and take a picture with your camera oriented vertically.

Where Is Verkada Made?

Verkada hardware is developed in Taiwan by highly trusted manufacturer partners. These manufacturers are experts on guidelines for privacy and cybersecurity.

How Do I Adjust My Verkada Camera?

To adjust a Verkada camera, you need to select the desired camera. Then select the settings tab and the device tab, and click change. After doing so, select the desired orientation and save.

What is Verkada used for?

Verkada is used to provide cloud-based security and surveillance solutions. It offers a range of products and services, including security cameras, cloud-managed access control systems, and video management software, to help businesses monitor and secure their physical spaces. Verkada’s solutions are designed to enhance security, improve operational efficiency, and provide real-time insights into the physical environment of a facility or organization.


Safety and security are two of the unending concerns of the world. Instead of quaint and obsolete camera systems, Verkada’s compelling features give you value for your money and super beneficial functionalities. It can manage hundreds of users on a single platform. It’s interesting how Verkada solutions eliminate the need to linger between different systems to access and connect data. Verkada’s integrated access control system’s ability to grant granular levels of user permissions, automatic software and security updates, a fully operational system in minutes, and a user-friendly platform makes it unique from all Verkada competitors. It can retain footage reliably and minimize security risks of data loss. The three baseline advantages of Verkada are scalability, consistency, and ease of maintenance. Verkada has the vision to expand in all areas of life and protect people innovatively.

The Ultimate Guide to Verkada


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