10 Reasons To Consider A Wireless Alarm System For Your Business

Modern Alarm Keypad

If it’s time to install a new security system for your business, you might want to look at wireless alarm systems. Wireless alarms are excellent choices for several reasons – and not just because they look sleeker. Hardwired alarm systems have long been the system of use for most commercial applications – and in many […]

10 Reasons You Should Consider A Hardwired Alarm System

When securing a commercial facility or office building, hardwired systems are usually a better solution than wireless systems. They’re more reliable and more effective, while still capable of many of the same powerful system functions that wireless alarm systems come with. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Hardwired Alarm System. 1. Reliable […]

4 Reasons to Consider a Hardwired Alarm System

Hardwired Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm Systems might be extremely popular right now, but when it comes to reliability and durability, hardwired alarm systems are still a popular choice – and still offer many benefits that wireless alarm systems cannot yet match, despite being full of their own modern features. Keep reading to see how wired alarm systems work […]

6 Reasons Why Professional Alarm Installation Is The Way To Go

Camera Installation

When it comes to alarm installation, there’s a lot of different options and directions you could go in, from DIY home setups to professionally-installed and integrated commercial systems. While a quick, easy DIY alarm system might be okay for monitoring your front door on a tight budget, when you’re looking for high-level, comprehensive and effective […]

What is the Best Motion Detector for Security Systems?

How PIR Motion Detectors work

When shopping for different types of security systems and burglar alarms, you might see reference to Passive Infrared Sensors – more commonly known as PIR’s. PIR’s are the most commonly utilized type of sensor in motion detectors and security systems, as they are some of the most reliable when it comes to detecting motion in the […]