Low Voltage Contractor

low voltage cabling installation

Tips on Finding and Hiring the Right Low Voltage Contractor

You’ve got a commercial construction project that requires the services of a low voltage contractor.  Whether it is a reorganization of an existing structured cabling system to accommodate growth, a simple network cabling installation, or a large project that includes the above and a whole shooting match of Video Security, Alarm, Access Control and Audio Visual services, you want to make sure you are hiring the best Low Voltage Contractor for the job. Taking the time to research and vet...


The Different Types of Structured Cabling Used for Security Systems

Whether you're installing surveillance cameras, access control readers and locks, or data servers, you'll need the structured cabling that goes with your new security systems. Your security hardware will always connect to the structured cabling of your building, generally designed to be forward- and backward-compatible to support all the network devices you'll ever need. Most, if not all, wiring for security systems is low-voltage, which means a lot of electrical contractors also do security wiring. The best time to run...