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security audit checklist

Restaurant Security Checklist

Restaurant Security Checklist with PDF Download our restaurant security checklist PDF for a safer dining experience. Download Free PDF Checklist Checklist Highlights Ensure the safety

safety and security audit

Your Complete Security Audit Checklist

Importance of Security Audits In today’s world, the significance of physical security is often overshadowed by the attention given to digital threats. However, the physical

church and security camera

How To Create Church Security Plans

Churches are meant to be sacred spaces where people can safely gather to worship. Unfortunately, they are not immune to emergencies and disasters. In the

How to Splice Security Camera Wires

How to Splice Security Camera Wires

Splicing cables or wires is the act of combining two wires together, and it’s an indispensable skill for someone who owns or manages properties that

IP CCTV Camera

What Is An IP CCTV Camera?

Security cameras help keep businesses safe by deterring crime, and they are a staple in most businesses today. In fact, the question shouldn’t be whether

Workplace Security Systems​

Workplace Security Systems

Workplace Security Systems Transform your workplace from a soft target to a hard target with a security system tailored to you. Integrate video surveillance, intercom

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Multi-Site Security System

Multi-Site Security Systems Many businesses are part of larger properties with multiple locations. Safe and Sound Security has the ability to link various buildings and

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Security Consultant

Security Consultant Our Physical Security Consultants conduct assessments to make effective recommendations for all your security challenges. Onsite or virtually, we deliver actionable reports to


Storage Facility Security Systems

Storage Facility Security Systems Our storage facility security systems experts provide surveillance, alarm systems, and access control solutions to protect possessions in storage. Get in

Ready to arrange your FREE oil field surveillance demo? Contact Safe and Sound Security today to gain access to the industry’s best security solutions.

Oil Field Surveillance

Oil Field Surveillance Safe and Sound offers advanced oil field surveillance to keep your assets safe 24/7. Hire our team to assess the site of

Home Security Tips

Home Security Consultants

Home Security Consultants It’s easy to make your home safer than it’s ever been with a residential security consultant. Our team identifies weak points and

home security camera installation

Apartment Security Camera Laws

There are plenty of reasons to have security cameras in apartment buildings–to deter thieves, to identify criminals, and to prevent damage to the building by

clothes hanged in a retail store

Retail Security Solutions

After the upheaval of 2020 and 2021, retailers across the US are putting more effort than ever before into loss prevention and workplace security.  In

AXIS camera system

5 Best Multi-Family Security Systems

Multi-family buildings, whether they are high-rise apartment complexes or simple duplexes, have unique security needs. These buildings have a large number of “approved” individuals who

how to prevent construction site theft

How to Prevent Construction Site Theft

With construction projects taking anywhere from multiple days and even years coupled with the various tools and equipment left behind at job sites, construction site

Physical Security Policy

What Is A Physical Security Policy?

These days, almost all information that is important to a business is stored digitally–everything from schematics to passwords to customer information. But while cybersecurity and

home security system installation

Home Security System Installation

Home Security System Installation Your home is your castle.  Trust the home security system installation experts to build a moat around your property with a

what is a cctv camera

6 Effective School Security Measures

Across the country, school safety is a heated topic. Even before the pandemic, school leaders faced immense pressure from parents and community leaders demanding a

hotel security systems

How to Improve Hotel Security

Hotel security should be a top priority for every hotel and hospitality service.  Ensuring guests’ safety – and that of the staff – is paramount,

Camera Installation

DIY vs Professional Security System

When it comes to DIY vs professional security system installation, there’s a lot of different factors that you have to consider, from the size and

security system integration

Security System Integration

Security System Integration We provide professional security system integration to businesses across the country. As security experts with 14+ years working in the field, we

IoT Security Law California

California Law on IoT Security

As a relatively new industry, IoT (Internet of Things) poses an inherent cybersecurity risk for businesses. Since IoT started out in the 1990s, many business

business security system installation

Business Security Systems

Business Security Systems We’re professional business security system installers. We use commercial alarm systems to help protect your assets and customers. Get A Free Quote

Alarm.Com App

How The App Keeps You Secure

Smart Home Security Devices are reshaping the way people protect their homes, providing them with all-in-one, integrated solutions that can be controlled easily and remotely

Business security cameras

7 Business Security System Mistakes

Securing your business is no easy task. Employees, visitors, hackers and burglars all pose potential threats to your business’s security, and all require different methods

Home Security Breach

8 Common Home Security Mistakes

Most break-ins are crimes of opportunity, but there are also planned break-ins and burglaries. Dedicated burglars will spend time casing a neighborhood, taking stock of

Best Home Alarm Standing Security Camera and Apps

Security Options For Smart Homes

Smart home systems aren’t just for thermostats and light bulbs anymore. While security systems and surveillance have traditionally meant specialized and expensive systems, the advent

CCTV in an restaurant

Restaurant Security Tips

The restaurant business is already a notoriously hard business to make a profit in. As a restaurant owner or manager, you’re familiar with the various

Hikvision Camera surveillance in building construction

9 Tips to Enhance Warehouse Security

Industrial warehouse security presents a unique challenge for security integrators thanks to their contents and construction. As a manager or owner, you face a variety

security apps

The 6 Best Home Security Apps

Want to access your home security system remotely? There’s an app for that! The rise in mobile technology has driven substantial growth in the security