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NVR and DVR Channels Explained

When shopping for an DVR, you’ve probably seen terms like 16-Channel DVR or 8-Channel DVR being thrown about. Same when shopping for an NVR; 16

Ethernet Over Coax

What is Ethernet-over-Coax?

If you’re ready to make to the jump from an analog camera system to a digital IP system, there are a variety of different technologies

An Introduction to PoE Cameras

If you’ve been exploring the different options out there for security cameras, you’ve likely heard of the Power-Over-Ethernet, or PoE. This connection method is surveillance

What Does CCTV Stand For

An Introduction to CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are everywhere in commercial security — you’ve probably seen “CCTV Surveillance in Use” signs everywhere from your bank to the even local coffee

The Best Security Cameras of 2018

When putting together a comprehensive and effective CCTV surveillance system, it pays to invest in high-end and high-quality security cameras that perform well and will

Optical Zoom vs Digital Zoom in Security Cameras

Almost all security surveillance cameras have some form of digital zoom, while most nicer models will have some form of optical zoom; many even have both.  But what’s the difference between these two types of zoom?

PTZ Cameras

4 Benefits of Using PTZ Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras or (PTZ) cameras are a great way to keep large areas secure with fewer cameras. Many businesses are using PTZ cameras to keep their properties safe and secured.

commercial grade PTZ camera

What Is The ONVIF Standard?

ONVIF stands for Open Network Video Interface Forum and is an open industry forum for determining how IP cameras and other security products communicate with

Camera Lens Cut in Half

How Camera Lenses Work

When you use a camera today, you’re using an incredibly complex system to record a scene. Whether you’re a security professional looking for the best

What’s an IP Rating?

Outdoor security cameras are always labelled with something like “IP66”. What is it, and what does it mean? Those numbers are called an IP rating,

video verification vs video monitoring

Video Verification vs Video Monitoring

Commercial security systems are increasingly reliant on the advances in surveillance camera software to protect businesses and warehouses. Cameras provide more real-time data and analysis

NVR versus DVR

The Difference Between NVR and DVR

When you’re installing a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) System one of the first things you’re going to need to make a decision about, even before you think about layout or the type of camera [LINK] is whether you’re going to build your CCTV system as an NVR (Network Video Recording) or DVR (Digital Video Recording) system. Despite the similarity of the acronyms, the two types of systems are built a little differently, with pros and cons for each. The type of CCTV system that you install for your home or business will depend heavily on your needs and expectations for the system, as well as the available infrastructure that you’re building onto.

A Brief History of Video Surveillance

Video surveillance seems like such a modern concept. When we think of CCTV security footage, most of us have an image from the 80s or 90s of a black-and-white, grainy video feed, crested by the occasional refresh-rate artifact. And anyway, it can’t be that old, right? Weren’t personal video recorders, the giant black boxes we all remember from our childhood vacations to the Grand Canyon, a firmly 80s technology?