Video Surveillance Systems Jacksonville

Video Surveillance Systems Jacksonville

Video Surveillance Systems Jacksonville Installer Safe and Sound Security has emerged as the go-to company for cutting-edge surveillance systems and professional installations to protect Jacksonville’s

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Backstreet Surveillance Partner

Backstreet Surveillance Installation Partner Better Protection. Better peace of mind. Equip your property with Backstreet Surveillance—the award-winning security system. Get A Free Quote Backstreet Surveillance

HikVision Professional technician installing Security Camera

Who Installs Security Cameras?

Once you make the decision that you need a security camera system, the next thing you have to think about is who’s going to install

Remote Construction Site Monitoring

Best Construction Time Lapse Camera

The best construction time-lapse camera should capture workdays videos in HD, condense them into seconds or minutes of play, and automatically create engaging mini-movies for

home security camera installers

Home Security Camera Installation

Home Security Camera Installation Home is where our minds are at ease. Maintain that peace of mind 24/7 with a camera installation that provides watchful

Surveillance Camera Installation Cost

Surveillance Camera Installation Cost

Security cameras may come in at different prices but so do installation costs. Typically, the average surveillance camera installation cost in the US is $1,500.

different types of security cameras

Different Types of Security Cameras

Security cameras of various types are frequently used for the protection of personal and private property. This article explains the types of security cameras and

different types of security cameras

Where to Place Security Cameras

Protecting your property starts with knowing where to place security cameras. These devices promise to combat threats when strategically placed in the right spot. We’ve

different types of security cameras

Verkada Review

Verkada security systems have helped thousands of people across the globe to detect, reduce, and prevent potential security threats. Proactive response features eliminate the need

what is a cctv camera

What is a CCTV Camera?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. The technology was first developed and used by Germans for monitoring V2 rocket launches. Later, the Americans followed and used

school security frequently asked questions

School Video Surveillance Policy

How does the school video surveillance policy work? A school video surveillance policy is designed to make certain the legal and professional use of video

different types of security cameras

Security Camera Grants for Schools

What are school security camera grants? Security camera grants for schools provide safety for educational facilities through technology grants that cover security systems and associated

Commerical building perimeter security.

3 Best Perimeter Security Camera Systems

When it comes to security in today’s highly technological and health-conscious world, organizations often prioritize cybersecurity and touchless technology while overlooking the importance of perimeter

4 Benefits of Using PTZ Cameras

The ONVIF Standard Explained

ONVIF stands for Open Network Video Interface Forum and is an open industry forum for determining how IP cameras and other security products communicate with

rhombus systems installers

Rhombus Systems

Rhombus Systems Installer & Dealer Provide cutting-edge protection to your business with top-notch Rhombus Systems security cameras, consoles, and more. With over a decade of

camera footage


VIVOTEK Installer Enforce smart surveillance to capture everything that happens in your business, with VIVOTEK. As a licensed VIVOTEK installer, we have 14+ years of

office security cameras

Digital Watchdog

Digital Watchdog Installer Get cutting-edge video surveillance and VMS software with Digital Watchdog. We’re a trusted Digital Watchdog installer with 14+ years of experience providing

Buy Verkada


Verkada Security Installer Modernize your business with a Verkada security system. As a trusted Verkada installer, we provide, install, and integrate Verkada security cameras and

VMS integration


ExacqVision Dealer & Installer Benefit from the latest VMS functionality with ExacqVision video management. We deal with and install an expansive range of ExacqVision server

Verkada installer

Eagle Eye Cameras

Eagle Eye Cameras Equip your facility with an elite security solution with Eagle Eye cameras from Eagle Eye Security Networks. Our installers have 10+ years

security app

Honeywell Commercial Security

Honeywell Commercial Security As authorized Honeywell security dealers, we design, install, and integrate Honeywell security systems for commercial applications of every size. We offer high-quality

genetec authorized dealers

Genetec Authorized Dealer

Genetec Authorized Dealer Enhance the transparency and security of your organization by implementing Genetec Security Center into all of your facilities. Get A Free Quote

5 best license plate reader software

License Plate Reader Cameras

License Plate Readers Protect your commercial property with a license plate reader camera installation. Receive alerts to your phone when a blacklisted license plate enters

avigilon certified partners

Avigilon Certified Partner

Avigilon Certified Partner Protect every essential aspect of your business when you install a security system with Safe and Sound, an Avigilon certified partner. Get

FLIR Authorized Dealer

FLIR Authorized Dealer

FLIR Authorized Dealer As a FLIR authorized dealer, we provide, install, and integrate FLIR security camera systems and software. Get A Free Quote FLIR Authorized



Arcules Our team provides and installs Arcules security for maximum security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, creating an optimal customer and user experience. Get A Free Quote

Hanwha security

Hanwha Security

Hanwha Security As a Hanwha security camera authorized dealer we provide, install and integrate your cameras with your new or existing security system. Get A

Dahua authorized dealer

Dahua Authorized Dealer

Dahua Authorized Dealers As an authorized Dahua reseller, we provide, install, and integrate end-to-end Dahua security solutions. Get A Free Quote Dahua Authorized Dealer Equip

Bosch security dealers

Bosch Security Dealers

Bosch Security Dealers As Bosch Security Dealers we provide, design, install and integrate Bosch security systems, security cameras and access control systems. Get A Free

LTS Security

LTS Security Authorized Dealer

LTS Security Authorized Dealer As a LTS Security Authorized Dealer we provide, install and integrate your LTS cameras to your new or existing security system.

best outdoor security cameras

Axis Security Cameras

Axis Security Cameras Dealer & Installer We’re an Axis security camera installer and dealer specializing in integrating your security system with the Axis VMS. Get

HikVision Professional technician installing Security Camera

Hikvision Authorised Installer

Hikvision Authorised Installer & Dealer As Hikvision authorized installers and dealers, we plan, design, and integrate Hikvision camera systems to suit your business security needs.

business alarm monitoring service

Video Monitoring Services

Video Monitoring Services Use video monitoring services and security camera analytical software to save money on the costs of on-site personnel. Get A Free Quote


Cloud Based Security Cameras

Cloud Based Security Camera Systems For Business Monitoring Eliminate the cost of a traditional DVR/NVR security system by switching to cloud-based security camera storage. Get


Video Management Software

Video Management Software We integrate video management software and commercial security systems to deliver proactive protection to your assets and customers. Get A Free Quote

Milestone VMS

Milestone Software Solutions

Milestone Software Solutions Provide unparalleled site safety and transparency to customers, employees, and partners with a package from Milestone Software Solutions. Get A Free Quote

security camera installers

Security Camera Installers

Security Camera Installers Safe and Sound Security offers world-class security camera systems installed by professional security camera system installers. Get A Free Quote Get A

Delta Shores Parking Lot Security Case Study

Parking Lot Security Camera Case Study: Delta Shores

Just The Facts: Customer: Delta Shores Challenge: A 1-million-square-foot shopping center required a video surveillance system to better secure parking lots and reduce loitering. Solution: Leveraging technology to

Parking lot security camera installation

Parking Lot Security Camera Installation

Parking Lot Security Cameras We design, engineer and install parking lot security cameras for property managers, contractors and office managers. Get A Free Quote Parking