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Milestone vs Avigilon: Which is Better?

Integrators describe VMS as the foundation upon which every other surveillance tool rests. A robust, cost-effective, open platform and scalable VMS system maximizes the operation

How to Make the Most of Milestone XProtect

When Milestone developed XProtect in the late 1990s, the video surveillance landscape looked vastly different than today. CCTV and analog equipment prevailed, and black-and-white footage was

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An Overview of Avigilon Control Center

“It’s all about the analytics,” states Gary Sherry. As regional sales manager in the San Francisco Bay Area for Avigilon.com, a Motorola Solutions company, Sherry

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An Introduction to VMS for CCTV

In Hartford, Connecticut, live surveillance cameras blanket the city, and ShotSpotter gunshot technology checks for gunfire, giving police a 24/7 visual of what’s happening on

Do You Need A VMS for CCTV?

Commercial security systems rely on many moving parts to protect your business, and more often than not they revolve around your surveillance cameras. Security cameras


What Can VMS for CCTV Do?

Surveillance cameras are almost taken for granted as an integral part of your commercial security system. No matter your business size, you’ve got cameras monitoring