Cloud Based Security Cameras

Eliminate the cost of a traditional DVR/NVR security system by switching to cloud-based security camera storage.

Cloud Based Security Cameras

Eliminate the cost of a traditional DVR/NVR security system by switching to cloud-based security camera storage.

Cloud Based Security Cameras

Cloud-based security cameras have dramatically revolutionized the way security systems operate in the modern landscape by cutting costs, the need for personnel, and constant hardware maintenance.

A traditional camera installation service with DVR systems heavily relies on upfront work: Installers must configure cameras, deploy storage servers, and manually install an operating software throughout the security system.

But with cloud-based security camera systems for business monitoring, there is little to no upfront work, as nothing more than a bridge appliance is needed to connect the system to the cloud. Once the bridge is connected, all devices are autoconfigured, and the system transfers all data directly to the cloud – without the need to store footage in on-site hardware.

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Business Security Camera Systems

Business security camera systems provide the protection and transparency necessary to businesses in every industry.

Instead of starting from scratch and building a customized cloud based video surveillance system, businesses can opt to buy a pre-assembled cloud security camera package. Several different cameras, such as night vision, PTZ, license plate readers, and more can be included in a package, to ensure IP camera installation is possible in any desired area. As a firm continues to grow, so too can its security system by simply adding more devices.

Business systems operating on cloud-based networks can provide remote video playback from cameras present in hallways, parking lots, staircases, entrances, and any other critical area.

Strengthen the performance of your organization with cloud based security camera systems for business surveillance. Our business security camera system installers help you prevent crime, determine unsafe points, and streamline your business operations.

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Cloud Storage

Eliminate the cost of a traditional DVR/NVR security system by switching to a cloud-based video surveillance storage.

CCTV cloud storage surveillance cameras directly upload footage into a cloud server, which can then be accessed from any remote location. Footage that is uploaded to the cloud is then monitored by the provider’s IT staff, meaning your business doesn’t have to take on the costs of hiring security guards. Cloud security cameras can be controlled and managed remotely, giving your business added convenience and safety.

Best of all, security camera cloud storage reduces security costs by charging just a subscription fee. The software, camera devices, and management system continue to receive automated updates as the provider evolves, allowing businesses to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and protect the employees and customers that drive their success. Get in touch with our expert cloud-based camera installation service providers today.

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Bridges and CMVRs

With an Eagle Eye CMVR or Eagle Eye bridge, you can transmit data directly from a security system into cloud-based storage.
Eagle Eye CMVR devices store videos captured from security cameras onto cloud-managed video recorders that hold the content locally. Content can then be accessed remotely at any point in time, which effectively transfers the stream off the CMVR and onto the cloud.

An Eagle Eye bridge is the ideal solution for businesses that wish to immediately transfer data to the cloud, since the device acts as the connection between a security camera system and a cloud-storage device. Once a bridge is installed, all security cameras and systems become autoconfigured, and send all future content directly to a cloud-storage server.

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Cloud Based Video Analytics

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Cloud-based video analytics help identify key factors of success for businesses monitoring the activities on their premises.

Cloud video management systems partnered with AI detection and surveillance camera installation work around the clock to identify the trends, processes, and activities that play crucial roles in your business. Machine learning software bundled with algorithms learns to quickly detect a variety of objects such as cars, people, shipping containers, bicycles, and more.

After just a short amount of time, the innovative cloud video surveillance software presents data and insights from processes, incidents, and encounters to help identify where a business needs improvement and expansion.

Cloud Based Security Camera Systems for Business

An advantage of cloud-based video surveillance over regular security cameras is the added flexibility you get using cloud technology. As an authorized dealer of various leading cloud security camera and software brands, we know how to integrate different security systems together to fit the specific needs of your business. 

We are also experienced in integrating other security equipment into cloud camera systems, including burglar alarms, building access control, and intercom systems. Our goal is to build a complete security system that protects your business from all angles, ensuring total crime prevention. Find out how our IP camera installation experts can protect your business with superior cloud technology and integration.

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Cloud Based Video Surveillance Apps

Many of today’s cloud-based security camera systems pair with smartphone apps, giving users a wide range of features and benefits. With cloud based video surveillance apps, you can view and manage live and recorded footage from your smartphone or a secure web browser, no matter where you are. This means if you’re away from your business, or if you have multiple locations to manage, you can simply open the app and see what’s happening in and around your building at any time. 

With a cloud-based smartphone app, business owners, operators, and employees never have to miss an incident, whether that be an emergency, a delivery, or a visitor. And with mobile credentials, employees can access facilities using just their phones, eliminating the inconvenience, security risks, and lockouts that can come with old-fashioned physical keys.

Security Camera Cloud Storage

Not only can security camera cloud storage reduce costs and get the eyes of IT security professionals on your business — it also allows you to easily access and share security camera footage from your device. 

With cloud video storage, you can quickly retrieve important information if anything happens, which is helpful in identifying criminal offenders, minimizing the liability of your business, and getting video footage of crimes to the appropriate authorities. 

Eliminating the need for physical video storage systems makes finding what you need easier: With security camera cloud storage and software, you get streamlined video access, performance monitoring, and video search functions. 

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CCTV Cloud Storage Data Protection

With CCTV cloud storage, businesses get full end-to-end data encryption, ensuring no hackers can gain access to video footage and data. Old-fashioned storage methods such as DVRs and NVRs can be vulnerable to cyber-security breaches, due to their lack of encryption. 

With a CCTV cloud storage solution, you get 24/7 peace of mind that your data is protected, since all your video footage is encrypted before it enters the cloud. This means only authorized administrators of your security system will be able to access, view, and share the footage. 

Thanks to cloud systems’ regular and automatic security updates, cloud-based cameras get ongoing protection against bad actors. What’s more, cloud storage is not vulnerable to physical damage, like DVRs and NVRs. If a physical system is damaged, it could result in loss of data. By contrast, video footage in the cloud can be easily accessed as long as you have internet connection.

Cloud Video Management

A cloud video management system uses software to collect and store footage from cloud security cameras into a centralized and manageable platform. We provide a variety of cloud video management solutions to help businesses monitor activities and detect crime across all locations. With modern cloud-based video management software, you get benefits ranging from unified security management, easy access to live and recorded video, the ability to add and delete authorized users from the system, and more. 

Cloud-based video management is a great choice for businesses that plan on expanding, since it is easy to add new locations to cloud management systems without spending excessive time or money, or buying a new NVR for each location. Cloud storage combines all business locations into one streamlined platform, making it easy to remotely manage business security across all facilities. Safe and Sound technicians work to reduce your expenses and streamline your business security system with high-quality cloud VMS systems, accessible from a smartphone or web browser.

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Cloud Video Surveillance Software

We provide and install cutting-edge cloud video surveillance software for your business. With cloud software systems integrated with commercial security cameras, businesses gain an extra layer of security, as well as valuable insights to help operators promote growth. As a trusted provider of cutting-edge cloud based software, we know how to choose, install, and integrate cloud software for many different applications.

Businesses can use cloud video surveillance software for video monitoring and sensor data collection, staff planning optimization, analysis of business trends, license plate scanning, and advanced object recognition capabilities that let cameras recognize people, vehicles, and various objects. 

And thanks to advanced facial recognition and heat mapping, you can gain a complete picture of everything that goes on in your business, which you can access and search from any device. With video analytics software, users can quickly detect crimes and intrusions, effectively monitor point-of-sale interactions, create hierarchical location maps, and more. 

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