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Commercial Grade Security Cameras

Keep unauthorized intruders out of your business and protect your valuable assets with commercial grade security cameras. We provide and install a range of enterprise-level security cameras that use the most innovative features to safeguard commercial buildings 24/7.

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Commercial Surveillance System Installers

Does your business need enterprise-level security solutions for keeping an eye on your operations? Do you have multiple business locations you want to monitor from one place? At Safe and Sound Security, we provide a range of commercial grade security cameras to suit the needs of any business. Whether you have a hotel, office building, warehouse, retail store, cannabis facility, or any other commercial facility, we can craft the right commercial surveillance systems to protect your valuable assets and streamline your business operations.

Commercial Security Solutions

Our security camera installers provide scalable security solutions to accommodate business growth, so the capacity of your security system never has to be a factor in your success. Safe and Sound commercial-grade security cameras for enterprises ensure 24/7 protection by leveraging the most cutting-edge technology to let you instantly detect and prevent crimes. Our CCTV systems accurately detect and prevent crime in your business, using high-resolution lenses, sophisticated motion detection sensors, and clear night vision. This ensures any crime that happens in your lot will be clearly visible, making it possible to identify perpetrators and even read license plates.

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CCTV Cameras for Businesses

Protect your business with commercial cameras that deliver powerful, consistent monitoring for crystal-clear images and easy identification of everyone in the area. With commercial-grade CCTV camera systems, you can rest assured everything that happens in and around your facilities will be accurately captured.

Our commercial cameras are designed for high-performance applications in a wide range of lighting and weather conditions. Not only do Safe and Sound Security cameras protect your valuable business assets — they are tailored to streamline your operations. We integrate security cameras with VMS software, cloud storage, video analytics, and more, ensuring every high-risk area in your business has complete security coverage.

Commercial-Grade Camera Features:

Infrared Night Vision

AI and Video Analytics

Fever Detection

License Plate Reading

IoT Compatibility

Mobile Surveillance

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Custom Commercial Security and Surveillance Solutions

At Safe and Sound Security, our number one priority is safeguarding your business against crime. Our expert installers are experienced with a wide range of leading technologies on the market today, so whether you need a small camera system or a large enterprise network of 4k security cameras decked out with the latest features, we know how to craft the right commercial solution.

Guard against false claims, recover stolen assets, and prevent crime with Safe and Sound commercial-grade security cameras. Our high-performance cameras use advanced sensors and sophisticated low-light recording, making them the best choice for identifying and catching perpetrators every time.

Video Surveillance for Businesses

Get cloud-based security camera solutions for maximum storage, connectivity, and flexibility for your growing business. We service businesses with multiple locations, letting you unite each separate security system into one simple platform. This makes it easy to control the security of your entire business, despite long distances and large numbers of facilities.

Our enterprise security solutions also give you the option to instantly alert local authorities the second a crime is detected. This means you can rest assured nothing will happen to hurt your business without you knowing about it and getting authorities to the scene. With instant alerts sent straight to your smartphone any time an intrusion is detected, you never have to be out of the loop.

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Commercial-Grade Cameras: Do You Need Them?

Commercial-grade cameras are designed specifically to tackle the security challenges businesses face. Lower-grade security cameras record fine when there is plenty of light, but they fail when nighttime crimes occur. The illumination capabilities of most low-grade cameras are short-range and tend to over-expose images, making them hard to see and foiling your attempts to identify the perpetrators of a crime. Since many crimes against businesses occur at night when facilities are closed, any commercial application that wants guaranteed security should opt for a higher quality commercial-grade camera system.

To learn more about which commercial cameras are right for your business, check out our ultimate guide to security camera installation here.

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Smart Commercial Camera Solutions

With our innovative video management systems, you can use AI to search video footage for any objects, people, or vehicles you want, rather than spending hours looking through footage for an event. Deep learning capabilities let cameras progressively “learn” how to identify people and objects more accurately. This gives you complete control over your commercial surveillance systems, and makes it easy to collect evidence any time a crime happens in your business.

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Safe and Sound commercial security camera system installers work with you to design and install a camera system that meets all your business security needs. Our experts then continue to maintain your security camera system over its lifetime, to ensure peak-level functioning at all times.

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