Digital Watchdog Installer

Get cutting-edge video surveillance and VMS software with Digital Watchdog. We’re a trusted Digital Watchdog installer with 14+ years of experience providing state-of-the-art security camera systems to businesses.

Digital Watchdog Installer

Get cutting-edge video surveillance and VMS software with Digital Watchdog. We’re a trusted Digital Watchdog installer with 14+ years of experience providing state-of-the-art security camera systems to businesses.

Digital Watchdog Authorized Dealer

As a Digital Watchdog authorized dealer, Safe and Sound provides, installs, and integrates a full range of Digital Watchdog security products. We outfit businesses of all sizes with video surveillance systems, from small businesses to large enterprise networks. Our experts know how to select and install Digital Watchdog security solutions using HD over Coax and HD IP technology. No matter what size and type of business application you have, we can safeguard it with tailored security camera systems. We install Digital Watchdog security in office buildings, apartment complexes, warehouses, retail establishments, cannabis facilities, schools, gated communities, and more.

Why Digital Watchdog?

Digital Watchdog has been providing business with high-quality digital recorders, surveillance cameras, and VMS software since 1987. An innovative leader in the video monitoring market, Digital Watchdog currently protects 60% of the top 20 global brands in key vertical markets.

We provide and install Digital Watchdog security cameras, NVR and DVR systems, and VMS software for businesses across the country. Find out what Digital Watchdog security has to offer with our professional installers and consultants.

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Clear 4K Resolution

High-resolution Digital Watchdog cameras provide crystal clear megapixel recording.

Mobile App

The Digital Watchdog mobile app offers remote surveillance from any device, even while off-site.

Flexible Installation

Digital Watchdog cameras can be installed using existing coaxial cables or IP technology.

Abundant Features

Digital Watchdog has an extensive range of local features that make security scalable for the best video surveillance.

Data Analytics

A range of cameras offer built-in data analytics for detecting perimeter intrusion, line crossing, and more.

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Digital Watchdog Repair

Safe and Sound technicians provide comprehensive Digital Watchdog repair and maintenance services for all businesses. With over 14 years of experience in security system installation and maintenance, we have what it takes to keep your Digital Watchdog cameras functioning at the highest level. Our experts carefully assess your surveillance system, then target any challenges with focused, solution-oriented work. Once it is installed, we maintain and repair your Digital Watchdog system for the rest of its lifetime.

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Digital Watchdog Reseller

Choose Safe and Sound as your Digital Watchdog reseller, and rest assured you’re putting your commercial security in the right hands. We are experienced in selecting the perfect security systems for each facility, creating a strategic blend of security technology that protects your business from all angles. Our installers carefully optimize your Digital Watchdog system for the best possible functioning, providing clear video footage that monitor and record key areas in and around a facility. We know how to integrate Digital Watchdog technology with access control, intercoms, and burglar alarm systems to form a complete security system.

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Digital Watchdog Demo

Get a free Digital Watchdog demo with our expert security consultants, and learn more about the system’s range of features and functionalities. We walk you through Digital Watchdog surveillance systems, helping you find out which system is right for your specific application. Safe and Sound technicians are experienced in creating custom plans to protect all kinds of facilities with tailored, targeted security. Get a Digital Watchdog demo today to learn more, and get answers to your security questions.

Safe and Sound experts install and set up cloud-based Digital Watchdog technology, letting users view live and recorded security camera footage from a smartphone app or web browser. This lets you keep tabs on your building security around the clock. Remote camera monitoring gives building managers and operators 24/7 peace of mind, enables quick response to incidents, and lets users verify the identity of visitors before letting them in. Find out how our experts can upgrade your commercial security today.

Buy Digital Watchdog

Our experts know how to help you buy Digital Watchdog systems that complement your business operations. To address your business’s unique security challenges, we work with you to design and optimize your security system so it meets all your needs.

Digital Watchdog Technology Features:​

Digital Watchdog Star-Light Plus provides color recording in near-total darkness. High-resolution DW cameras can capture clear images even without ambient light.

Digital Watchdog cameras feature double-shutter wide dynamic ranges, rendering clear and crisp images in a variety of lighting situations.

The CleanView coating treatment repels water spots, dust, and grease from cameras to prevent harmful buildup and improve visibility.

Digital Watchdog smart infrared cameras automatically adjust images to compensate for excessive illumination.

MEGApix® CaaS 4MP LPR cameras accurately capture license plates at up to 60 mph, even in extreme light conditions.

Who Should Use Digital Watchdog:

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Digital Watchdog Reviews

Digital Watchdog Reviews praise the security system for taking video surveillance to the next level with innovative technology. Digital Watchdog’s high-resolution cameras and comprehensive range of features earn it great ratings from customers. As an ideal solution for both small applications and large enterprise businesses, Digital Watchdog offers ease of use and powerful security in one streamlined system. The DW app is also a draw for customers, since app-based monitoring is becoming essential in today’s mobile world.

Digital Watchdog Pricing

Digital Watchdog pricing depends on specific products, with security cameras starting around $150. Extra features, such as higher resolutions, license plate recognition, outdoor hardware, and audio communication generally raise the price of a camera system. Digital Watchdog DVRs cost around $400. Digital Watchdog provides Spectrum licenses for cameras, as well as free mobile apps. Contact our experts for a free quote today.

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Digital Watchdog Installer

As a trusted Digital Watchdog installer, we offer Digital Watchdog products for businesses of all sizes. Our experts personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, carefully ensuring your security system is set up for optimal functioning. With Safe and Sound Digital Watchdog installation, your system will work without a hitch.

Digital Watchdog vs hikvision

Digital Watchdog vs Hikvision

Both Digital Watchdog and Hikvision provide high-quality, unified video monitoring and management at reasonable prices. Digital Watchdog specializes in Spectrum-based servers, giving it an easy-to-use platform, as well as high-resolution megapixel cameras. Hikvision is a larger supplier, with a wide range of high-tech products, including thermal heat mapping cameras and AI capabilities. Both systems offer cloud storage. Find out which system is right for you by getting in touch with our security experts today!

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