DMP Installer

As an authorized DMP installer, we provide end-to-end, sophisticated DMP security systems to protect your business from crime around the clock. We offer top-quality DMP intrusion detection systems, fire alarms, and access control panels and accessories.

DMP Installer

As an authorized DMP installer, we provide end-to-end, sophisticated DMP security systems to protect your business from crime around the clock. We offer top-quality DMP intrusion detection systems, fire alarms, and access control panels and accessories.

DMP Installer

Integrate your business security system into a unified solution that is scaled precisely to your needs, with a DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) security system. We’re a DMP authorized dealer who works to provide the highest quality of security system installation for your business. We personally tailor your DMP security solution to your unique commercial facility, creating a system that works optimally with your business operations at every level.

DMP’s integrated security solutions feature flexible configuration, so you can customize your system to work for you. We supply a wide range of DMP products, including all-in-one touchscreen keypad systems, security cameras, video doorbells, intrusion detectors, Z-Wave devices, door access systems, and a range of customizable modules.

Safe and Sound Security experts know how to install your system in a way that provides the best of all the that benefits that DMP has to offer. With a DMP system, you can remotely access a range of features from a convenient central platform, including:

✔ Arm and disarm systems

✔ Lock and unlock business entrances

✔ Manage other users’ access rights

✔ Schedule events

✔ Run analysis and evaluation reports

With the DMP Virtual Keypad app, users can access a wide range of security functions, including arming/disarming, checking status, area arming and output control, as well as remotely controlling lights, thermostats, door locks, appliances, cameras, and more.

DMP reseller

DMP Reseller

Get in touch with our DMP reseller experts to experience unified business security with innovative remote monitoring, today. DMP enables remote internet connection to your security system from a web browser or smartphone app, meaning you can easily check in on your business security no matter where you are. We provide DMP security systems that work with network, cellular, and dial-up in an all-in-one, feature-rich solution.


Get in touch with Safe and Sound We offer top-notch DMP XT50 and XTLplus panels, which both include built-in two-way wireless capabilities for maximum system speed and ease of use. With the DMP XR550 Series, users can create, configure, and manage up to eight communication paths between the panel and monitoring service, giving you complete peace of mind that your system is continuously being monitored.

DMP video doorbell

DMP merges sophisticated technology with user-friendly, intuitive platforms. Our security experts provide full training on all DMP systems, giving you and your personnel all the tools you need to maximize your security. Thanks to DMP systems’ ease of use, any false alarms that occur can easily be detected, and real emergencies can get the quick response they deserve. We install comprehensive DMP systems in businesses of all sizes, ranging from small single-location applications to large enterprises that span across the country.

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DMP Demo

Experience DMP’s range of features and functionalities with a free DMP demo. Our experts provide comprehensive information about DMP security systems, helping you discover which system best suits your business needs. We answer your questions and provide security tips and tricks to business owners and managers. 

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DMP Pricing

DMP pricing depends on the security provider you choose to work with, and the system model. DMP systems offer low costs with a high return on investment for your business. DMP app updates are free to all users. Get in touch with us today for a free DMP quote!

DMP Reviews

DMP reviews give DMP systems great ratings for their customizable build, convenient remote features, and user-friendly interface. Customers enjoy a blend of convenience and maximum security when they choose DMP. The security system lets users monitor their property, view all security events, and decide who can access business entrances, all in one convenient platform. 

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DMP Installer

As a trusted DMP installer, we offer DMP products for businesses of all sizes. Our experts personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, carefully ensuring your system is set up for optimal functioning. With Safe and Sound DMP installation, your system will work without a hitch. 

DMP Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer DMP repair and maintenance services for the rest of your security system’s lifetime. Whether it’s a small setup or a huge enterprise security network, we have the expertise to keep your DMP system running smoothly and securely.

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dmp vs dsc


As a smaller company than DSC, DMP generally support less integration with third-party systems than DSC security, but it supports more wireless zones. DSC has the advantage of integrating with, whereas DMP features interactive options such as attrition detection, user check-in, and an inactivity monitor. To find out more about which system works best for you, get in touch with our expert security consultants today!

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