DSC Installer

Safeguard your business with the best in electronic security by contacting our DSC installer experts. With 14+ years of experience designing and installing security systems, we know how to provide the right DSC security system for your business.

DSC Installer

Safeguard your business with the best in electronic security by contacting our DSC installer experts. With over 14 years of experience designing and installing security systems, we know how to provide the right DSC security system for your business.

DSC Authorized Dealer

As the preferred DSC authorized dealer for businesses across the country, we provide a diverse range of DSC’s interactive security systems. DSC (Digital Security Controls) is a branch of Tyco Security that provides leading-edge electronic security control panels and alarm monitoring systems for businesses.

DSC’s continuously evolving systems keep them at the forefront of commercial intrusion products. DSC security products are automated, interactive, and designed to deliver the best user experience available to your customers and employees. We install and integrate DSC control panels, two-way audio devices, touch-screen and traditional keypads, sensors, modules, motion and glass break detectors, and more.

Wired And Wireless Solutions

Works with Alarm.com for Smartphone Use

Reliable Long-Distance Alarm Signals

Easy Upgrades for Business Growth

Pair with 1000+ Configurable Items

Scalable and Durable

Our experts know how to craft a comprehensive DSC security system that complements your business operations at every stage. We assess your facility for security challenges, then combine DSC panels, keypads, modules, sensors, and accessories to address those challenges.

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DSC Demo

Experience DSC systems’ range of features and functionalities with a free DSC demo. Our experts provide comprehensive information about DSC security systems, helping you discover which system best suits your business needs. We answer your questions and provide security tips and tricks to business owners and managers. 

DSC Reseller

Safe and Sound offers all DSC security panels, including the DSC PowerSeries Neo, a versatile hybrid system suitable for businesses ranging from small setups to large enterprises. The DSC PowerSeries Pro is a long-range, commercial grade wireless system designed for business growth and advanced cyber-protection. Other popular DSC panels include the DSC Lotega and the DSC Touch.

DSC Touch:

✔ Intuitive smart panel with interactive security management

✔ Integrates with Alarm.com for remote usage

✔ WiFi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and Image Sensor radio connectivity for smart automation

✔ All-in-one wireless communication 

✔ 7-inch LCD touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution

✔ Dual-path connectivity with integrated wi-fi and cellular

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When you buy DSC security systems with Safe and Sound, you’re ensuring you get the best quality of equipment, installation, and customer service. We can also pair your DSC system with Alarm.com, giving you a full suite of services available from a smartphone or web browser. With an Alarm.com integration, you can easily manage energy use and video monitoring to protect and improve your operations. Whether you have a small or large business, we can equip you with the right DSC security system for your needs.

Who Should Use DSC?

DSC Reviews

According to DSC reviews, the security company’s track record of innovation and use of powerful long-range wireless signals have earned it many devoted customers. DSC’s wide range of high-quality and continuously improving products also make the company a favorite.

DSC Pricing

DSC pricing varies widely depending on the size of your security system, added features, and the security models you choose to install. Safe and Sound works to provide the best quality of installation and consultation, at reasonable prices. Contact us today to get a free quote for DSC security!

Products that Integrate with DSC

Security Cameras

Access Control





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DSC Installer

As a trusted DSC installer, we offer DSC products for businesses of all sizes. Our experts personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, carefully ensuring your system is set up for optimal functioning. With Safe and Sound DSC installation, your system will work without a hitch. 

Cloudvue repair

DSC Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer DSC repair and maintenance services for the rest of your security system’s lifetime. Whether it’s a small setup or a huge enterprise security network, we have the expertise to keep your DSC system running smoothly and securely.

Cloudvue repair

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2gig vs dsc


2GIG and DSC are both advanced panel-based security systems with sensitive intrusion alarms. Both systems use Z-Wave technology, connect with Alarm.com to create smart areas, and offer great business automation features. DSC offers powerful technology and features true dual-path technology to use both wi-fi and cellular. On the other hand, users love 2GIG's extra-easy installation and its wide range of supported wireless sensors. Get in touch with our experts to find out which system works better for you today!

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