Farm Security

Millions of dollars in equipment are stolen from farms every year, resulting in heavy replacement costs and delays for farmers. A farm security system prevents crime on your farm and keeps your team safe at all times.

Safeguard your operations, animals, crops, and property from crime and intrusion with a high-quality farm security system.

We have 10+ years providing farm video surveillance systems, access control, and burglar alarms to ensure the safety of small and large farms. We design, install, and integrate tailored security systems, then we continue to maintain your system over its lifetime.

Farm Security Cameras

Farms are vulnerable to intrusion and theft of tools, equipment, and materials, including welders, generators, copper wiring, and more. That’s why we offer powerful security cameras for rural properties for farms of all sizes. Farm security cameras monitor properties around the clock, and alert you to any intrusions and burglaries.

A farm security camera system deters intruders who want to sneak into your property, as well as capturing their identity so you know who has stolen from you. With a mobile system and instant security alerts, you can see farm security footage on your phone, no matter where you are, and get automatic alerts every time a crime is detected.

Axis security camera

Rural Security Cameras

Protect your farm assets with a security system that pays for itself. Some benefits of rural security cameras include:

  • Capture faces of criminal offenders
  • Oversee farm operations
  • Survey remote lots and fields
  • Ensure your team follows regulations and protocols
  • Remotely monitor livestock
  • Record all sales and transactions
  • Monitor irrigation and water flow

Ranch Security Cameras

ranch security camera monitoring

Have a ranch that needs security camera monitoring? We offer high-resolution, weatherproofed ranch security cameras to monitor ranch operations, livestock, and equipment. Safe and Sound provides the most cutting-edge security technology to protect your operations. These include:

  • Innovative heat-detecting thermal cameras for detecting people, animals, malfunctioning equipment, and more.
  • Motion sensors to activate cameras every time movement is detected.
  • Object tracking to monitor individual pieces of equipment.
  • Smart video analytics to gain actionable business insights.
  • License plate reading cameras to identify and track every vehicle that enters your property.
  • Intercom systems to provide remote communication and unlocking of doors and gates.

Our experts know how to install and position ranch security cameras for maximum operating efficiency and effectiveness. We work with you to design the right system for the needs of your ranch.

Barn Cameras

long range wireless barn cameras

Safe and Sound barn cameras establish secure video monitoring in and around your barn, day and night. A camera system for barn facilities protects your valuable equipment and materials, as well as remotely monitoring livestock.

Security camera for barn systems are great for keeping you updated during foaling and calving seasons, monitoring barn entrances to deter intrusions, and monitor multiple barns, or multiple areas in and around a barn, from one secure location.

Long Range Wireless Barn Cameras

We offer the best long range wireless barn cameras available. Wireless farm security cameras transmit footage over a wireless network to keep you updated on all farm and barn events. Prevent theft of equipment, animals, and material with a video monitoring system.

When it comes to barn cameras, no wifi availability can be an issue. We know how to work around this to design a camera system that works in any setting. We use the latest farm security technology help you monitor crops, livestock, irrigation systems, and gates around the clock.

We use Ubiquiti wireless radio technology to provide innovative and secure wireless monitoring. Find out how we protected a 1-million-square-foot shopping center, all with wireless technology, here.

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Barn Monitoring System

Add convenience and security to your farming operations with a Safe and Sound barn monitoring system. We offer systems ranging from simple single-barn solutions to multiple-facility networks that use advanced monitoring technology.

Our barn monitoring systems and field surveillance camera technology keeps an eye on livestock, equipment, field operations, and crops. Safe and Sound offers the best outdoor security cameras for farm applications. Find out how we can protect your barn today.

Farm Security System

farm security

Looking for a comprehensive farm security system to protect and streamline your operations? We have what you need to protect your materials, livestock, and facilities from intrusion, theft, and vandalism. Safe and Sound Security experts combine farm access control, agriculture camera systems, and intrusion alarms into a tailored security system.

Find out why we’re known for delivering the best security camera system for farm facilities around the country. We use cutting-edge technology to enable mobile viewing, automatic alerts that help you stop crime in its tracks, and advanced detection of people and objects.

Rural CCTV Systems

Safe and Sound provides powerful rural CCTV systems for all farm facilities. Our cameras are sturdy, weatherproofed, and built to resist vandalism and contamination. Safe and Sound CCTV systems feature wide integration with a variety of security technology, meaning you can customize your cameras into the best system for your needs. We offer the best CCTV for farms of all sizes — find out how we can protect your farm operations today.

Crops Surveillance

crops surveillance

Remote crops surveillance helps you keep an eye on your growing operations at all times, as well as important areas such as irrigation wells and grain bins. By integrating modern RFID technology, our cameras can accurately identify and track each individual crop throughout growing and transport. Our agricultural surveillance represents the meeting of powerful security and modern convenience. Find out how we can unify your operations with comprehensive crops surveillance.

Farm Gate Security

farm gate security

Farm gate security is essential to keep your gate from acting as an open invitation to intruders and thieves. Safe and Sound installs complete farm gate security to let the right people in, and keep the wrong ones out. Our farm gate security access control products include:
smart and prox cards and card readers, key fobs, keypads, intercom systems, advanced biometric scanners such as fingerprint readers, and a range of powerful gate openers and closers.

Gate access control helps keeps your farm safe and secure against unauthorized intruders at al times, especially when combined with farm security cameras and burglar alarms. We provide modern security systems that pair with cloud-based smartphone apps, letting you see who is at the gate and remotely let them in, no matter where you are.

Farm Gate Camera

Our farm gate camera systems keep your farm monitoring under lock at all times. Safe and Sound offers the best security cameras for rural properties available. With object tracking, our security cameras can accurately track every individual that enters your gate, as well as everything they do on your property. Our outdoor farm security cameras combine rugged hardware with advanced technology, to achieve a solution that is both durable and modern.

Safe and Sound installers meet with you and assess your property to design the perfect farm security system for your needs. Contact us today for a free quote, and find out why we’re the go-to for farm security systems.

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